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Independent Analyst and Advisory Consultant at Server StorageIO -
Feb 22 2017

What do you think of Dell EMC XtremIO Flash?

EMC (@EMCflash) today announced some new, enhanced, renamed and a rebrand flash solid-state device (SSD) storage portfolio around theme of XtremIO. XtremIO was the startup company with a new all flash SSD storage array that EMC announced they were buying in May 2012. Since that announcement, Project “X” has been used when referring to the product now known as XtremIO (e.g. all flash new storage array). Synopsis of announcement - Product rollout and selective availability of the new all flash SSD array XtremIO - Rename server-side PCIe ssd flash cards from VFCache to XtremSF - New XtremSF models including enhanced multi-level cell (eMLC) with larger capacities - Rename VFCache caching software to XtremSW (enables cache mode vs. target mode) What was...
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Storage Specialist at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
Aug 13 2017

What do you think of Dell EMC Unity?

Valuable Features Easy to use. For beginners, it is very interactive. • Improvements to My Organization The company migrated data from an older NetApp storage. The entire environment is virtualized. The amount of fast cache is great for meeting all demands. • Room for Improvement All areas, since the entire environment is virtualized. In Brazil, price and native unity migration tools are not very good yet. • Use of Solution Still using. • Stability Issues No, but I found some articles about a code upgrade that solved some issues. • Scalability Issues No problem. During installation, I added more disks and this activity ran without problem. • Customer Service and Technical Support EMC technical support is great. With support, chat works well to talk with...
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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Infrastructure Engineer at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
Jun 21 2018

What is most valuable?

* Remote copy * Peer Persistence.

How has it helped my organization?

We went to an Active-Active data center, set it up to where both data centers are separate, but they act as one. We can have workloads at either side at any given time, and it is all based on the Peer Persistence architecture.

What needs improvement?

We have had a few issues with it. We had our virtual environment lock up a few times on storage-based things. We think we have it sorted out, but maybe it came down to a configuration issue on it. They have starting to do some integration... more»

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