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Info Sec Consultant at Size 41 Digital
Reviewed Amazon AWS: It is more stable than any…
Cloud Expert | DevOps | Oracle Consultant at confidential
Senior Practice Manager - Head of SAP at a tech consulting company
Reviewed SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud: Flexible with minimum downtime and…
Director Solutions Architect - EMEA & APAC at Blue Medora
Information Security Officer at Zamil
Reviewed Oracle Cloud: Enables us to migrate all of ur…
Customer Service & Support Manager at Natco Information Technology
Reviewed Oracle Network Cloud Service: Excellent support but it is a…
Microsoft and Dev-ops Architect at Mphasis
Reviewed Microsoft Azure: Very easy to create a Kubernetes…
Lead Cyber Security and Hybrid Cloud Engineer at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Data Engineer at Bioingen
Reviewed Microsoft Azure: An easy interface that is helpful…