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Oct 26 2017
Does anyone have use cases for EMC ECS with Swift Protocol? Particularly, whether multiple namespaces can be accessed by one user and if the same user is in other AD groups, can be access all of their previous namespaces?
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Research Associate at a marketing services firm with 10,001+ employees
As a retailer, I want to know how Oracle SRM cloud has been implemented in my CRM practice and how much ROI can be attained after execution of oracle CRM cloud.
My company is currently evaluating different PaaS and SaaS options for a new development platform. If you are able to point out cost comparison evaluations for different PaaS platforms I would be very interested to check them out. We are currently shortlisting products. Our current platform is SugarCRM community edition which we deliver as a cloud service via Amazon AWS. It imposed many limitations on our product and we investigate two options, a replacement CRM of more current codebase or a PaaS/SaaS platform that will allow us to focus on development of new product with less effort managing version control and deployments. Since our skill set is in PHP and JS we look at platforms that provide that layer of coding, Yii, Heroku, Cloudbees Jenkins and more. Due to our NGO target market the operating cost is a major consideration which is why we ruled out Salesforce for instance.  I'm interested in a cost comparison model for fixed scope project with x number of developers. If you have any information that you think may be valuable please let me know.
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Dmitry TsepilovanWe use and provide for our customers Jelastic PaaS/SaaS/CaaS/IaaS 40 Data Centers in 25 Countries from 36 Service Providers, more info about the product you can find here , for any questions or trial account just drop me an email.
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Dmitry GaraschukI'd like to add some words about Jelastic PaaS from my side. It provides perfect support of PHP and JS, has already automated all DevOps processes you might have to perform earlier by yourself (like configuring and maintaining servers, etc.) No additional coding required to move to this cloud. SugarCRM is also available as 1-click installation package. And the most interesting is pricing. Jelastic has pay-as-you-go pricing model, so won't ever overpay for unused resources. In the meantime, you don't have to worry if your app will handle loadspikes - Jelastic automatically scales servers basing on load triggers. Moldata is a really good choice to try the platform.
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Aviv EfratThanks to everyone that posted a response, your insight is priceless. I'm familiar with many of the platforms discussed in the thread. My question was more about organisations that went through similar evaluation process and have developed a method to compare service costs for fixed resource development. If anyone has seen a cost modelling article of value please let me know. Regards, Aviv

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