Nagios Core Competitors and Alternatives

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Sr. Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Sep 13 2017

What do you think of SolarWinds NPM?

Valuable Features: Its GUI is very user-friendly. No special training is required to use this product. It is very simple to use and has rich GUI performance reports. • Room for Improvement: They should increase its accuracy rate as SolarWinds's monitoring accuracy is not good if you compare it with other tools, like NNM/ScienceLogic/Zenoss. • Use of Solution: I have used the following versions of SolarWinds: NPM, SAM, NTA, and IPAM for two years. • Stability Issues: SolarWinds tools are very stable. • Scalability Issues: No issues in the tools.  • Previous Solutions: It is fully depends on the costing, customer, and architect. • Initial Setup: It is straightforward. • Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing: It fully depends on what the customer wants. ...
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Information Technology Supervisor at PUCPR
Apr 02 2018

What do you think of Zabbix?

Primary Use Case Monitor network assets Data links Disk space Physical servers More than 600 virtual machines Websites Logins into automated systems • Improvements to My Organization Assertive monitoring Customized messages Configurable screens Division by teams Customizable alerts Automated call opening Mobile connections • Valuable Features The discovery functionality. Every new asset placed in the environment can be automatically detected, predicting human failures. • Room for Improvement The product is already great. Wanting something more could take the focus off the product. However, correlation of events would be a wonderful addition. • Use of Solution More than five years. • Stability Issues No issues. • Scalability Issues There are no...
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Diretor Sistemas de Informação (CIO/CTO)
Aug 20 2017

What is most valuable?

Device Monitoring, and especially Network Monitoring, Automation, Alerting, and Reporting. * Device Monitoring gives us an excellent view of servers and workstations, providing tools to leverage capacity management. * Network Monitoring... more»

How has it helped my organization?

Reduced, substantially, our MTTR, kept our team small and focused, and led to a more controlled budget.

What needs improvement?

Stability regarding upgrades, sometimes impacting database issues. ManageEngine takes good care of its customers and responds quickly.

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