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CA Technologies
Real User
Head of Digital at Banco Votorantim
Dec 07 2016

What is most valuable?

We acquired this platform to give more agility to inter-development. We are using this platform, for example, to deliver a fast integration between our back-end platform and our front end. CA API Management enables us to very quickly create... more»

How has it helped my organization?

It standardized all processes during development with the integration between platforms.

What needs improvement?

CA can provide more features to help with performing tests, for example, to create a month of simulated data to perform stress tests using the CA. In the past, we had to pay our client to create a database for us to perform tests using credit... more»
Real User
VP of IT Strategy at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
Mar 30 2017

What do you think of IBM API Connect?

Valuable Features As far as API Connect, I think it offers us more flexibility with our application and potentially would allow third parties to come in and develop for us. It also enables us to streamline our microservices journey. • Improvements to My Organization The main thing is that it just makes app development a lot easier. • Room for Improvement Stability. • Stability Issues It was a fairly new product so there was, so it took a year or so to really stabilize. But now I'm happy with the performance. • Scalability Issues No problems. • Customer Service and Technical Support It wasn't me that did it personally, but I would say good. We have a good relationship with IBM. • Previous Solutions We were using a different solution, but we knew that this...
Real User
Sr Software Architect at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
Oct 05 2016

What do you think of Microsoft Azure API Management?

Valuable Features API gateway features AD integration Access management capabilities Usage plans Quotas for APIs, etc. • Improvements to My Organization It is a simple and effective way to enable micro-services architecture. The Standard Tier is cost effective. • Room for Improvement An IaaS option is needed. The SaaS option limited our requirement, as we wanted more control on our data, and integration with our virtual LAN. Integration with our VLAN was possible only with the premium version and expensive gateway controllers. PCI compliance • Use of Solution I evaluated it for one month. • Stability Issues I have not encountered any stability issues. • Scalability Issues I have not encountered any scalability issues. • Customer Service and Technical...

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