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Add trevorl
Salesforce certified system admin at a cloud provider
Reviewed Salesforce Sales Cloud: It's allowed us to move away...
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Principal Oracle CX Cloud Consultant at Rapidflow Inc - Supply Chain, Logistics, PLM, Cloud
Reviewed Salesforce Sales Cloud: The bulk edit page is nice for...
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Consultant at a tech services company
Reviewed Oracle Service Cloud: Provides a complete view of end...
C0db5ab3 e94f 44c2 8262 198f30fd1157 avatar
Head of Solutions Delivery UK at a tech services company
Reviewed Oracle Service Cloud: The chat and skill-based routing...
6fc2b93e b462 4350 9622 9f43adfc94d5 avatar
Solution Director - Oracle CX at a tech services company
Reviewed Oracle Service Cloud: With workflows, only necessary...
512773f7 cbdf 4558 81c9 eeb493de893f avatar?1450180670
SAP Practice Director at a tech services company
F0e24000 c30a 41b5 86be 83459585244d avatar
Business Analyst at StackEdge Consulting
Reviewed Microsoft Dynamics CRM: With the Mobile Sales feature,...
9dfa26d6 bfb6 4c15 9c7e 5436fa6be6e9 avatar
Software Engineer at a tech services company
Reviewed Oracle Service Cloud: Testimonial Review of Oracle...
Fcca313a 9806 43b3 9f3b 19a07ee8932e avatar
Director of Operations at a tech consulting company
4f9d8f99 40b3 4789 b113 b00b3fc75520 avatar?1454252787
Artist and Owner at a tech consulting company
Reviewed Salesforce Service Cloud: The most valuable features for...

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