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Aimee white li?1414329795
Website and EComm at a retailer
Reviewed Cisco Meraki Wireless LAN: We can easily monitor the...
Anonymous avatar x100
District Technology at a K-12 educational company or school
Reviewed Aruba Wireless: Some of the implementations or...
97b5869e 88fd 483e 93f0 ceb54120b219 avatar
Senior Network Engineer/Mobility Specialist at CCSI - Contemporary Computer Services, Inc.
Reviewed Ubiquiti WLAN: If price is the most important...
151815ce f866 489f b779 8051f54b8351 avatar
ICT Consultant (Individual/Hired) at a consultancy
Reviewed OmniAccess WLAN: It's totally managed by Software...
Anonymous avatar x100
Network Administrator at a K-12 educational company or school
Reviewed Aruba Wireless: The biggest selling point was...
E6ae0ad0 1d99 4f43 a6e5 395654317b9b avatar
System Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed Cisco Wireless: Supports real-time applications...
Michele chubirka li?1414329746
Architect/Engineer, Analyst, Researcher, Writer at Postmodern Security
Reviewed Aerohive Networks: The new Hivemanager NG product...
850969b8 6e2b 403a b35d 5e6aae47be54 avatar?1453760411
Network Administrator at a non-profit
Reviewed Aerohive Networks: As long as you have a PoE switch...
Fc4feeb2 0c4d 4056 90af bc918f7e6ce6 avatar
President at a tech services company
Reviewed Aerohive Networks: ​HiveManager is useful for...
5218bded a36e 45d4 8e75 df40076b4993 avatar
CTO/COO at a comms service provider
Reviewed OmniAccess WLAN: Can be set up using a web...

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