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Solutions Architect
Do not expect wonders, but use it as it is, as a tool to monitor and manage if you want to. Especially monitor, because it can give you a headstart on any problems. It could warn you if the fan is running high-pitch, if the temperature is high, and so on. So, it is actually giving you a headstart. That is the advice. Use it, but do not think it is going into the clouds, because it is not. There is room for improvement. Most important criteria when selecting a vendor: They are honest. I do not care if it has flaws and it does not work exactly as they say, as long as they say, "We are working on this, and it might not work exactly how we say it will, but it's where we are going forward." This is actually one of the things I value the most. View full review »
Chris Chambers
Systems Engineer at Allegis
At this point, I'd rate it about an eight out of 10. It's doing the job that we need it to, it's doing that job well. Sometimes the interface can be a little confusing, sometimes the error messages can be very cryptic, as far as what's actually going on. But on the whole, the product does what it sets out to do and does it well. View full review »
Declan Mannix
IT Administrator at a tech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Go for it, because its ease of use and setting it up. Once setup, then it is more or less, forget about it. It just works away in the background. Most important criteria when selecting a vendor: ease of use. If you are talking about an application like OneView, this was ease of use. The desktop and the dashboard are actually quite good. We have the dashboard up on a big screen, and you can actually see when things go wrong or if there are any faults with any of the servers. The backup is automated as well, so the appliance is quite good. View full review »
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Infrastructure Manager at a consultancy with 10,001+ employees
In general, when selecting a vendor we look for * reliability * enterprise-ready is very important for us * support * how they stand in the market. Is there enough information available? Do they have enough customers to know that it is secure, stable? * Pricing is also an issue. I rate it an eight out of 10 and that's mostly because it's good software. It's getting better every day, and more integrations are coming. But the feature I mentioned above that is still not there, it could go faster. And you see that HPE has problems, sometimes, supporting older product ranges. And I think it costs a lot of effort to keep them supported. And new ranges are coming out and they also have to be supported. I would advise using this software if you're using HPE, of course, because you don't have to put in any effort. But it depends. I think it's good software for us, but I cannot say for sure regarding someone else's situation. If they have the same stuff we have, like hardware and blades, then I would recommend it. View full review »
Assistant IT Manager at a pharma/biotech company with 201-500 employees
We have not been using it so long actually. It was implemented by our partner a few months ago and now we are starting to put all our equipment inside OneView. At this time I would say it's an eight out of 10, which is rather good, because the product is working. It's implemented at our site and we can use it without many problems, and it is being used - and that's very important. Very often you implement a product and there it stops. But it's really being used. I'm looking at it, very often. I will not say every day, but often. View full review »
Infrastructure Manager at a legal firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
When we're looking at vendors we look for the product itself and innovation. With respect to the HPE, that's what we look for, and dependability and standardization, rather than going too proprietary on things. Integration as well as strong partnerships with the likes of VMware. We are a VMware shop and, aside from the current issue, that close tie between the products is of great benefit to us. View full review »
Michele Grillo
Junior IT Manager at a financial services firm
HPE has been around for years and we know they're going to be for even longer. We're quite happy using them over the years, from the previous management up to now, everyone's happy with it. Everything we ask for is there. Support-wise they're great, product-wise they have what we need. I'm quite happy, overall. For the version that we have, I give it eight out of 10, because it does exactly what we need. Obviously with a better interface, maybe be 10 out of 10. View full review »
Cloud Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
I would recommend this solution. Most important criteria when selecting a vendor: reliability and good support. View full review »
Infrastructure Engineer with 10,001+ employees
Buy the product. It is really good. Most important criteria when selecting a vendor: Honest, reputable vendor, and one that we tend to have a good working relationship as well with. View full review »
Marcus Svensson
Product Specialist at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
I rate it a seven out of 10 because I think it has good potential, and they are developing it more and more, so it's getting better and better. View full review »
Product Owner at a insurance company with 5,001-10,000 employees
It is a necessary tool for us and it works well. I would recommend it to a colleague at another company looking for a similar solution. Most important criteria when selecting a vendor: There are multiple factors - the stability, the pricing in some parts, etc. View full review »
Glenn Teuchler
Systems Admin
We've almost been "married" with HPE for 15 years now. Our network is HPE, storage is HPE, computers, servers, everything is HPE. We have a DS agreement with them. They run our network, and our storage system, and our email. We are very glad. Happy with it. View full review »
Fast Data Solutions Architect at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
My most important criteria when selecting a vendor are * support * scalability * stability - the uptime has to be close to 99.99 percent. I rate this solution an eight out of 10 because it's stable, it works. The ease of installation and use help you to come up with a turnkey solution as quickly as possible. For people who are not fully technical, the comprehensive dashboard is useful. View full review »
Chiel Spaans
CTO at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
Most important criteria when selecting a vendor: stability and technical support. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Micro Focus, Cisco and others in IT Infrastructure Monitoring. Updated: October 2019.
370,655 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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