PeopleSoft Review
The HR and payroll features are the biggest flagship of this product.

Valuable Features

The most valuable feature of this product is the HR suite; it is leading vendor for human resources in the market. So for me, the HR and payroll features are the biggest flagship of the PeopleSoft product.

Improvements to My Organization

That's the whole thing as the payroll feature is very robust. They support a wide variety of technology. They are keeping up with these new technologies, so that means scalability is high.

Performance can vary as it is dependent on what we do but performance in general is very good and reliable. So for me, the positive part of this product is that it is being used by global companies.

Room for Improvement

There are many areas in this product that can be improved, especially in regards to the EPM side since they have different products doing that. I would not go on the HR side but they have tools such as the EPM or CRM tools which need to be improved and become a little bit better than the other competitors.

Stability Issues

Every software has its own challenges and so is the case with the PeopleSoft software as it has its own challenges too. However, one good thing about this product is that it has early adopters and they always innovate.

So, what happens is that we rely on that technology adaptation by the company and Oracle is pushing into the new direction too. We're happy about that, but we have challenges in our scalability and are looking at different measures as to how this needs to be dealt with; there is probably not just one way of doing it and involves a combination of it. That's what we are working with Oracle in order to find out the solution.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The technical support is always a little bit in the grey area. We are not totally disappointed but it has it's own challenges. Definitely, there is scope of improvement. We definitely want a little bit better than that, i.e., from whatever level we are getting now.

Previous Solutions

We definitely looked at other products but with the kind of complexity we have and the business we do, we found that PeopleSoft is the best tool so far which can give us our desirable results.

Since I just joined my current company a few months ago, I am not sure. I think Oracle has it's own HR product and also a cloud-based company such as Salesforce and VMware. We have not reached up to that level and our challenge is to go with them. Definitely, we have looked into those products too and we found out that PeopleSoft is best for us with their current business model.

Other Advice

This would depend on the type of business again. PeopleSoft is a market leader for a reason, but if you look from the economic side, there are other solutions out there too which are much cheaper. They can select the product based on the size of their company; it doesn't have to be PeopleSoft and could be something else too like Salesforce, etc. But again, this depends on the nature of the business; for example, if you talk about the Big Five and the other big giants, like the US Army. For that kind of complexity, PeopleSoft would be the best solution available so far.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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