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Genesis AbelEase of use or simplicity to create reports no matter how complex the requirements (multiple data integrations, pagination, etc) are from the user, it defines the core need for a reporting software or document software, especially when it involves hundreds and thousands of documents/reports on a daily basis.
it_user275235Apart from speed with which the data reflects the changes applied to DB, when you make a selection on the report, data related to only that particular selection should reflect in subsequent tabs or applications. For example: if i choose a product on products tab, it's sales cost analysis, customers, orders etc... related tabs should show only that product related information.
Ruven Naidoo
Senior Software Developer Team Lead at Dilowa

I am a Senior Software Developer Team at a small Tech Service Company. 

I would like to provide a report for users to view the analytics data within the app. I want to be able to integrate the analytics data within the app. 

Is there a way to do this?

Maddy PertiwiUsing App + Web Property in Google Analytics can be an option, especially if use Firebase Analytics for tracking your app. That way, you will have a unified report about your app in Google Analytics.  I'm not good at explaining but I hope this link will help you an initial understanding about App + Web before your team exploring more about it.