Salesforce Sales Cloud Review

Appexchange packages help to quickly hit requirements, but the reporting functionality is much more a query engine than a true reporting module.

Valuable Features

  • Quick go-to-market with a sales process
  • Utilization of the "platform as a service" features of Salesforce
  • Appexchange packages help to quickly hit requirements
  • Robust feature set when considering all the Salesforce packages - Sales Cloud, communities, Service Cloud etc.

Improvements to My Organization

I've implemented a Saleforce solution at a hedge fund where we were immediately able to connect the marketing and customer relations department for tracking up-selling opportunities.

By building on the Salesforce platform, we were able to work through potential data problems such as tagging financial advisor owned accounts separately from individual investor accounts, bringing much needed granular tracking of the new money subscription opportunities.

Room for Improvement

The reporting functionality of Salesforce is much more a query engine than a true reporting module.

Salesforce have made some great strides towards addressing this deficiency with the advent of the analytics cloud, but it still needs improvement for customers not paying for the additional service.

Use of Solution

I've been consulting on the platform for five years. I have implemented it at Rhymeo as a customer and currently utilize the platform at another client.

Deployment Issues

Being forced to run through all test classes to deploy to production has always been a concern for organizations that are apex heavy and need the ability for quick, impromptu deployments. Some “quick deploy” features are incredibly helpful for organizations trying to meet this requirement.

Stability Issues

One look at their website will show you the incredible stability of this product.

Scalability Issues

Scaleability has never been in doubt.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Premier support has always been incredibly helpful when solving problems.

However, the true benefit of the salesforce community comes from the helpful users that are constantly contributing to the Salesforce support forums.

You’re usually always a quick Google search away from advice to solving a problem.

Previous Solutions

While consulting for the platform, we were always brought in to assist with implementation after vendor analysis.

Initial Setup

Good consulting on the platform is the key to a straightforward vs. complex implementation.

Users are always reluctant to change so managing expectations and involving business users very early in development is the key to success. The robust configurability vs. code allows implementers the ability to demo early and often to business users. Lightning and process builder are taking this to a welcome new level.

Implementation Team

Always via a vendor team. Speaking to experienced implementers when planning the release schedule for Salesforce manages the risk that integration inevitably always brings forth.

Other Advice

Spend as much time with Salesforce customer success managers as possible. The wealth of Salesforce accelerators and their solution engineers have built help show the potential features of Salesforce early in the planning stage and go a long ways to a smoothful project planning and execution

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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