SAP HANA Cloud Platform Competitors and Alternatives

Read reviews of SAP HANA Cloud Platform competitors and alternatives
Red Hat
Technical Consultant at a logistics company with 10,001+ employees
Apr 18 2018

What do you think of OpenShift?

Primary Use Case Migrate to microservices. • Improvements to My Organization Has helped us with faster deployment time, zero downtime. • Valuable Features Scaling Fast deployment Zero downtime when releasing a new version Auto-recreate pod if pod fails Fast rollback, with one click, to previous version • Room for Improvement It could use auto-scaling based on criteria such as transaction volume, queue backlog, etc. Currently, it is limited to CPU and memory.  Credential not hidden, so people on the same group can view it. • Use of Solution Still implementing.
Real User
Software Developer at a real estate/law firm with 51-200 employees
May 15 2018

What is most valuable?

* Mendix code and coding logic are very visual. It looks like a flow chart rather than lines of code. Rapid development is what drew us to Mendix. * It is easy to create prototype pages without a lot of development, once the Entity (table) is... more»

How has it helped my organization?

Enables us to rapidly create a complex application. We are also able to customize features that stakeholders in the corporation want to see, something that could not be done with other software. Our workflows and processes have evolved and... more»

What needs improvement?

Mendix is great for internal applications but not so great for a public-facing interface. It lacks a proper directory structure for public use. The URL will not change from page to page unless a deep link is created for each page. That makes... more»
Real User
Project Manager, Oracle ERP Implementation Project at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Jul 25 2017

What do you think of Oracle Cloud Platform?

Valuable Features The most valuable feature is the reporting service. • Improvements to My Organization The managerial reporting view has been enhanced. • Room for Improvement I would like more technical expertise. • Use of Solution We have been using this solution for eight months. • Stability Issues The solution is efficient. • Customer Service and Technical Support Customer Service: I would give customer service a rating of 7/10. Technical Support: I would give technical support a rating of 7/10. • Previous Solutions We used a desktop application previous to this solution. • Implementation Team We implemented through a vendor.

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