ITRS Geneos Room for Improvement

Sanket Wartikar
Senior Manager - Trading Systems Support
We have introduced many of the monitoring processes in the past five to six months, for the trading dashboards and the business team. We have segmented gateway servers doing the monitoring. Sometimes, if there is a lot of data coming onto the servers, we have observed a little bit of slowness on the gateway servers which are doing the ITRS dashboard monitoring. I believe the plan is that the tooling team will divide the gateway servers into two, with half of the application trading servers monitored by one gateway server and the other half monitored by another gateway server. In our organization, every department is very much dependent on ITRS. For me, the basic concern is the contingency planning for ITRS. For example, if a dashboard server stops working tomorrow there is a concern. Contingency is a concern; something needs to be planned. We have not observed any failures in the ITRS dashboards. But because of the dependency of every department on the ITRS dashboards, this is a major concern. The trading server availability is dependent upon the server availability of the dashboards. View full review »
User at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
The ITA, the post-incident analytics, could be improved. They know that. I'm sure they're working on it. That encompasses a whole facet, a whole dimension, of the product. View full review »
Senthilkumar Raju
Fixed Income Trade Producion Support at Bank of America
A lightweight version which could host more than 100 gateways, as we can see slowness while loading all our gateways. We do support a horizontal platform and having this feature will have an impact in the MTTR. View full review »
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