TeamViewer Previous Solutions

Did you previously use a cheaper solution? If yes, why did you switch?

Dan Wilkening
Network Administrator at Parksite
The VPN solution was through Bell Labs at one time and has been around a long long time. It was a free solution that you just download off the Internet, if you want to. While it works okay, it's not the greatest. The problem with it is that you still need a VPN connection to our network for it to work. Because it is point-to-point, it won't go through the Internet. With TeamViewer, if the machine is on the Internet, it doesn't matter where on the globe the device is, it works. With the VNC software, you have to connect back to our network on a private connection, otherwise it wouldn't work.
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Jason Miller
Application Engineer at AirTies
I've used VNC in the past at another company. I like TeamViewer a bit better, as it has more tools built-in. The file transfer thing is awesome, and it also runs faster than VNC. VNC is free and easy to set up, but it's not user-friendly nor does it have as many options as TeamViewer. VNC doesn't have the powerful UI that TeamViewer has nor does VNC echo the screen like TeamViewer does.
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