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Is migration from OBIEE to Jaspersoft possible? (OBIEE in Column selector, view selectors, Prompts).
Hi, I am currently OBIEE user. I am developing the reports on Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, with data models and reports. However, I have also read about Oracle Data Visualization tool. Which do you recommend and why? Thank you
We are looking to replace our ad hoc reporting capabilities that we currently do with MainFrame Focus (not WebFocus!) with the more modern QlikView product.   We are creating a Pros and Cons list for QlikView, but I'd also like to hear from anyone who may have gone through with this type of conversion effort.  We have a small group of focus power-users who would be now using QlikView to create their ad hoc reports.
Denis Leclerc PmpWith regards to your question....replacing an your current adhoc reporting capabilities with a more moderne QlikView product... I am not trying to lead you down a different path but do please read what my thoughts are. I have been implementing and integrating planning, reporting and consolidation solutions for over 20 years and in this time I have worked with different tools and solutions and I have discovered that it is always best to be able to meet all your needs with a single solutions provider. I am not a promoter of any single solution provider simply because I strongly believe that the products are second and that the most important thing is to work with the right team, a team that understands your vision and has the capacity to make it happen. I always recommend a complete solution because to think that adhoc reporting is a sufficient and everything else already works fine is to bury your head in the sand. Generally speaking all organisations will have the same needs..... budgeting-planning, flash forecasting, projections future outlook, analysis, recommendations, scorecarding, and lastly, dashboards and reporting...yes of course this should involve a layer of adhoc capabilities but the point is.....if these multiple solutions do not communicate in a seamless manner then you will always find yourself back at square one. Specific solutions offer something attractive..this is true...a lower cost of ownership and generally claim to be quick and fast out of the gate but the truth will creep up on you over a short period of time as you begin to transfer data in and out of different solutions to meet your corporate needs. There is no way you only need data to do adhoc reporting....that ios only one facet of the problem and a real solution needs a global view and a global understanding. this is only my opinion. Denis Leclerc
Alejandro SomozaIf you ar planning to use QlikView for ad hoc reports I suggests the following recomendations: Do not use of the ETL capabilities of Qv, just to avoid high dependency on the product. Beware of the abuse of .qvd files to store big data files, they are not trustworthy at all. Remember that Qv is a Dashboarding Tool but not a complete reporting tool. If it´s possible, try to use QlikSense instead of QlikView to avoid excessive consulting.
Doug LautzenheiserKeep in mind that the FOCUS language has full application development capabilities as it was intended to be a simpler version of COBOL. That means power users may not just use FOCUS as a report writer, but for sophisticated data processing including online menus/screens, database updates, ETL, system interfaces, batch processing, etc. For companies using FOCUS for real-time access to mainframe data, they can run into user dissatisfaction after trying to replace it with a reporting tool going against stale data copied from the mainframe. Consider the implications of porting not only the reporting tool but the data from the mainframe platform. Step one is to understand your current state. Perform an accurate inventory of your FOCUS environment: FOCUS procedures (FOCEXECs), FOCUS metadata (MASTER and ACCESS), batch jobs (PROCs/JCL), and command scripts (REXX/CLists). Get an audit trail of what is actually being used so that you can determine active users and procedure/job obsolescence. Identify duplicates and redundancies so you can consolidate procedures instead of replicating things one-for-one. I have an automated tool for performing assessments if that would be useful. As you obviously know, the modern version of FOCUS is WebFOCUS. It can also run on the mainframe (MVS or zLinux) or be ported to a mid-range platform (Windows, UNIX, Linux, iSeries, etc.). Even if ported to another platform, it can continue to access your mainframe data if you desire. Both use the same underlying 4GL code, so you can leverage your existing FOCUS investment into WebFOCUS. I have an automated tool for assisting with the port of FOCUS to WebFOCUS.
We're an asset maintenance company, what do you recommend between Jaspersoft and Tableau? What are the main differences between the two solutions?
Elesh MistryJaspersoft is for Production Reporting and Embedded Analytics used for creating single or multi page pixel perfect reporting , Tableau more for Data Discovery and Dashboarding.

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