One Identity Manager Review

Automates assignment of users to AD groups and brings all our systems together in one place

What is our primary use case?

We use it to control identity and access management in our company.

How has it helped my organization?

It has helped when people need access somewhere. It makes it much faster to grant user access. I used to be the one who gave everybody their rights and it took me a few days per week to do it. Now, it's just pressing a button. It's a huge time saver. I don't have to create the users in AD anymore.

All of the systems that we use are in Identity Manager, we didn't have that before. It was hard to even say what kind of systems we were using. Everybody had their own system. When somebody said, "I need to get access to that system," everybody often answered, "Oh, what system is that? Do we have a system like that?" Now, everything is in the same place and they can access so much more, and it's easier to get access.

The solution has also helped to very much simplify compliance. By law, once a year, we have to check what kind of access our users have. For compliance, they can look at everybody's rights because they can see them from Identity Manager. They can look at what kind of rights and access people have and get reports easily. It was very much harder before when we had to make Excel lists.

It has also helped to notably reduce helpdesk calls. Before we had Identity Manager, people called a lot. Now they don't call that much anymore about needing access to something. They can get access, themselves, from the IT shop.

What is most valuable?

Nobody has to put people in AD groups by hand anymore. It goes automatically and that's very good.

It's also very flexible. It's quite easy to customize and we have customized it a lot. There are many features already in it that you can choose from but you don't have to use everything. You can use just a few features and leave things out.

What needs improvement?

I don't have my list at the moment, but there are things we would like to have. One of the things we would like is the ability to have more than one system role manager. That would be nice. 

For example, when people are on vacation, sometimes it gets a little hard to administrate system roles. Usually, one of us has to change our role to the system role manager. In addition, we have a few systems that have many owners. They could manage the rights and access to their systems with that function.

For how long have I used the solution?

Three to five years.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

It has been stable. We haven't had many technical problems at all. Maybe there have been some small issues, but not anything that has been affecting my work. The performance is okay. It works quickly and is stable.

How are customer service and technical support?

We speak to our consultants. They are our technical support.

Which solution did I use previously and why did I switch?

We had something we built ourselves, but it was not integrated with anything. It was mostly just a list. 

When the world is changing and getting more technical, people need more access and we needed the ability to check what kind of access people have. There are all the GDPRs and other things that involve our company. We also thought it would be nice to have some automation for AD. I was literally creating people in AD and giving them rights to different places, putting them in AD groups. It was wasting time and, when a person does it, there are probably mistakes and you're not always sure what's happened. There's no tracking of who did what. Now we can track everything.

How was the initial setup?

That initial implementation was a long process. It took about two years from the time we decided to take the product until we had it in production. There was a lot of fixing and thinking and configuration.

Overall, there were about ten people involved in the implementation, but we have two developers who work actively in developing it at our company. And we have about two-and-a-half people who actually work with it.

Upgrades take a while. The last upgrade we did was from version 6 to 8, when we migrated. It wasn't that difficult. It took time but we prepared properly for it, so it went very smoothly. That migration took a weekend or three days, but the preparations were over the course of many months.

We had a lot of customization in version 6, and we had to clean that up so that version 8 would work smoothly and without problems. Then, we changed our consultants as well, so we had new consultants for version 8. They knew the code better and they told us we had a lot of faults in in version 6 that we needed to fix before version 8 because they wouldn't work in version 8 anymore. We cleaned up a lot of systems and users so that we wouldn't take a lot of garbage with us to the new version.

There were two people who did the migration and they had to learn a lot about how to do it. Then we did testing in version 8 to see how everything was working. In the future, the work involved in upgrading will probably be much less because there won't be that big of a gap. In this case we had to first migrate from 6 to 7 and then 7 to 8. It was a very long process, a big project. I don't think we will do that again. I think we will upgrade with smaller gaps in the future, to make it easier.

Which other solutions did I evaluate?

We looked at one other vendor, but it was some time ago. It might have been something from Microsoft. I don't think we looked at it that seriously because, as I remember, we decided on One Identity quite fast.

What other advice do I have?

It's very good to have a system that handles access rights and a system that you can automate with a lot of other systems like with LDAP and Active Directory. You can probably integrate it with other things as well. For us, it has been a very nice product and we are very happy with it.

The advantages come with many other things that need to be done to use Identity Manager. It takes time to create things and get new systems and features running and to teach people how to use it.

We've heard about the privileged account governance features. We haven't yet started using them but I think we will soon.

Overall, I would rate it at nine out of ten. There are always things to improve on, nothing is ever perfect. I like the product and I think it's nice to work with, but I don't do that too much technical stuff. For everything I do with it, I think it works fine.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

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