JIRA Review

I like the usability for our users and flexibility for our admin.

Valuable Features

Usability for our users and flexibility for our admins.

Improvements to My Organization

JIRA and Confluence have taken off here like wildfire. Our users enterprise-wide have made excellent use of these tools.

Room for Improvement

Performance and Scalability in a large enterprise could be improved.

Use of Solution

4-5 years.

Deployment Issues

Not with deployment, but growing pains as fast as we have grown in the last few years with JIRA. We now have 7 different instances of JIRA.

Stability Issues

Yes – we wished we would have stayed on the simple path of using the product with fewer add-ons and customization. Most of the complexity is add-ons and customizations that we have chosen to do and likely we have taken some of those too far.

Scalability Issues

Yes...We would really like to see JIRA scale into 10-100 millions issue range.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Took some getting used to but great!

Technical Support:

Took some getting used to but great!

Previous Solutions

We switched because we wanted to remove over 3000 Lotus Notes applications. 30-40% of those applications were replaced with JIRA or Confluence.

Initial Setup

Atlassian products seem to be very simple and straightforward if you use it simply and stick with what comes with the product. The complexity and complication comes when you introduce add-ons and customizations. The other observation is that Atlassian products seem to be less ‘conditioned’ for larger enterprises.


The ROI on Atlassian products has been tremendous. It’s been well worth the investment!

Other Solutions Considered

We chose JIRA/Confluence as they were solutions we can get up and running quickest, and also cheap.

Other Advice

Keep it simple. . . minimize the add-ons and customizations!

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