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Aimee white li?1414329795
Website and EComm at a retailer
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Manager HRO Application Development at a tech vendor
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UX Architect at a software R&D company
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Senior Technical Consultant at a software R&D company
Reviewed Parasoft Development Testing Platform: A complete test management tool...
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Technical QA Lead in HPE NGA Synchronizer at a tech vendor
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Senior Test Engineer at a venture capital & private equity firm
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Requirements Engineer at Visteon Corporation
Reviewed IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation: There are limits to the number...
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Agile Coach & Sr. Project Manager at a retailer
0ae9658e 1bd4 4bc7 ad09 65a103349ccc avatar
Senior Leader in Software Testing and Process Improvement at a tech services company
Reviewed CA Agile Requirements Designer: Helps us prevent...
Anonymous avatar x100
QA Group Manager at a financial services firm
Reviewed CA Agile Requirements Designer: ‚ÄčThe scale possibilities are...

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