IBM MaaS360 Review

Capability to remotely assist in device & passcode unlocks makes support easier. Certificate install could be smoother.

Valuable Features:

The ability to see details about a users device, whether they are inactive because they don't use it, whether its in compliance, rooted/jailbroken, what version of iOS or policy they are currently on, and more. Also the capability to remotely assist in device unlocks and passcode unlocks makes support easier.

Improvements to My Organization:

It allows employees who require phones a way to receive support quickly rather than having to go through the Help Desk or other areas to receive assistance. If the device is stolen, it can be remotely wiped from the site, same goes for unlocks, changing policies, and re-enrollment of the device if it is accidentally wiped.

Room for Improvement:

Possibly a notification if a device is wiped and no longer has the security policy on the phone. The product can also install the certificates on the phone in a 'smoother' way. It currently sometimes fails and we have to re-enroll the device multiple times.

Use of Solution:

About 6 months.

Deployment Issues:

Occasionally when it is installing the certificates and policies, it may not always go through and we have to re-enroll the device to try again.

Stability Issues:

MaaS has been pretty reliable and we have had minimal issues. Only issue I may have is that it can sometimes take upwards of 5-10 minutes for a passcode unlock to go through onto the device (sometimes, not always).

Scalability Issues:


Previous Solutions:

No previous solution.

Implementation Team:

Manager worked in-house, communicating with tech support on their end and was able to get it implemented and also tested very quickly.


Can't comment much here, but I'm sure with the faster support, managers, directors, and executives receive now, it has increased productivity.

Other Solutions Considered:

This product was chosen by management, I wasn't aware of other options.

Other Advice:

Give it a try and test it in your environment. We've had practically no issues with MaaS360 that haven't started from our end first. It is very easy to create new security policies and many ways to restrict devices.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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