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Picture 513 1346764412
Owner at David Strom Inc.
Reviewed CA Unified Infrastructure Management: Covers a wide variety of...
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Sr. Consultant at a tech consulting company
Reviewed ScienceLogic: Distributed architecture makes...
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Director / Lead Engineer at Batten Services International Limited
Technical Director at a consultancy
Reviewed Oracle Enterprise Manager: Represents the best of the...
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IT Director at a construction company
Reviewed SolarWinds Server and Application Monitor: The most valuable features are...
James lui
Team Lead - Oracle Applications DBA at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed Oracle Enterprise Manager: Very helpful to have the ability...
Consultant at a energy/utilities company
Reviewed Oracle Enterprise Manager: OEM provides an easy way to...
Enterprise System Management at a tech services company
Reviewed Micro Focus OpenView [EOL]: It has a limit on the number of...
Anonymous avatar x100
Senior Manager at a transportation company
Reviewed Micro Focus OpenView [EOL]: Provides proactivity to prevent...
Dbd1134f fd46 41b2 9e71 aef5459628e5 avatar
Chief Information Officer at a tech services company
Reviewed ScienceLogic: Tool for fault and performance...

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