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The community enablement of this solution is a key differentiator that customers can benefit from


What is our primary use case?

Our platform, it's called Cevitr. It's a best-of-breed platform through which we offer automation as a service. In our world, we have two kinds of robots. Our robots have a personality. Jo is our robot. Jo is a gender-neutral term that can be John, that can be Josephine, that can be Joe. We have two variance of Jo. Simple Jo, which does the normal routine repetitive mundane stuff, and Smart Jo, which is more focused with the AI and cognitive capability. Both of these are part of our co-platform offering, Cevitr Jo.

How has it helped my organization?

We offer UIPath as one of our core technologies on a platform, through which we offer automation as a service. There are multiple use cases for our end customers on UiPath. It's one of our core offerings as a core product on a platform. I think UiPath as a production, it's obviously one of the leaders in the RPA space and there are quite a few technology features outside which are quite good for us. But I would say one of the key differentiators of the product itself is the community enablement of the platform. If you talk about how they enable write from their training, it is being opened for everybody to be able to enhance their skills to the new UiPath Go!, where people can come and collaborate and create and put compliments for others to share. The whole community enablement of UiPath is a fantastic way for customers to benefit and move forward.

What is most valuable?

As a product, the stability that it brings in, the volume of transactions it's able to handle, and some of the leading feature functionality in terms of AI and cognitive capability. It's absolutely brilliant.

We are focused more on the unattended space. That's where our predominant offering is. Though in the newer version of UiPath, there are new features coming up in the attended space, which we might have a look at. From a cost point-of-view, since it's a platform offering, we are able to offer it as a service so it's not a price per robot that we typically charge our customers. It's a slightly different model.

What needs improvement?

I think from a feature functionality point of view, it's an evolving product. There will be more features added. Every product is going up. I think from a UiPath perspective, it is evolving as we speak. But I think where it could really improve is being able to create a development platform that is easier to use. Today, as an end user, if I have X number of developers, each of them have to have a studio environment to be able to use. Typically, that's not a license model. But if that is more easily accessible to the development teams. Without constraints, it would be easier for us to use this platform more widely among our customers. So, I think, from a licensing point of view, studio environment should be more easily accessible. But other than that, from a feature functionality point of view, I think it's pretty comprehensive.

For how long have I used the solution?

Less than one year.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

We've been quite pleased with the stability of UiPath across platforms and even things like Citrix. There, we have found UiPath to be quite good so far.

How is customer service and technical support?

It has been able to handle certain volumes with ease. We believe that it is one of the products, which is  quite scalable. The tech support so far has been good. But like I mentioned earlier, what we find is the community. It's brilliant. 

If there is a standard problem that we have, we probably aren't in the first people in the world to have faced it so we can very well go to the community forums and ask questions and get them clarified. 

How was the initial setup?

It's pretty straightforward, like most of these products. RPA is a technology. It's been around for a few years so it's very easy to deploy to end customers. Even the installation for usage isn't that technically complex, but we had to have had to cross certain boundaries to make it extremely robust on the platform. We have done those investments and made it seamless as possible.

What was our ROI?

ROI is for our end customers. With the technology like this powering our platform, we're pretty confident that we can give quite a good reasonable ROI to our customers.

What other advice do I have?

We have a best-of-breed platform. It has other products in it, as well. UiPath is one of our key products and platform. What we want to give our customers is a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end capability. This is across simple RPA to more robust AI-based process automation scenarios. To be able to do that, we have to have a best-of-breed capability. You know, we will be plugging in the right components. UIPath is a core component of that.

We are early in the journey with UiPath, We've had it for a few months, and I would say on our basis, I would definitely give it an eight. We are very happy with the product so far and we hope to do much more with it.

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