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I like that we can separate the public comments from the private ones without having to use different communication tools.

Valuable Features:

A very useful feature in Zendesk is the Ticket Sharing option, because it eases the communication between the Customer Service team and the other departments and it keeps all information in one place.

Another important feature is the Satisfaction Rating. As we try our best to provide our customers with professional support, it’s extremely helpful that they have the option to rate our service and give an overall feedback on how they perceived the entire support process.

I would also give a thumbs-up for the various channels you can connect Zendesk to, making it very easy for the user to manage all incoming and outgoing requests with one tool.

And I like that we can separate the public comments from the private ones without having to use different communication tools.

Improvements to My Organization:

Zendesk is a smart tool, helping us to become very well organized and, if necessary, to rethink our business strategies.  ,We have a real-time overview on all requests coming from different channels, we can set service level agreements to meet our customer’s expectations and we can also monitor and evaluate our agents’ activity, managing to adapt and establish their tasks according to the work flow.

Room for Improvement:

As Zendesk is an international business and has customers world-wide, it would be nice if it would provide 24/ 7 support. Due to the fact that it is used by a large number of countries, being on different time zones, sometimes it can take up to 2-3 days for the Zendesk support team to fully solve an issue or a request. 

Deployment Issues:

We have had no deployment issues.

Stability Issues:

There have been no issues with the stability.

Scalability Issues:

We have had no problems scaling it for our needs.

Other Advice:

The first reason I would recommend Zendesk is that this is a user-friendly and easy to customize tool. Due to the various options and applications that Zendesk offers we were able to personalize this tool to match our most important business requirements. And it can be accessed from almost all types of devices.

Also, a very important fact is that you can integrate more than one business in the same tool. This is crucial for a company that hosts several different businesses. All companies with high standards should use Zendesk because it's a reliable tool, constantly improving the old features and also bringing new ones on the market, in accordance to the their customers’ needs.

As a conclusion, I would advise Zendesk users to carefully read all documentation that this tool comes with. I consider this to be one of Zendesk’s strengths, because the documentation is very detailed and contains complete guides for any change you will want to bring to your new tool.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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