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Senior Consultant at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Hi, Accessing Yammer on web browser works fine. But when I try to install the desktop version of Yammer notifier, I encounter an error. I am using Windows 10. Can someone suggest a solution?
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Program Manager at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We are trying to determine the best and safest locations for work products and activities (project and program management) across platforms. We realize not everything is a good fit for one platform (despite marketing). Thoughts?
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Aaron KrytusFrom what I am reading I assume that you are looking for document management and project management. There might be a few more questions that need answered or information given to consider what solution works best for you. What is your budget for the solution? What solution(s) are you using now? Are you or your company willing to migrate to a new solutions(s) or do you plan on using both? Do you have personnel that can install/maintain the new solution, plan on outsourcing, or choosing a hosted solution? How many users will be using the solution(s)? Do HIPPA compliances apply to your document strategy? Will the documents need to be accessed outside of the office or by external users? Will both Mac and PC clients need access? Network drives are not considered document management nor can they provide project management. They provide nothing more than file security and storage. I have no experience with JIVE, but SharePoint does allow for cross platform solution with awesome searching features and collaboration. Permissions can easily be set to both internal and external users and does meet HIPPA standards. SharePoint does have workflow capabilities that may apply to your activities or projects. With that said, it may n ot be the best solution to meet all your needs. Workfront is a fantastic software solution for project and work management. I consult for a fortune 1000 company that uses this very successfully. M-Files is a highly recommended document management solution. Infact a competitor of SharePoint. Plenty of comparrisons to them both from a quick google search. Without any knowledge of your budget or what you are looking for more specificly it is hard to make a recommendation.
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Jenie PerryThank you all for your responses this really helps me out!!!
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Simon VaughanI would say NONE, they should all be in IBM Connections!

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