Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle, Microsoft, Teradata and others in Relational Databases.
288,186 professionals have used our research since 2012.
Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle, Microsoft, Teradata and others in Relational Databases.
288,186 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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What is Relational Databases?

The purpose of Relational Database Management (RDBMS) is to maintain various digital software system databases. Querying and maintaining aspects of the database is achieved by using SQL, (Structured Query Language) which is universally accepted by almost all relational database systems. An RDMBS manages, builds and deploys applications located onsite or in the cloud. The digital space has a lot of competition and finding the best RDBMS requires IT experts to source the most comprehensive technology.

According to IT Central Station IT professionals, operational performance, (OLTP, DWH - ETL) security, support for developer APIs, and MDX support are among the most important RDMBS features. Scalability and modeling must be easy to use, and responsive vendor support is especially desirable. Data capacity, integration, and speed are integral to the needs of IT and DevOps.

Because IT managers have multiple needs within RDMBS, criteria for choosing a vendor requires the strictest data integrity and offer project specifications such as, “[a] distributed SQL database that has a flexible deployment model allowing the [team] to run the database on a single server machine, across machines in a data center or public cloud, and even on a global basis (across multiple data centers) without having to architect a new solution for each use case.”

IT Central Station IT and Devops managers are clear about how RDMBSs and their many features can function in an enterprise environment to be best leveraged in DevOps. There is a need for parallel distribution and parallel computing when evaluating performance.

One topic that is frequently discussed is, “transactional atomicity.” With all the moving parts in Relational Databases, the granular can become the springboard for success. These include loading and unloading data, meeting performance and recovery time objectives and adherence to standards.

IT Central Station developers have specific standards and would choose RDMBS based on whether the “DB comes with a mature BI stack.” RDMBS has many variables. IT Central Station users chose Relational Databases based on a number of criteria. IT Central Station’s offerings are complete and wide-ranging for the needs of IT and DevOps teams looking for agile excellence.

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Operations Engineering Manager
Technology Architect with over 16 Years of IT experience in software Industry in diverse areas like Reliability Engineering, Program,Project and Process Management, Team Management, Operations Management, Database Administration, Design, Development, System analysis and Study, Implementation,... more>>
Reviewed Oracle E-Business Suite: It has improved our business processes
Experience in design, development and deployment of applications build on Client/Server Systems, Data warehousing ,Big Data,Business Intelligence applications. Extensive experience Knowledge on MPP database including Netezza Twinfin/Striper Appliance,Teradata and AsterData. Good experience... more>>
IT Consultant & IT Project Manager Assistant
Berardi Florin Via Prati Secchi 22, 21027 Ispra (VA) Italia (+39) 366 – 977 85 86 Italian 24 Marzo 1986 Male BRR FRN 86 C 24 F917 G Unmarried Windows/Distributed/Enterprise Application Developer Amministrazione e Gestione di Database  Analista... more>>
Professional Services Senior Consultant
• Más de 24 años de experiencia en Consultoría, de los cuales los últimos 14 años he trabajado en Teradata Iberia SLU. • Profundo conocimiento en bases de datos y Teradata Data Warehouse, en particular en implantaciones Teradata para Industrias de Telecomunicaciones, Retail y... more>>
IT Consultant, Business Owner, Lecturer
Dr Ioannis Syrigos is a Computer and Electrical Engineer, an Entrepreneur, co-owner and Managing Director of Stella Novus LTD, an IT consulting company running several individual online projects (,,, and... more>>
Technical computer science engineer. Nowadays DW and BI consultant with 5 years experience in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. Good knowledge in processes of a BI/DW project. Specialties:Designing, developing and maintaining data marts. Design and build ETL processes, OLAP... more>>
Team Leader of I&O Team in Bridge Consulting (Florence, Italy). Main activities: project management, coordination/planning, installation/problem solving. Trainer of new colleagues. Everyday involved with big customers such as Gucci, Unicoop Firenze, Ferragamo and so on. Oracle CAB: 2014... more>>
Creative and proactive approach of work distinguishes me. Whenever I solve a task, I try to follow the principles: - To minimize defects and improve the quality - To seek every day a new more effective approach to work - To communicate issues on early stage
Project Manager
Hi, I am working as Linux Admin with a MNC. My expertise are messaging with all platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Open Source Postfix, McAfee IronMail and IBM Lotus Domino. :)
Data Scientist / Consultant
Technically astute, self motivated, highly organized, process&detail focused, results driven and hands-on Physics Ph.D. with excellent research, critical thinking, problem solving, cross-functional team support, and oral & written communication skills. Definitive strengths include the... more>>
TOP 10
Associate Consultant
Mr. Cifuentes has a 40 year experience in a wide range of Information Technology areas. He has been involved in Unix Support as well as in the architecture, design and implementation of different types of applications, ranging from messaging systems to data warehouses. His education includes an... more>>
 Passionately believe that Information Technology provides the best opportunity to improve the competitive advantage be it from reduced operating costs, improved communications, better and consistent information, reliable and accurate source of data or improving research and fostering growth in... more>>
Reviewed Oracle Exadata: It's not "one size fits all"
Senior IT Consultant/Program Mgmt
Information systems professional with a 15+ year background in project management, systems analysis, programming, e-Business, and Internet sales/marketing within the healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, financial services and research industries. Proven abilities in organizing management... more>>
Senior business Intelligence consultant
Freelance MicroStrategy Professional. Author of the book: "Business Intelligence with MicroStrategy" I've been doing Business Intelligence projects with MicroStrategy and SQL Server/Oracle for the last 10 years now. I have experience in several sectors including Healthcare, Agriculture and... more>>
TOP 20
Technology Leader Oracle / Senior Consultant
Oracle Certified Master (OCM 12c) and Oracle ACE Director Senior DBA, Oracle Expert, Data Architect, Performance specialist Architecture, DataModeling, Conception, Tuning, Exploitation, Training
Owner - Consultant
Oracle DBA with more than 15 years of experience in technical leadership, computer technologies and critical missions. Expertise in Oracle Database Management and setup, high availability, critical recovery scenarios, server and application tuning. Proven advanced diagnostic abilities.... more>>
Senior Production Support Engineer
Systems Engineer with experience in the areas of Development, Banking, Health, eCommerce and Custom Development, with an attitude of service, leadership and great relationships. Management personnel, resources, monitoring schedules and budgets, knowledge in CMMI and PSP. Ease of expression and... more>>
First in Theoretical Physics with 2 years post-grad study of quantum mechanics and general relativity. Founded Butler Group - Europe's largest indigenous IT analyst firm until acquisition by Datamonitor in 2005. Founder of Butler Analytics - dedicated to analysis of analytics technologies and... more>>
Database Expert
My name is Leonid Gvirtz, I'm freelance consultant in database-related areas. I work with various database-related technologies since 1995. I have a vast amount of experience in the design of databases and database-oriented applications, implementation, troubleshooting, performance & tuning,... more>>

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