Alfresco Review

Powerful ECM solution with open source but reporting has room for improvement

Use Of Solution:

Since 2009

Values Features:

1. Scalable ECM solution

2. Business Process Management

3. Record Management

4. Open to integrate with many business-critical tools

Lucene based Search Advanced workflow with Activiti Easy to install/config/implementation Open to integrate with other enterprise applications

Improvements To Organization:

The company project management get power from the Activiti workflow.

Room For Improvement:


Deployment, Stability, Scalability Issues:


Customer Service:

4.5 stars

Technical Support:

4.5 stars

Initial Setup:

Binary installers are provided for Linux/Windows/Mac. Faster implementations


The wiki and doc system provide help for administrators to integrate other applications. Also the forum could be a place to get help.


It can be done via Java, JavaScript, XML depends on the functions. Mostly done by experts (Alfresco partner).


No license fee for community version. #CPU based annual license fee for enterprise version. Lower cost & higher ROI.

Admin to maintain the database, file system. The storage and hosting on AWS.

Other Advice:

Best go to registered Alfresco partner to implement especially when you need customizations.

Overall, Alfresco is a powerful ECM solution. With Alfresco, enterprise can get better search, advanced workflow capabilities, faster implementation, easy integration with business-critical tools.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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