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One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is SAP HANA vs SQL Server. One user says about SAP HANA, "[It] provides us with predictive capabilities for asset maintenance and real-time forecasts." Another user says about SQL Server, "While it didn’t have all the abilities of a true data warehouse, it was quickly implemented and well served for the desired purpose."In your experience, which is better and why?
Bruce GreeffThe two are not really directly comparable. HANA DB is designed to run in-memory. It indexes every attribute and converts values to integer, offering real time performance. SQL Server is a more general purpose, inherently relational product. Depending on use case - either may be better. HANA is entirely next generation. SQL Server has to maintain legacy compatibility - but it is easier to use and you can scale the infrastructure cost down. HANA is designed for appliance deployment. Scaling is expensive. To get similar capabilities to HANA you might have to add something like SPARK and /or REDIS to your SQL Server. Then it starts getting expensive and complex too.
Evan HaxtonA lot depends upon what application is running on top of the data store. If you are running SAP Business One, a compelling argument is made here . Essentially, SAP HANA (SAPH) offers in-memory processing and should be faster in most cases. However, if you are running SQL Server, you will have to access the data first before it is cached into memory. If you are a smaller organization it shouldn't matter what repository you are using. However, larger organizations may be more interested in SAPH for in-memory and analytics capabilities. For generalized use, you will more interested in SQL Server simply for the availability of API and third-party tools. See here
JanisGriffinI think I would prefer SQL Server over HANA because it's been around longer and is more well known. Also, the later versions of SQL Server allow for in memory column store, faster analytical queries and plays well with open source solutions.

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