SAP ERP Other Advice

Chief of Systems Development at a non-tech company with 10,001+ employees
Check and double-check the fine print of the contract. Also, find a hardware provider that can scale to the volume of your business, and have a hardware provider that already has implemented solutions. In our case, IBM made a mistake when sizing the server that we needed and we had three months of performance problems. It wasn't the fault of SAP, it was the fault fo IBM. It was a bad way to start with a new system, but they didn't have enough experience in sizing the server for the solution. I give the solution an eight out of 10. Everything works well enough, but something that could be better is their ability to work with customer's processes in the way the customer does them. I understand that they propose best practices, but when you have been in your industry for 50 years, you know what the best practices are. So you are not always going to change your process because your ERP provider thinks there are better ways. View full review »
Eliram Yakar
Team leader SAP Development at Ness Technologies | נס טכנולוגיות
SAP ERP is the best product for managing all back-office processes in a large organization. All data is stored in a single system which includes one database. View full review »
Projektmanager Logistik/SCM at a mining and metals company with 10,001+ employees
Check what features you need, which features the solution solves, and look at features are already in the product. When selecting a vendor, look at the pricing, as well as the support and their knowledge. View full review »
Applications Architecture at a engineering company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Think of processes as not being linear. Think of them as being three dimensional. You have to consider not just what you want to achieve out of processes, but also if there are secondary consequences. Most important criteria when selecting a vendor: Whether the product is compatible with SAP. View full review »

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