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AlgoSec Primary Use Case

Vice President Head of Information Security at Itau Corpbanca New York

Our primary purpose right now is Firewall AlgoSec Analyzer so we can ensure that our rules are nice and tight. We also use the configuration report to make sure that the firewall configuration is nice and tight. 

We are starting to use modeling. AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer enables us to input details about what we would like to do to see what firewall changes would be required, if any. Also, if we are having problems with getting an application running across the network, then we can use that to establish what firewall rules might be giving us problems.

As a small branch office focused on wholesale banking, we have a very flat network that we are trying to improve upon. Over the course of last year, everything has been flat and accessible. Now, we are breaking into VLAN segmentation. That is where Firewall Analyzer will really come into good use, because it will help us to limit the traffic to only what is necessary. 

We have some cloud. Our core banking is with a different organization, which is in the cloud. We also have a couple of other treasury cloud applications in the cloud. However, a fair amount of our network is within our data center and office. So, we have a hybrid model.

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Senior Systems Engineer with 51-200 employees

I have been implementing AlgoSec for different end customers. None of the environments are on the cloud, they're on-premise applications. Some of them have been planned, but a majority of them are for virtual instances. I have implemented four or five end-customers and also supported them with AlgoSec.

I deploy and maintain AlgoSec for customers for test purposes. I use it before doing anything on the customer's premises. For testing purposes, I have used it in my own environment also, but the majority of the time I'm using it in the customers' environment.

I have integrated AlgoSec with Check Point, Palo Alto, some older Cisco versions like WSN, Fortinet firewalls, and Cisco ASA.

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IT Security Analyst at a retailer with 5,001-10,000 employees

We use FireFlow. Our environment is a mixture of private and public platforms. We have been aggressively moving infrastructure up to the cloud, so everything that used to be on-prem now is all pretty much in the cloud. We have hundreds of servers and instances up in the cloud. On-prem, we still have the same. It's a couple of hundred servers on-prem that we use for the day-to-day business functions as well.

AlgoSec would help to manage our multiple environments if we had CloudFlow but we don't have that license.

Back in 2016, we migrated firewall vendors over to Palo Alto Networks. During that time when we migrated, we had over 4,000 security rules. Using AlgoSec, we were able to trim it down by some ridiculous amount, around 72%.

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Sr. Network and Security Administrator at a insurance company with 501-1,000 employees

We have actually played around quite a bit with the network flow piece of it (with the routers). That has helped us troubleshoot a few things with data flow and where it might be stopped or redirected to an incorrect location.

We use the following components of AlgoSec: AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA), FireFlow, and AppViz. We have a very limited cloud deployment at the moment.

We have a very complex network environment. It requires very specific compliance protocols to be put in place, including HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance, and HITRUST compliance. Therefore, we have very specific rules that we have to adhere to. We have 13 sites with very complex setups at each site to allow for redundancy and security, utilizing multiple vendors and technologies to achieve that. 

We are currently developing and going to have a hybrid deployment for the cloud and on-prem. Right now, 98% of our stuff is on-prem, and that will change. We are probably going to be about 75% on-prem and 25% in the cloud, which is very complex. This will allow our external vendors and external clients in as well as all our internal resources.

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Regional Sales Engineer at RedSeal, Inc.

If a use case comes where a customer who has different firewalls, e.g., Palo Alto and Fortinet, wants a single pane of glass, where all the firewalls are visible, this is the only use case where AlgoSec would be used.

The customer has to judge, "Are they going to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for the feature of seeing firewalls of different vendors under the same hood?" Is that the value they want versus the dollar value they are spending? Most of the time, the answer is no. Customers don't want to spend $300,000 or $400,000 just to see a single dashboard. Especially during COVID times, it has become even more impossible to sell such a product. 

From a product perspective, AlgoSec has multiple components. Its security management solution is the primary one that you need to have. You must have this in order to install the platform. 

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Lead Infrastructure Engineer at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees

I mainly use AFA and FireFlow. The majority of the network is internal. We have a very limited footprint in the cloud right now. But what we do have in the cloud is private. Being a financial institution, everything is very secure. So we don't have anything in the public cloud.

We're primarily using AlgoSec for firewall management and change validation. So we use it for monitoring all the firewall changes and security ratings. Any kind of firewall change is monitored and we have our own process that we use AlgoSec for to validate that changes are implemented according to the requests and go through all of the change approval processes.

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Cyber Security Architect at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees

We needed something to tell us the quality of our firewall rules in terms of their implementation.

We use the following components of AlgoSec: AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA), FireFlow, AppChange, and CloudFlow.

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Sr. Design Architect - Network Security at a retailer with 10,001+ employees

We are a retail company with about 2,500 stores, and we have at least 5,000 devices just on the retail side of it. We mostly use Cisco products in our organization. From the firewall perspective, we have a multi-vendor architecture. We have Check Point, Palo Alto, and FortiGate.

We are using AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer to identify the risks, do some quality assessment of the firewall, and then do our troubleshooting. We are working towards automating our firewall process that is currently manual. We are also enabling AppViz with different application teams. So far, we have onboarded a couple of them from the SAP team. The whole idea is to keep the firewall rules transparent and relevant to the application that an application team supports.

AlgoSec FireFlow is going to be adopted soon. I'm working on the project right now, and it is almost at the end stage where we're going to deploy it to the business.

We are in a hybrid environment, and we have our presence in multiple cloud vendors such as Azure, Google, and Oracle. We have our on-prem computing systems, and we are working towards migrating most of our on-prem computing systems to the cloud.

AlgoSec's deployment in our environment is a high-availability deployment. We have active and standby nodes. We also have a load distribution node, which is a virtual system. The active and standby systems are AlgoSec appliances.

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Agile and Architecture at ENGIE

We are using the FireFlow and Firewall Analyzer components. I'm not the manager of the project, so I don't know if we are using any other module. We use FireFlow to make our firewall change requests.

As an architect, if I'm deploying something and a flow needs to be put in place, I need to go into the tool and specify the details about the flow that needs to be set in place. I also need to provide some contextual information, and then there is a whole workflow that gets started. It will first analyze the flow to determine which firewalls and modifications are required, and then there is an approval step for which someone responsible for security needs to give approval. After that, it goes to the implementation team that does the actual implementation. In the end, there is a validation step where when they say it has been implemented, you can check that the flow is open, and it works fine. You can then either close the ticket or say that it's not working and please check again or perform additional tests.

We have a mixed proprietary network. We have stuff in private clouds, and we have stuff in public clouds with major cloud providers. We have a very global and complicated network in more than 60 countries.

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Technical Director at Accord Group

We use the solution for change control of policies on firewalls, for service desk integrations, and for the service desk rules of network users.

We use the firewall management solution. Our environment is on-premises only. Our company works with financial institutions and they require everything to be on-premises.

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Consultant at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees

It helps us load the bulk of organizations. We can maintain policies using AlgoSec's fine-tuning, which is why we use its automation. Once a request has been approved and it is in our queue, we check the parts of the firewalls between source and destinations. It also helps us push policy and remove unnecessary rules.

I have used Algosec Firewall Analyzer (AFA) and FireFlow. We also use AppChange for its automation, where we can integrate our MDT tools with our AlgoSec project.

Our customers have on-premises data centers as well as infrastructure in the cloud: hybrid. We are the service provider for the cloud and our data centers are also on the cloud.

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Senior Technical Analyst at a maritime company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We use AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer and FireFlow. 

Our primary infrastructure is all on-premise. We tend to leverage only SaaS components of the public cloud. We have over ninety sites including branch offices and Data Centers.

We have over on hundred firewalls and we are a PCI compliant organization. So, we use it for all of our change control around all of our firewall ACL deployments, as well as our risk profiling. We use Fireflow for the change management and audit control. The IT security department uses it for ACL reviews and ACL change requests.

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Security Analyst at Ethnos IT Solutions LTD

We help deploy solutions to customers around Africa and Nigeria. We deploy it, then we also provide local support to our customers. We do PoCs, deploy solutions, and provide support whenever we have the opportunity to provide solutions which solve problems of one or two customers.

Most of our clients just want to stick with AFA. Most times, we just work around AFA and do a lot of things with it. We are quite conversant with AFA's portfolio.

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Security Manager at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We use it for firewall ruleset management. It's mainly to manage the firewall ruleset changes and for monitoring compliance.

In our environment we use Algosec Firewall Analyzer. Our network environment is a mixture of public and private clouds. We have more than 3,000 network switches and we are managing almost 20 firewalls that are on-premises. That doesn't include the cloud firewalls because AlgoSec does not extend to that area.

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Network Infrastructure Engineer at Cigna/Express Scripts

We use several of the AlgoSec components including the firewall analyzer (AFA) and FireFlow. We may also use CloudFlow. 

We use AlgoSec primarily for Check Point. We run a script that works with Check Point and spits out rules. We also use it to create changes. Specifically, it will create new roles and we can use it to check if there are blocks on Check Point, as well.

In the future, we may use it with Palo Alto.

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Network Security Engineer/Architect at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We've been using Algosec as our reference tool to clean our policies from old unused rules and objects and to assess rules that are categorized as risky so that we can fix those risks.

Firewall Analyzer from Algosec is our main tool for Firewall auditing and it makes our external auditors very confident on the way our policies are managed.

Fireflow from Algosec also helps us identifying which firewalls are on the way from source to destination when we need to open flows and it saves us a lot of time. We are still on our path to implement full automation of firewall policy creation with Algosec's Fireflow but the goal is to achieve it soon.

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Information Security Specialist at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees

We use AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer and AppViz. We have bought the FireFlow license, but we do not use it currently. We plan to use it, but we are not using it right now. 

Firewall Analyzer is helpful for network assurance and meeting some requirements of PCI DSS. 

We use it to manage only our on-prem environment. Our network environment is mostly on-prem. We do not use cloud networking. We have an internal cloud, which is hosted in the Netherlands, but it is like a private cloud.

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Service Delivery Manager at Schneider Electric

The AlgoSec solution is really helpful for us, as we need to review all of the rules that have been implemented or we intend to implement, everywhere in our organization, independent of the country or even region.

With AlgoSec, it is possible to check the risks for each rule in terms of security and it is possible to easily decide if the implementation is valid or risky. This allows us to keep only the rules that are following our internal security standards.

AlgoSec helps to keep order and improve efficiency for operations teams supporting the solution.

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Network Administrator at City of Calgary

We use this solution for Firewall Rule Management, to know who did what and why.

We use AlgoSec FireFlow to create Rules for the Firewalls with detailed information. It is used by end-users who supply the requirements for which this rule is needed, and then it goes to Security for approval.

We use AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer to get the audit reports on the firewall and to verify that change, which was approved by the Security and Network teams, is implemented in the right way.

It is a great tool for audit purposes.

Also it tells us if our firewall is compliance with PCI or not.

We use this for Compliance purposes also.

They are both integrated with each other.

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Network Security Engineer at a comms service provider with 51-200 employees

I use AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer, BusinessFlow, AppViz, AppChange and CloudFlow. We use the appliances from the AlgoSec framework and the AlgoSec Firewall. The customer environment is mostly managed on-premise.  

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IT Security Analyst at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

We started deploying the application in January of this year. Currently, in our contract, we have a license for AlgoSec FireAnalyzer and FireFlow. So, at this moment, we are only working with AlgoSec FireAnalyzer. 

We are using AlgoSec to have a good view of our environment in terms of the risks and compliance and to implement rules. Our environment at this moment is only on-premises. We have servers, routers, firewalls, etc.

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Sr Technical Consultant at Ivalue Infosolution

We are not personally using AlgoSec in our organization. We consult with the customer, as to why they have to buy such a solution like Firewall Analyzer. We are a distributor for the Indian market. We guide the customer to why they have to buy this kind of solution, what are the business requirements, etc. 

I have done PoCs and demos on the product.

The solution allows multi-vendor firewalls to have a centralized solution where they can analyze all the rules, duplicates rules, etc. Also, it helps them understand if a change can be automated.

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Security Operations Engineer at a security firm with 201-500 employees

We use:

  • FireFlow 
  • AFA, AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer
  • BusinessFlow

I use AlgoSec to optimize the firewall rules and to analyze the logs of a lot of firewalls, like Palo Alto, Check Point, and Fortinet. 

When a user creates a ticket in AlgoSec, I validate the ticket or don't. It's opened flow in the firewalls also. 

I also use it to implement and push the rules in the equipment. 

I have used it for compliance and analytics. I audit Cisco ASA equipment. I do a compliance report for every piece of equipment. I do some reports and also weigh any risk on each piece of equipment. Some rules use, for example, a critical port. If it shows to be a risk, we'll take action. For example, we can optimize a permissive rule and create new rules to have a more secure flow.

I use FireFlow to help users when they create a ticket in AlgoSec. I help them with information like the IP source, IP destination, and endpoint. 

AlgoSec also helps users choose the right equipment. There are a lot of stages and at every stage, I can choose the equipment. We have a lot of equipment and a lot of firewalls so that we can identify equipment. I also use the map to see the flow from the source IP to the destination IP so we can discover the network. It's essential to have a picture of the flow in terms of the equipment, services, and protocol.

We have critical security policies. With AlgoSec, we can create a security policy to manage critical applications. I have worked in the bank and they have critical applications. We created some security policies for those applications. Controlling the flow is critical for our customers. 

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Consultant at HCL Technologies

We are using Firewall Analyzer (AFA) to compare configurations from multiple firewalls, such as Cisco ASA, Palo Alto, Check Point, and so on. It helps us to streamline our firewall rules, identify risks, and provide better visibility. This product has significantly saved the time and human efforts in creating and deploying firewall rules. It is now easier for our cybersecurity team to analyze firewalls rules and ACLs, using them in a more efficient manner. Other features are also very important for us.

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Resp. Area de Segurança at REN

Our main use cases for this solution are:

  • Firewall Rule optimization
  • Topology mapping of various firewalls
  • Automating the implementation of rules.
  • Reports warning before time based rules expire. 

We also implemented the AlgoBot, which is extremely useful when checking if rules already exist or finding out easily where they need to be configured.

We have 20-plus firewalls from multi-vendors in several sites, both IT and OT. Therefore, an automated way to manage firewalls is a must, especially since staff is always on the short side.

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MITP-2 at State of Nevada Department of Administration Message

I am the senior network security engineer in an environment of more than 80 firewalls ranging from ASA 5506-X to ASA 5585-X and now to FortiGate 3960E. As part of this position, I need to be able to audit firewalls and ensure that they are compliant to a number of policies.  Before AlgoSec, this was done in a very long, slow manual process, and it took days to audit even the smallest firewall. With AlgoSec, I can run a compliance report and see exactly where that firewall falls short.

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Digital Security Specialist at Derivco

The purpose of using the product was to attack and Analyse rule bases from a holistic perspective. The Firewall Analyzer has a rule base consolidator as well as a feature to make the rule base more permissive. It also helps to reduce rule base clutter, as well as legacy rules.

Traffic query helps us to quickly find rules that allow outbound access.

FireFlow is a useful ticketing system that integrates with many products.

We would like to use FireFlow's API to automate certain tickets that come through to leverage automation in our environment. 

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Sr Technical Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

We are security consultants based in India. We provide solutions to our customers and implement for them. We deploy AlgoSec on cloud and on-premise, depending on the customer. The use case is generally for companies that have multiple firewall vendors. If you have FireEye, for example, you can create the rules according to your environment. But if you have four different kinds of firewalls, and you want to allow or block something, you need the configuration on all the firewalls. AlgoSec simplifies that process. Many of our clients in India use this solution. We are official partners of AlgoSec. 

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Managed Security Services Product Manager at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees

We primarily use AlgoSec to just have a check on what firewall rule sets have been configured over a period of time, and if there are any redundancies within those rules, that we can eliminate without any confusion within the ruleset. It allows us to have the optimum support and effectiveness of the firewalls.

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IT Technical Consultant at Schneider Electric

First and mostly, as a large company, we had some issues regarding the main rating companies as they found some issues compromising our assets. There are different management systems and models with human interaction and sometimes with a different validation. This was impacting our business, so we put a lot of effort into solving problems, case by case, with manual operations. AlgoSec came into action in order to avoid this and streamline our process.

AlgoSec is one security management tool with the main target to find any rule that is not in compliance with our internal standards. New rules cannot be configured in any firewall unless it has been validated from security.

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Network and Security Engineer at Inmarsat

We primarily use AlgoSec for Firewall Security Management, Firewall Policy Automation, and Auditing. Our firewall estate environment is complex, multi-vendor, and across many sites, so we needed a product that would integrate seamlessly, encompassing all sites and platforms.

It's an ongoing process and we are constantly learning about new features of the product that would be beneficial in terms of helping secure, consolidate, and streamline our environment.

We are well on the road to achieving this with the help of their Professional Services team.

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IT Security Manager at a retailer with 10,001+ employees

We use this solution for rulebase analysis. AlgoSec provides great unified visibility into all policy packages in one place. Also, the compliance feature is quite useful. 

It is great for checking rules/objects across numerous policies/domains, as well as generating advanced reports about risks, trends in recent changes, covered and unused rules, and if you want to go really deep in rule base optimisation - unused objects. This helps our team to keep network access up to date and secure. 

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Senior Information Technology Security Analyst at a integrator with 1,001-5,000 employees

Increase the visibility of CyberSec and the area of compliance (audit) of the environment, with the AFA increasing the visibility of vulnerabilities in the environment caused by extensive configurations, and with the AFF optimizing the operation, allowing to focus on improvements.

We implemented in an environment with more than 280 Firewalls from different manufacturers and the AlgoSec solution enabled a more detailed analysis of the environment, ensuring greater security.

It made it possible to reduce the performance of the operating team in the reactive combat of threats, making the operation more active and focused on quality.

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Sr Platform Owner at Emirates NBD

The primary use case of this solution was to optimize and cleanup all the unused legacy firewall rules from multiple firewalls which was massive in terms of time and effort.

The other user case in our environment was to automate all the manual day to day firewall changes to reduce the turnaround time for application owners.

We wanted to have central visibility for our entire firewall portfolio to see the firewall flow of traffic traversing through multiple layers of firewalls.

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Network Engineer at Schneider Electric

Our first use case is the homogenization of important rules for a large number of firewall-enabled devices in our corporate network.

With one click, we have at our disposal everything we consider important and in this way we do not have to enter each device to verify the information.The AlgoSec Security Management Suite collects all of this information.

The most important thing is to have all of the information in one application. At a glance, we can see security problems and possible issues in the future. In this way, we can be proactive and solve problems before they happen.

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Senior Technical and Integration Designer / Center of Excellence / Europe & Indonesia at Ahold Delhaize

Firewall rule base management and FCR processing is the main reason we use AlgoSec.

We also use it for troubleshooting purposes and reporting. In that sense, there are three instances that are the main consumers of it. Our infrastructure management uses reporting to get insights, our Network and Security team does all of the FCR processing and troubleshooting of network problems, and our security department that also uses reporting and is part of the approval process for FCRs that are placed in AlgoSec.       

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Senior Security Analyst at Compugraf

We use this solution for device changes auditing, device compliance, network mapping, active change, clean-up of the rule base, and a ticket system.

The device changes audit is a quick identification when changing the configuration on devices. Device compliance gives us the ability to generate device compliance reports. The network map is the method for locating the devices that are related to the communication of origin and destination.

Active change is used to centralize the creation of rules in AlgoSec without the need to access other devices. Cleaning up the rule base means that AlgoSec reports and helps remove unused rules and even unused objects within a rule.

In terms of the ticket system, FireFlow helps to record user requests.

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Network & Collaboration Engineer at Btg Pactual S.A.

We use it daily to check existing rules created on all our firewalls and existing flows that are allowed, and if we can improve the performance of our firewalls by just doing the rearrangement of rules, etc.

We got more productive and agile using the product since the most time consuming job of our team is the creation of firewall rules, analyzing what is already created based on the requests of our users and internal costumers. The solution provides us an in-depth detail of what we have already in production and what we can do to resolve tickets/requests in the most effective way.

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Network Security Engineer III at Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

We use AlgoSec to see where our firewalls stand, configuration-wise, and where we can make the policies safer for the environment. We are a large Government organization that provides critical services to the community.

We have a mix of ASA and Firepower that we use in the environment. The tempo is pretty high and there is a large amount of opportunity for error due to the size of the team and sometimes lacking in technical experience with configuring the firewall platforms.

This tool allows us to check the config really easily.

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Network Engineer at Ti Automotive

AlgoSec is a global tool that has been purchased to get a centralized view of our infrastructure. This enables us to review our security posture and implement a compliance strategy.

AlgoSec is also used for in-depth firewall analysis and intelligent policy tuning and optimization. It helps in regulatory compliance metrics and overall firewall security optimization. It is currently used by the network security, audit, and internal control departments of organizations, giving overall insight/visibility and enhancing improved security across the enterprise.

It has been really helpful in automating changes. This helps us to reduce operational work drastically. The product has centralized visibility, unified management, and reporting across an entire hybrid environment. It can be deployed on-premises, in a private cloud, public cloud, and in SDN platforms. It automatically discovers applications and their connectivity flows, then associates connectivity with their underlying firewall rules.

AlgoSec's solutions are incredibly powerful, providing us with intelligent process improvement that has directly translated into the highest level of security and compliance for our internal network.

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Deputy Information Security Department Director at AMT Group

Many of our customers have big networks with several different vendors of telecom and firewall equipment. This means that network management overhead is significant and manual firewall rule modification is slow and error-prone.

Many firewalls have a bunch of redundant and often unused rules and that decrease overall network performance. The AlgoSec ASMS solution gives customers a very powerful tool for taking control over their firewall policies and to speed up their network security operations and incident response.

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IP network expert at a comms service provider with 201-500 employees

The primary use for AlgoSec is managing firewalls and to introduce a workflow system for requesting access through firewalls, which is fully integrated with them.

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Senior Network Engineer at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The primary use of this solution is to extract Risky Rules reports obtained from our Firewalls, check the rules, and proceed with changes on the Firewall as needed. In these reports, we also see the traffic being applied for different rules.

The traffic used for different Firewall rules can be obtained and then, we have a clear idea of the use for different rules. If some service or protocol is more often used or not, we can see.

We use the FireFlow tool to create the rule to be validated and applied in the appropriate Firewall. FireFlow can install the rule automatically.

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Senior Networking Engineer at Schneider Electric

Our primary use for AlgoSec is to automate our firewall configuration. We use the AlgoSec system to remotely configure the firewalls, making our life easier.

We are in a multisite environment with plenty of firewalls for perimeter security and LAN segregation for specific proposes. This solution helped us to make the process more dynamic.

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Network Security Engineer at Türkiye İş Bankası

We primarily use the AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer.

We have more than ten cluster firewalls and we have deployed the AlgoSec solution suite. We want to check compliance status of our devices. We also need to reduce the number of rules in each of the policies.

In our new data center, we want to automate the firewall policies.

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User at a sports company with 1,001-5,000 employees

Our primary use for AlgoSec is to automate our firewall configuration. We use the AlgoSec system to remotely configure the firewalls, making our life easier.

We are in a multisite environment with plenty of firewalls for perimeter security and LAN segregation for specific proposes. This solution helped us to make the process more dynamic.

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Global Network and Security Team Leader at Ormat Technologies, Inc.

The primary use case is for firewall rule optimization and rule tracking for changes in 80 Palo Alto firewalls. There are 30 clustered and 20 standalone in the environment. Formerly, it was Check Point with almost the same quantity.

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Network Expert at a integrator with 1,001-5,000 employees

We use AlgoSec for automating and management of security changes to our firewall policies.

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Cyber Security PreSales Engineer at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees

We recommend the AlgoSec Firewall Security Management solution to our customers in order to help them with firewall policy application and optimization.

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Senior Cyber Security Specialist at Richemont

Our primary uses for AlgoSec are to gain visibility and automate rule creation.

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552,407 professionals have used our research since 2012.