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Red Hat
Real User
Senior DevOps/Build Engineer at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
Feb 26 2017

What do you think of Ansible?

Valuable Features I like Ansible because it is: Easy to use. Easy to read. Easy to maintain. Easy to support. It works without an agent. • Improvements to My Organization It has made software installation and updates much easier. Tasks including changing or checking configurations and files have been improved especially considering the big scope of servers. • Room for Improvement It could work with a larger number of servers. • Use of Solution I've been working with Ansible since v0.7 and still use v2.2. • Stability Issues We only encountered issues with syntax, as sometimes it was changed and then one has to adapt. • Scalability Issues There were a few scalability issues. I had no problems as long as the number of servers was less than 500. When the number...
Real User
Head of Department for IT Services at a government with 201-500 employees
Jul 16 2018

What do you think of SCCM?

Primary Use Case Our Windows environment has about 100 servers, Windows 2012/2016, and more than 500 desktop and laptop computers with Windows 7/10. We use SCCM 2012 mainly for installing and deployment of images for new operating systems on end-user computers, for application management, distribution of new applications, software and hardware inventory, remote assistance, application virtualization and, of course, for software updates on servers and workstations. • Improvements to My Organization It has improved distribution and the migration of existing desktop computers and user profiles to new machines. • Valuable Features Excellent reports for compliance, status of updates, and software metering. • Room for Improvement I would like to see some improvements in...

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