UiPath Review

I love the ease and smoothness of the tool

What is our primary use case?

Data scraping. I use UiPath for extracting Twitter and TripAdvisor reviews from hashtag and comments. Then, I analyse the positive and negative data to a table using Python script which uses natural language understanding.

How has it helped my organization?

Earlier, we used to extract data using a Python script which uses Beautiful Soup library. Now, we can easily scrape data using a simple tool. It's not only just scraping data, but our non-coder or non-programmer staff is also very happy with this tool. 

This tool covers all segments of people in the industry. Our software engineering intern was also able to perform and design a sequence which could extract review tables from TripAdvisor.

What is most valuable?

I love the ease and smoothness of the tool. The company has its own academy in which you can learn from fundamentals to advanced level. Each time you complete a level, they praise you with a certificate so that you keep being motivated. Personally, I have half completed level three. The tool can be accessed easily either when you want to schedule a task on VM or on your own computer. Generally, I do data scraping and automation tasks, for example, I scrape the Twitter data using hashtags. I scrape +ve and -ve tweets to an Excel file up to some pages and then analyze the text into +ve and -ve tweets using natural language text understanding.

What needs improvement?

The first thing I dislike is it is not available in a Linux environment. I prefer to work on Ubuntu and would have liked if it is available for Linux systems. Secondly, There is very limited content on ReFramework on UiPath Academy. Assignments cannot be done just by reading the text. There must be a demo for ReFramework projects.

Suppose you have to work on open source development or Open Source project for a networking community. It requires to have a Bash. You cannot do that in windows. If you are running a script on daily basis for checking malware or something like that on your home networks using Linux (with the support of a GUI tool), you could automate it using UiPath if you had a Linux version of the UiPath RPA.

Secondly, when you learn for certification from the academy you have to pass level 3 in between. Which requires a good hands-on with re-framework.The academy lacks practice material for the same.

For how long have I used the solution?

Less than one year.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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