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Security Systems Administrator at a security firm with 501-1,000 employees
Jul 13 2018

What do you think of AlienVault?

Primary Use Case This is a jack of all trades (master of none) SIEM/IDS/vulnerability management/OSSEC/NetFlow solution. We use it primarily as a SIEM and IDS solution. • Improvements to My Organization AlienVault provides a checklist answer when using SIEM. We currently develop additional rules and scripts to make it more usable, but the overall solution is lackluster. • Valuable Features IDS is a nice capability to have. In the past, I have implemented standalone Suricata sensors and having this bundled in is very helpful. OTX is good when implemented correctly. • Room for Improvement Many of the tasks on features are useless in our situation. NetFlow is worthless.  Many of the built-in correlation engine solutions are just okay. • Use of Solution One to three...
Real User
Senior Network Engineer at a transportation company
Oct 26 2017

What is most valuable?

* The SmartResponse and the alarming * The ability to write your own rule set

How has it helped my organization?

It allows us to delegate some of the alarming, where there's not just one person looking at it all the time. Some lower-level techs can handle basic alarming.

What needs improvement?

Sometimes our rules don't fire correctly, events don't get created correctly, but that's mostly just because we have to write custom regex. Also, moving from away from the fat console, more into the web console for log sources and tuning and... more»
Real User
Programmer at a tech services company
Feb 28 2018

What is most valuable?

Documentation is very good, so implementation is fine.

What needs improvement?

Email notification should be done the same way as Logentries does it. Because of the notification issue we moved to Logentries, as it provides a simple way to get notification whenever a server encounters an error or something unexpected happens (which we have defined using Regex). We set up a cron job to delete old logs so that we wouldn't hit a disk space... more»

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