BMC TrueSight Operations Management Event Management

What are your impressions of the solution's event management capabilities?

Paul Mercina
Director Product Management at Park Place Technologies
The solution's event management capabilities are proven. We always like to say it performs as advertised. We evaluated over a dozen products before we chose TrueSight, and we found it to be very good at monitoring at the hardware level, which is core to our business. The ability for it to capture those failures, to capture all the events from that very diverse set of equipment which we maintain out there, means we are very impressed with the performance.
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George Klarmann
CEO at Transcendence IT
Its event management capabilities are very open and flexible. I haven't seen a use case scenario with a customer that we couldn't actually solve the problem for, so it's really good. There are some interesting things that happen in an enterprise network (things that people don't normally expect), and the event management product is very flexible. You can solve problems as far as your imagination can go with it.
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Sr Application Engineer BMC at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The solution's event management capabilities are a strong point for TrueSight. They are based on the previous BMC Event Manager which was very stable and pretty powerful. It was an excellent product.
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Monitoring Architect at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
The solution's event management capabilities are very good.
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Doug Greene
Sr. Director Operations at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
The solution's event management capabilities are fantastic. We do a best-of-breed. If, on the network side, they use a different tool, we pull all that data in so that we have a single console. It's kind of like the monitor of monitors. We're able to aggregate all the different types of data sets, whether it's log data, app data, OS data, infrastructure data, or network data. We're able to aggregate all those events and then correlate and be able to say we're having an event. Just because we have one or two alerts doesn't necessarily mean that we're having an event. It's when we get several of those that "trip the wire" that we're able to say, "Okay, we are having an event." And the tool allows us to aggregate all of that so that we're managing event-driven versus alert-driven.
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Mudassir Parwez Ahmed
Sr. Technical Consultant at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The event management part of TrueSight Operations Management, in my experience, is probably the best in the market. You have endless flexibility. You can build your own rules, you have the MRL language, and you can implement any kind of logic on the alerts. It may be correlation, abstraction, or executing something out of the alerts. You have almost the whole range of options available for event management using the customizations available. I've seen a couple of other solutions, like IBM's and HPE's for event management, but TrueSight Operations Management is far superior to them in event management.
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