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Good morning,My name is Robert Berkman, and I am co-editor of The Information Advisor's Guide to Internet Research, a monthly international journal for business researchers such as corporate librarians and market researchers. We provide sources and strategies for conducting effective business research.I am currently writing an article on how to choose among some of the leading business data visualization software products such as Tableau, Qlik, Spotfire, etc. -- what are the critical differences between and how does one go about choosing which product.If you have any experience or input on this selection process or comparative data between these or other market leaders, I would be most grateful to hear. I'm working on a tight publication deadline, so a reply at your earliest convenience would be most appreciated. Thank you very much.Robert Berkman
Prasun MitraI work in the area of data analytics and data management from a solutions standpoint. From my experience on Data Visualization Tools and the their utilities from the customers standpoint I would like to mention the following key criteria not in the order of importance which varies from customer to customer(these are not necessarily all the criteria but are certainly among the important ones): 1.  Ease of use, ie does not require an IT guy to help operate all the time 2. Easy to deploy 3. Integration with portals or standalone 4. The user profiles: Who are the users in terms of their hierarchy in the org and their roles/responsibilities within the org? How do they best visualize their data? Where do they best visualize their data?-Mobile/desktop/conf room/tablets/ and so on. 5. How does the tool integrate with the data sources and how many different types of data sources do they support? Of course not all customers have a large number of data sources but the tool is likely to satisfy a majority of customers if it has good integration capability. 6. How does it work with cloud based apps of the customer? 7. Security of distributed reports/dashboards and data. 8. The tool's ability to support data "type" identification. 9. Speed 10. Types of reports/visualization/ etc Regards, Prasun Mitra

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