IBM Integration Bus Competitors and Alternatives

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Software AG
Real User
WebMethods / Java Developer at a comms service provider with 5,001-10,000 employees
Sep 25 2017

What do you think of webMethods?

Valuable Features How simple it is to create new solutions. • Improvements to My Organization It is an integration platform, so it has improved my organization by giving it one common platform to work with multiple systems. • Use of Solution 12 years. • Stability Issues Yes, somewhat. • Scalability Issues In terms of scale, I would give it a four out of 10. • Previous Solutions Yes. I was sent to a different company, and due to this, I switched solutions that I was working in. The company hasn't switch integration platforms since I have been working in this position (almost 10 years). • Initial Setup I was in the company when they only started with webMethods. It used to be a very simple solution used for a few integrations. Now, it is much more complex....
Real User
Co-Founder & Director at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
May 15 2017

What is most valuable?

* Service Mediation: This is an abstraction layer in between the service consumer and the service provider. * Message Routing: This feature consumes messages. It filters, enriches, and performs necessary operations on a message. It redirects... more»

How has it helped my organization?

I am providing the service for MuleSoft ESB. My company has delivered solutions such as travel portals, retailer engines, application integration, and a wide range of other scenarios, where ESB can be utilized.

What needs improvement?

MuleSoft ESB is a wonderful product. However, in order to help the developers utilize it extensively, I would suggest adding some scenario-based and audio-visual tutorials.
Senior Consultant at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
Mar 22 2017

What do you think of Oracle Service Bus?

Valuable Features It’s a lightweight tool compared to Oracle BPEL The design of the product. • Improvements to My Organization Because it can handle JSON inputs, we can now use JSON. • Room for Improvement The logging and error-handling framework can be improved. Usage of DVMs, MDS and other additional features that are possible in XSLT in BPEL are missing in this product. • Use of Solution I have used it for the past three years and I am satisfied with it. • Deployment Issues There were no issues with deployment; it was very straightforward. • Stability Issues I have not encountered any stability issues. The product is highly stable. • Scalability Issues I have not encountered any scalability issues. The product is highly scalable. • Customer...

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