Spiceworks Review

We're now able to provide logs during an IT audit and we can monitor network activity in real time, but online devices sometimes appear in our dashboard as offline.

Valuable Features

The inventory of hardware and software.

Also, the community, as there are lots of IT pros who are always ready to help.

Improvements to My Organization

During our IT audit, the auditor usually asks if we have logs, and unlike before, where we were a having a hard time digging up the log, Spiceworks has helped us a lot. It helps us to monitor our network activity real time, and it shows the actual map. Personally, I have met a lot of IT pros who I can ask for help and advice anytime.

Room for Improvement

The devices keep showing offline in the dashboard, but when we check it, it's already online. This is a problem they need to fix.

Use of Solution

I started to use Spiceworks 2012 (v5.3) in my previous job. I also work as a freelancer IT Admin, and I installed the Spiceworks to my clients network.

Deployment Issues

When I first deployed the software, the issues I encountered during scans were that the offline network devices kept showing up even though I had already turned them on.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Since the software has its own community, the technical support is free. There are also lots of awesome Spiceheads who are always ready to help.

Initial Setup

In my experience, the initial setup is complex, since I had never had any experience in working with any project. I was having a hard time in getting the information of devices on the network, but thanks to Spiceworks they have the knowledge base to follow on how to do it, as well as the very helpful Spiceheads.

Implementation Team

I implemented it in-house.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

It is free as far I know, both the application and technical support.

Other Solutions Considered

I had tried The Dude network monitor, but we choose this software because of the feature that is useful for our ISO IT audit.

Other Advice

  1. Consider the needs of your organization - if you are looking for a product to implement in your company, you really need to consider if the product is what you really need, or if it is really satisfying your requirements
  2. Consider the cost - it’s important to consider if how much you are willing to spend for the product
  3. Consider the technical support – the best technical support is free and with experienced people, With this software, most of the users in the community are using it in their own organization.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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