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What is Business Intelligence Tools?

Assessing business intelligence tools means first answering the question, “What is business intelligence?” Business Intelligence, usually referred to as “BI” for short, refers to software designed to analyze data with the goal of discovering useful business insights. For example, a multi-site retailer might use BI tools to reveal a previously unknown pattern of revenue changes correlated to time of day.

BI is related to data analytics and business analytics, though the connotation of BI is that it’s accessible to a bigger group of end users. As some reviewers on IT Central Station note, everyone, not just IT people or data specialists, should be able to use business intelligence software in their daily jobs. As a result, ease of use figures prominently into many user reviews on the site.

IT Central Station reviewers want to know how little training is required for a BI tool to get non-IT end users going. They want BI to be easy to implement. Users want tools to enable easy report building and administration as well.

The desire for BI tools to be easy to use flows from a trend in the technology over the least few years. BI has gone from being complex discipline reserved for highly-skilled people to being something the general knowledge worker can use every day. It’s not an either/or scenario. An organization might have some BI workloads that are reserved for data scientists, with others available to everyone. Regardless of where BI is deployed, however, continued support of end users and technical training for the support team are critical for success.

In addition to security, performance, scalability and stability, users emphasize the importance of BI’s ability to integrate with other systems. BI is not a standalone technology. It works in concert with database management and business applications. For example, BI must integrate with OLTP databases with minimal footprint. BI also needs to integrate easily with graphical tools and reporting software. A business intelligence toolset ought to integrate with visualization tools - with ability to produce visually appealing, value added dashboards, charts, and standard reports. Mobility also counts, with workers wanting to be able to do analytics on mobile form factors such as tablets.

Given that the “B” in BI stands for business, the business use case is considered highly relevant in choosing the right business intelligence toolset. BI should meet business needs. The total cost of ownership (TCO) should be well thought-out. And, any initiative to undertake BI should have clear executive management approval and a business plan for success. A thorough business needs analysis is essential.

According to IT Central Station members, the best BI tools support multiple file output options and publication options. For instance, can the tool produce interactive files (e.g. Xcelsius output) that are shared externally via .pdf, Excel, etc.? A business analytics solution should easily access multiple types of data sources, with data blending capabilities.

Business Intelligence Tools Reviews

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Business Intelligence Tools QuestionsAsk the community a question

0cae98b7 d854 46fb ad83 6e7e5a8cf45b avatar
Real User
BI Expert at a leisure / travel company with 1,000-5,000 employees
Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Mar 17 2017
6c8627a3 01ff 40f6 9e7a d35a906c6a4f avatar?1449766468
Nigel BrownjohnTotal cost of ownership is often overlooked during BI product selection. ... more »
E75de4fa 7dca 4d74 a762 6d74c7d5ab04 avatar?1439279201
Vijaybabu Sukumar1. First and foremost. Gather the detailed BI requirement from Organization... more »
Itamar steinberg li?1416732674
Itamar SteinbergI think the most Important criteria Is not specific feature, it's actually... more »
D9246b53 e695 4d12 a1b1 3416dd0d7494 avatar?1444504725
Orlee Gillis
Community Mgr
User Success Manager
IT Central Station
Dec 07 2016
Add nigel
Nigel MagsonHi Orlee, Thought I would comment on this from an Apteco FastStats... more »
0cae98b7 d854 46fb ad83 6e7e5a8cf45b avatar
JhornberI regularly attend local Tableau meetups where different users from the... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Venkat Trainingwe are providing BO in online training for the details e-maile me... more »
System Analyst at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
System Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Patrick de witt li?1414329470
Patrick de WittHi, As already mentioned by others Jaspersoft uses a version of Talend and... more »
Gaur pan li?1429195572
Gaur PanMy vote goes to Jaspersoft. Here are my thoughts. Community support is... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
reviewer244644Here you go.. Jaspersoft has moved on now and the latest version of... more »
Reviewer78465 li?1414329971
John BeckerSort of depends on our friends’ use case ... Different business sectors,... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Director461I cannot comment in Spotfire but we use Tableau rather extensively. Users... more »
Picture 912 1353028018
gagneetI would prefer Tableau over Spotfire, mainly because of the features it... more »
Anonymous avatar x60
Houcem Eddine
Real User
User at a government with 51-200 employees
Reviewer78465 li?1414329971
John BeckerYour question is a good one! The question you've raised and the issues... more »
Gerald caussade li?1419884811
Gerald CaussadeLike the others, I'm struggling a bit to understand what you need. I would... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Darrin BlockerA common challenge with almost any low level management BI tooling revolves... more »
Anonymous avatar x60
Rubab Rizvi
Real User
Manager - Knowledge & Insights at a marketing services firm with 501-1,000 employees
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Ddp 8144 %281%29
Avigail Sugarman
Community Mgr
Community Manager
IT Central Station
Reviewer75321 li?1414329885
reviewer75321In my experience, Business Objects has enterprise administration and... more »
Patrick de witt li?1414329470
Patrick de WittI would say they serve different audiences but can also be used at the same... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Venkatraman SubramanianSAP - BO is all traditional and extracts data from a structured sources and... more »
György KissI think OBIEE isvery powerful when it comes to huge data volumes. You can set... more »
Reviewer108354 li?1414332543
Abhishek I used both products rather briefly. In my experience, OBIEE is better... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
reviewer84291I haven't used either, but I can Imagine that if you already have an Oracle... more »
Anonymous avatar x60
Presales BI at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Manager at a tech company with 1,000-5,000 employees
Anonymous avatar x60
Nadav Arad
Real User
Program Manager at a aerospace/defense firm with 1,000-5,000 employees
Consultant at a consultancy with 51-200 employees
Reviewer78465 li?1414329971
John BeckerHere's what I posted on an earlier associated posting: Sorry Researched... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
reviewer71784I am not the correct person to explain the pricing part but definitely I can... more »
Reviewer75321 li?1414329885
reviewer75321Development times will be very different. Qlikview requires scripting... more »
Database Expert at a energy/utilities company with 1,000-5,000 employees
Anonymous avatar x30
Rich MycroftHi, What you have indicated is pretty much what I see and have been quietly... more »
1add tb
tjbateRich - I feel for you. The supposed benefits of standardisation of end-user... more »
Add toddcanedy
Todd CanedyI can't see one replacing the other. They are two distinctively different... more »
Manager of Data Analytics at a pharma/biotech company with 51-200 employees

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Cmardinotto li?1414329782

20+ year IT Industry ERP and BI. Management Consulting and Perform Implementation Business Intelligence, Data Warehouses, Data Mart and ETL architect. Projects and Manager PMO conducting of IT in Business Intelligence and Balanced Scorecard (Strategic Management Methodologie), acting on big... more>>
Gareth crawshaw li?1414337963

An experienced and ambitious BI Lead, with experience in the Financial Services and Technology industries. With advanced analytical skills developed in Banking & Insurance, coupled with leadership of data warehousing programmes. I specialise in transforming information into value adding... more>>
0f800f03 4116 4c1a a4e9 5508ec79a158 avatar
EPM/BI certified Consultant, Oracle ACE and TeraCorp Consulting CEO
More than 20 years engaging in EIS, BI, EPM projects in Brazil working for the last 5 years in global projects to a fortune 100 client. Highly adaptable in reverencing local cultures and business environment with an easy going consultative style. • First and only Oracle ACE in Business... more>>
04a71fac 541e 466e 940f 46f4f5cfba6c avatar?1439329614
Oracle BI & DW Consultant
DW/Business Intelligence Architect/Developer: Oracle data Integrator(ODI 10g, 11G) Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition(OBIEE 10G/11G) Data Warehouse best Practices, DW optimization and performance enhancement (Slowly Changing Dimensions, Change-data-capture, Materialized views,... more>>
Picture 1222 1358028100

Director of Development
Business Intelligence: Raw Data or Strategic Analytics' There is a big difference between corporate information and Strategic Knowledge. Corporate Information usually consists of internal raw data while Strategic Knowledge is the business wisdom necessary to achieve profitable growth... more>>
3f945b50 7eb9 4372 803e cb6044ad254f avatar?1441945035

Principal Consultant
I love data. I love to categorise it, manipulate it, study it, and share it. Data Warehousing is how I satisfy this love and Business Intelligence is how I show it to others. Any type of data - music, words, pictures, numbers, ... Specialties: Data modeling, data architecture, ETL, Cognos... more>>
Ricardo diaz li?1414338809

Siempre innovador! Empresario, con la mirada fija en cumplir mis metas siempre ayudando a los demás y compartiendo conocimiento.....con el afán de hacer crecer el Software Libre en el país... Experto en Inteligencia de Negocios, Data Warehousing y Big Data
73757086 e90a 4800 9c33 309bf17c6de0 avatar

VP, Business Insights
Guided Analytics Highly skilled in data exploration, analysis, visualization and presentation. Experienced in descriptive, behavioral and predictive customer analytics using industry standard tools and processes (SQL, R, Rapid Miner, MS SSAS, MS Excel). Highly skilled in guided analytics,... more>>
Reviewer78465 li?1414329971

Expertise in business intelligence, business process management, as well as IT compliance, governance and security.
Reviewed Information Builders WebFOCUS: IBI Can Be Expensive, But BI Done The Right Way...
Larry keller li?1414328940

VIA or Visual Intelligence and Analysis provides training from basic to expert level using Tableau as well as technical data preparation skills when the data are not Tableau ready. Training and documentation is available in English, Spanish and French. Specialties: Subject Matter Expertise... more>>
Davide moraschi li?1414329707

Senior business Intelligence consultant
Freelance MicroStrategy Professional. Author of the book: "Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy" I've been doing Business Intelligence projects with MicroStrategy and SQL Server/Oracle for the last 10 years now. I have experience in several sectors including Healthcare, Agriculture and... more>>
6ab15317 65da 478c a74f 2c4308112e67 avatar
Analytics Consultant
Hardwork + confidence = ME Specialties: ITILv3, SAP-BOBJ, SAP-BO Mobile, BO Mobile SDK (android & IOS), BO Admin, SAP-ABAP, JAVA, ORACLE, SQL, WEB DESIGNER To know more about me

I worked on many BI projects mainly for finance departments (Budgeting & planning, PNL&BS); at every levels: Pre-sales, development/implementation, training of end users, business analysis and project management. From 2000 to 2007 I worked mainly on reporting projects in many sectors:... more>>
E71bef9a 8c55 40ca 98b5 67dd7776ec41 avatar
I am an Independent consultant. My main expertise majoring in: 1. Accounting and Auditing 2. Internal Control and Risk Management 3. Regulatory Compliance 4. Internal Audit 5. Business Process Management 6. Information Technology Planning & Design 7. Enterprise Architecture 8.... more>>
C4afd2cc 4bfa 4795 89c9 2b5dd2883ac9 avatar
Business Intelligence Consultant
Samundar singh li?1414329685
I'm Business Intelligence Consultant with exposure to MicroStrategy, SAP Business-objects and Microsoft SSRS BI providers. I'm also a guru on Microstrategy official discussion forum.
Cbbd5a88 6420 4e6e a3e2 96f7ae4d755d avatar
Business Intelligence Consultant
Experienced Business Intelligence specialist with diversified knowledge and expertise in maintaining analytical environments, providing technical support and creating solutions in alignment with business targets. Technological experience in diversified business areas: Entertainment,... more>>
9406bc56 6200 4662 a795 a19d6e3ebd65 avatar?1438623983
Data Visualization and BI Consultant
An astute data analyzer and visualization expert with sound knowledge on BI solution development and implementation. Rich experience in catering to business verticals in different industries with normal to highly complex data intricacies and reporting environment. Specialties: Business... more>>
116d756f 2378 4b1c 9ef8 28a65483d0f9 avatar
Spotfire consultant
Spotfire specialist/enthusiast. Thorough knowledge of the Spotfire Server, Client and Web as well as Automation Services. Supporting customers around the world with their questions on the Spotfire platform. Initially I started as a support desk employee, growing onwards to become an analyst... more>>
00073f80 2686 4cdd a6df 539c1deb4851 avatar
Analytics Consultant
Business intelligence and analytics professional with 12 years of experience working with upstream and downstream oil and gas businesses on a wide variety of BI subject areas including -- Spotfire, R, Python, SQL, lean process improvement, data quality management, business analysis,... more>>
Carolyn french li?1419984313
TOP 10
BI and Location Analytics Consultant
Anonymous avatar x100
TOP 10
Business Intelligence Consultant
D1c5ed04 9b7b 4ec0 b882 3ec7cd830591 avatar
Business Intelligence Consultant
Stuart knapp li?1414329800
TOP 10
Anonymous avatar x100
TOP 10
Senior Consultant
Very strong skills in Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Also known as Navision)
564ccfaa d6eb 4b1e acef 970ef1415486 avatar
TOP 10
Senior BI developer and consultant
67c1604d 9443 405d b2bd d9b7db67aa32 avatar?1454845117
Founder and Business Intelligence Consultant
Working with Business Intelligence since 2009. Always learning new concepts and studying new ideas to offer better services to my customers. Expertise in Open Source B.I. Solutions (Pentaho). Attended the course Dimensional Modelling in Depth with Ralph Kimball (Stockholm - Sweden).
68b0be35 b71d 42be 8c83 78c5a7d500ca avatar?1449793339
TOP 10
Consultor QlikView
Consultor e desenvolvedor QlikView com experiência de quatro anos no Grupo Tuper S/A, inciei minha carreira como desenvolvedor e administrador QlikView, responsável pela área de Business Intelligence da companhia, durante este período implantamos e criamos soluções para as mais diversas áreas da... more>>
1fbff4df 01cf 4a58 985b ad6b7245bbfc avatar
TOP 10
Senior BI Consultant
• Working as Spotfire Manager, Consulting Group, India since last 3 years. • 3 years of experience in TIBCO Spotfire Professional, TIBCO Spotfire Server Administration, TIBCO Spotfire Web Player, TIBCO Spotfire Automation, Customization and API programming. • 10+ years of experience in Project... more>>
Ff2564f8 93a5 4ccf 8101 d962424a003e avatar?1455278064
TOP 10
Consultant Director
Experienced professional with blended knowledge in visual analytics development, statistics, logistics and operation optimization. Specialized in translating user requirements into tangible visualizations to track performance, detect outliers and perform root cause analysis.
1d6a621f faca 4453 b0be 5fa8206a254a avatar
TOP 10
Senior Consultant
8 years of experience in several sectors in information systems, mainly in conception of BI solutions and financial software. Capable of addressing an entire project lifecycle from requirements gathering to testing and deployment.
B34706d1 8dd8 4909 bd3f 1eac9ea91436 avatar?1450261258
Assistant Consultant
I have more than 10 years of experience in Data Warehousing and have worked extensively in Informatica, OBIEE, Business Objects, Talend and Tableau. Motorola has been my client for all these years. I've worked in various data warehouses of Motorola (Mobility).I've extensive experience in working... more>>
5c81633b 94ef 4518 bf5d 9e9d1f198950 avatar
TOP 10
Business Intelligence Consultant - IBM Cognos
Senior Consultant, graduated in Information Systems and currently studying Post-Graduation in Accounting, Controllership and Finance. Around 10 years of IT experience, since 2013, focused on developing and modeling customized solution of Financial projections and / or Strategic Planning... more>>
38591c82 f886 42a3 afc8 b742e8a8afa9 avatar?1443686048
TOP 10
Managing Consultant/Director
Principal consultant and project manager on Financial Performance Management and Business Intelligence solutions with over 13 years of experience in team leadership, project management, analysis, design, development, training, and support on Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Operational and... more>>
4e458e7b 172b 443e b7b5 0a8b5adbcedb avatar
TOP 10
Business Intelligence Consultant
Business Intelligence Developer - Microstrategy Agile Methodologies
Bruno bernard li?1422270866
TOP 10
Senior BI Consultant
Conception and modelisation of DataWareHouses, Cubes and ETL Processes Able to work as project manager, business analyst as well as developper for business intelligence solution Specialties: Microsoft BI Suite (from 2005 to 2012), Talend, Microstrategy Databases: SQL Server, Oracle SQL... more>>
16d153c2 0e8f 44cf a499 332f403ca455 avatar
TOP 10
Infrastructure Manager
I have just over 17 years of Information Technology experience. The past 10 years of my career have been focused on Oracle business intelligence applications. I regularly blog about Oracle EPM/BI topics and I was honored to be recognized by Oracle as an ACE Associate for my contributions. I... more>>
8c80d634 12e8 498f 984a 2c2590ab49e6 avatar
• Tableau Bronze Accredited BI Solution Consultant with 5 years of experience in executing BI projects for a large Networking Major • Deputed at client location (San Jose) for a period of 10 months and was responsible for end-to-end reporting solution development based on Tableau and SAP HANA •... more>>
Anonymous avatar x100
BI & Digital Transformation Consultant
C1796a66 3f68 4107 98cc 1c4be8da6eb1 avatar

Project Manager - Business Intelligence
Pedro cunha li?1414340120
TOP 20
Senior BI Consultant (Qlikview)
Ef46badf abcb 4a46 b56e bc560f3e5c83 avatar
Charnkurt yaoyuenyong cce li?1414330938
TOP 20
Project Controls Consultant
Anonymous avatar x100
TOP 20
Business Analytics Cognos Consultant
Master's degree, Computer Engineering for Intelligent Systems I work on design and development of data warehouse and BI solutions
9840ff7c 3e65 4867 8532 ae8dfad21795 avatar
TOP 20
Associate Consultant
Picture will.gunadi

I solve data management problems for companies in various sectors of industry: Airline Travels, Energy Bill Management, Manufacturing, Commercial Printing/Publishing, Transportation and Logistics, Health Care, and Software Development. Specializing in building Data Warehouses, designing and... more>>
Add joseasantos
Head of SAP Business Intelligence
I've performed different positions along Information Systems. I passed from COBOL programmer to Information Systems major department responsible. I'd already being on the commercial side and processes definition - working as ERP pre-sales - and also I'd the chance to work as system and database... more>>
Reviewed SAP Business Objects: Issues with versions 4.0 and 4.1
Manon tremblay li?1414331218
TOP 20
Consultant IT
27 years on a IT dept for a manufacturing company and I have started my own company in 2014.
Giancarlo cordova menacho li?1416747380
TOP 20
Bachiller de la facultad de Ingeniería de Sistemas e Informática de la Universidad Nacional Mayor San Marcos, perteneciente al quinto superior, con experiencia de más de 1 años en el área de inteligencia de negocios, con sentido de responsabilidad, capacidad de rápido aprendizaje, con buen manejo... more>>
Add arpit

• Business Intelligence and Data warehousing professional with close to 5 years of experience in design, development, administration, testing, release management & Pre Sales of the projects from inception to completion. • Close to 3 years of onsite experience as a Business Intelligence... more>>
C382b5eb 85d7 42bc b816 3e96bab88958 avatar?1437160487

TOP 20
Consulting Manager
Andy Rocha is the Consulting Manager for Rittman Mead America, a leading consultancy focused on delivering Oracle Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence technology solutions. Specializing in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g, Andy, an Oracle Certified Implementation... more>>
Anonymous avatar x100
Anonymous avatar x100
TOP 20
Cognos - BI Consultant / Tech Lead
Shazin siddiqui li?1429013589
92f2b60f 1099 48cb 94c7 0d23fbbf7cde avatar
BI Application Consulting Manager
70e4de7f aee5 4092 af2f 18b5c3053c85 avatar
Senior Managing Consultant
980e3f1c 45b3 45d0 a7e6 1de57c719b73 avatar
67baf338 a21e 4583 b1bf 2e6bd64a2128 avatar
Senior Business Intelligence Consultant
59f4fb30 83c2 476d 94be d84f88af9dbb avatar
096f3502 0a2f 40ba b392 8f471f708ac4 avatar
Cognos & OBIEE Business Intelligence Consultant
Ed3bd195 ad16 4b5b 94b9 9cb20fc31a11 avatar
Business Reporting Engineer (Contracter)
D527c5e6 c780 485b a0fb 7a72031655f1 avatar
Business Intelligence Consultant
4f5572b2 5bab 466c 86e3 0256520eeaf7 avatar
Senior Business Intelligence consultant, freelance
D339ec6f fba6 4d28 88ce 690700344cc9 avatar
Business Intelligence Consultant
705182a1 db14 4997 849e 260a8805438f avatar
Eee04010 32ff 41b5 952e 62f95acc228a avatar
Cognos Consultant (Contract)
Anonymous avatar x100
Business intelligence consultant
Business Intelligence Consultancy,Business Analyst, Systems Architect, Specialist, Cisco, Linux, Win Servers, Application Developer, Database Administrator, and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in client/server and relational database design... more>>
71855249 6a95 4a1c b58e 50eb09f02c79 avatar
BI Team Leader & Technology Consultant
C7b1a37a d8c1 4c5f bf26 128ab9728b77 avatar
Business Intelligence Consultant
2006681b 60b9 42a4 b550 a81102fdb6c4 avatar
Business Intelligence Consultant and Birst Expert
Rupa chowdhury li?1428444170
• More than 6 years of IT industry experience in Mainframe technologies & Data Quality tool Trillium Software Systems. • Have worked on variety of projects of Banking and Financial Services, Insurance Sector and Aviation Sector for clients such as First Data Merchant Services and JP Morgan... more>>
Gaur pan li?1429195572
Freelancer - DW & BI (OBIEE & Informatica)
• Gaur is a Freelancer in Information Technology experienced with the latest trends and techniques of the field, having an inborn quantitative aptitude, determined to carve a successful and satisfying career in the IT industry. • Technically competent Datawarehouse consultant (DW/BI) with... more>>
Shankar pandit li?1430027506
Data Scientist
Following are the areas I work in : Analysis of data is a process of inspecting, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Data analysis has multiple facets and approaches, encompassing... more>>
Arnab chakraborty li?1430131555
DW BI Consultant
Arnab has wide experience in Information Management and Business Intelligence. He has lead multiple projects as a solution architect defining architecture of multi-terabyte Enterprise Data Warehouse and BI applications. He has worked on multiple technical platforms including Informatica... more>>
619a33ac 9d6e 4bb0 bf36 b2f764525bb0 avatar?1436714915
Software Consultant
Over 3+ years of experience in Database Development, Database Administration, Business Intelligence Solutions and Web Development. Extensive experience in SQL Development, Reporting Services (SSRS), Integration Services (SSIS) and Analysis Services (SSAS). Expertise in creating reports,... more>>
Ffee6f43 1744 4444 8f3a 97a23013ecae avatar?1437146738
Senior Consultant
I have more than 7 years of IT experience in DW/BI technology. Specialties: Informatica,Qlikview, Data Warehousing,Teradata.
2981c1ce e658 4963 ba01 101862200b93 avatar?1455198317
Senior Pentaho Business Intelligence Developer - Consultant
Responsible for leading the strategic design and maintenance of business intelligence applications. Ensures that the use of BI applications enhances decision making capabilities. Specialist in ETL utilizing various BI tools and scripting languages. Experience with data warehouse design and... more>>
Matthew mottram li?1414329934
I have had over ten years experience working in various financial organizations and been involved in various business areas including Fixed Income, Finance, Credit, Rates, Equities, Syndicated Loans and worked on both Vanilla and Structured product projects. Generally I have worked autonomously... more>>
Petr kucera li?1414331065
Speciální zkušenosti:
Add segarra
SQL Server DBA, system administrator, virtualization junkie, blogger, author and speaker.
Reviewed SAP Business Objects: Business Objects on Linux and SQL Server
John a gregory li?1414333588
Oracle, MySQL - DBA, Developer Business Objects & Crystal Reports Adabas/Natural - DBA, Developer Cobol PHP Delphi
Damien keogh li?1414339021
10 years business experience in life insurance industry, followed by 15 years experience as an analyst developer in a wide range of technologies, including: COBOL, PL1, CICS, Mantis on IBM mainframe C++, Java, VB(6) Currently working as a lead analyst and developer in Business Intelligence,... more>>
Muhammed eissa avatar 1433675236?1433675234

I am addicted to learn new technologies, sharing knowledge and finding new ideas to implement and share with my team. I always have passion to learn and find new solutions that meet business needs and boost the performance of the business life cycle. I am seeking to know tips and tricks of... more>>
Picture 1777 1363902060

Have good experience and exposure of development, deployment and maintenance of BI solutions using enterprise as well as open source tools on web and mobile platforms. Have worked on Data integration using Talend and PDI tools. Have experience in handling projects with US, APAC and UK teams for... more>>
Add jeremy
Tool agnostic decision support expert with deep experience in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and finance. Agile, results-driven consultant targeting high quality results in fast iterations with strong customer involvement, often using tools like SQL Server, Vertica, SAP Data Services,... more>>
Biconsultant785 avatar?1430832784

Business Intelligence Consultant
Bachelor degree in Computer Science Engineering at Universidade do Algarve - Faculdade de Ciências de Tecnologia, Portugal. At the moment, I'm playing a role as a Business Intelligence Consultant and I've already integrated in various projects in the... more>>
Michael burbo li?1422567417
Specialties: Universe, Unidata, Ultimate, Pick Basic, jBase, PROC, DataTel Systems,. Open to new opportunities. Working in government Systems, DODefense systems, Housing, Distribution, Health care, Warehouse-Inventory and Cost Accounting Systems. Support systems and links between them, Mike is... more>>
Anonymous avatar x100
Business Intelligence Consultant
Anonymous avatar x100
Business Intelligence Consultant
Anonymous avatar x100
Consultant/Project Manager
Anonymous avatar x100
IBM Cognos Instructor and Consultant
Anonymous avatar x100
Senior Technical Consultant - Analytics
Anonymous avatar x100
Managing Partner, Lead Business Intelligence Consultant
Anonymous avatar x100
MicroStrategy BI Consultant
Anonymous avatar x100
Anonymous avatar x100
Itfactory in li?1430293884
Founder and Technology Consultant
Anh le dung li?1414333802
BI Junior consultant
Picture 1338 1362337850

Alexander milshtein li?1416473562
MicroStrategy Expert with 15 years exp.
Picture 2285 1370344574

First in Theoretical Physics with 2 years post-grad study of quantum mechanics and general relativity. Founded Butler Group - Europe's largest indigenous IT analyst firm until acquisition by Datamonitor in 2005. Founder of Butler Analytics - dedicated to analysis of analytics technologies and... more>>
Picture business1535
Qlikview Business Intelligence Consultant 15 Years Experience in Warehouse Operations,Systems and Management.
Picture 2289 1370354979
Jeff has over 40 years experience helping manufacturing and distribution companies improve their information systems. He started his career at IBM in the late 1960’s, specializing in mid-range systems for the manufacturing industry. In 1975 Mr. Carr founded Professional Computer Resources... more>>
Picture 2290 1370357692
Business Intelligence consultant & architect with 10+ years of experience with various BI tools – started with BusinessObjects and Cognos, and switched to QlikView in 2009. Familiar with banking, telecommunications and retail trade industries. Runs BI Review ( --... more>>
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Director of Development
PROFESSIONAL SYNOPSIS • Visualization Expert, Data Analyst/BI Architect, with 12 years of experience in Advance Analytics, Management Reporting, Business Intelligence, ETL/DWH Solution Delivery for Fortune 500 environments. Adept at working in a diverse team setting and collaborating across... more>>
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My background: I started my career as an account, followed up by some years as finance controller and now I have dedicated my work 100 % to Business Intelligence. I found this combination very useful, cause of the combination of IT and business skills. I have unique experience in what the... more>>
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Manager of Development
Company business strategy development and management. Business Analytics concepts, architectures, methodology and implementation. Experienced Data Warehousing, ETL, Information Management, Business Intelligence, Planning, Budgeting and Consolidation project and quality manager, solution... more>>
Reviewed SAP Business Objects: Seven thoughts about SAP BusinessObjects BI...
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Business Analyst with focus on best practices in business information visualization. Design and implementation of executive dashboards using Excel and Cognos. Specialties:information visualization, dashboard design, Excel, data analysis
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Over 40 years in business. Owner of BIAlytics: a one man business intelligence and data visualization consulting company, based in Turlock CA, with clients in the USA, Canada, and, Europe. The company name means “Better Insights through Analytics”. I do consulting, training, and speaking... more>>
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In his role, Mr. Sharma is responsible for providing cutting edge BI Solutions to our clients enabling to run better. Mr. Sharma has more than 20+ years of experience in Business Intelligence domain across key BI technologies and several industries. Mr. Sharma is very well versed in leading BI... more>>
Reviewed Actuate e.Report: Actuate to Cognos Conversion
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Independent Management Consultant who delivers initiatives utilising the below key skills: • Finance and Accounting – Qualified accountant with 20+ years of experience with a focus on business profitability, commercial management, governance, internal controls and finance effectiveness. •... more>>
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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing (BI/DW) specialist with over 11 years experience. Proven ability to work with users and developers at all levels of an organization. Great communication and teaching ability with non-technical users. Goal: Seeking BI/DW consulting in Oklahoma... more>>
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Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Developer Co-Leader of Charlotte BI Group Co-Organizer of SQL Saturday 237 Co-Organizer of SQL Saturday 174 Professional skills & interests: • Design and development of BI, data warehousing, and OLAP solutions • Needs analysis, requirements... more>>
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5+ years of experience building and managing an international Business Intelligence practice. 10+ years of cross-industry experience in architecting, designing and building Business Intelligence solutions. Microsoft Certified Trainer specializing in SQL Server, Business intelligence and... more>>

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