Dynatrace Benefits

IT Specialist at a government with 10,001+ employees
When collecting data with Dynatrace, we saw every single transaction that happened in real-time. Whereas, with AppDynamics, they take snapshots, and we only see a tenth of the information that we did with Dynatrace. While the information is there, if an issue with an application happened in-between snapshots, it would not be readily identifiable. You would have to go hunt and peck for it. We don't have time for that. View full review »
CTO at Marketware
The first time I came across Dynatrace, I simply remember the WOW factor. Being a performance enthusiast since the mid 80's, I cannot remember more than a handful of such technical experiences! Dynatrace excels in troubleshooting scenarios. You do not get samples or gaps. You get the real thing. That is absolutely important when troubleshooting the strangest situations. Focus on root cause analysis has dropped significantly for the importance of alerts. I was used to be drowning in alerts, but now have refocused. I still have them, of course, but now they are about minor things. I see myself getting rid of them very soon. View full review »
Ruan Van Staden
Academic application support with 1,001-5,000 employees
One of the big benefits is being able to manage user expectation to better understand what the performance of our systems are versus what the users expect of those systems. We are also able to scale. We can prevent major system downtime because the system uses baseline monitoring. It can when something is about to horribly wrong and affect systems in a short while. This has helped a lot. We are more pro-active instead of reactive. Reactive monitoring in IT is always viewed in a bad light. People don't like it when you just react to problems. View full review »
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Chris Green
Technical Lead at Royal Caribbean
We can see down into the layers, such as with databases. We can see database queries which are causing problems. We can see CPU usage for different containers. I can do a run and see what errors exist in containers which are causing problems. We can rightsize containers on the fly and understand what is happening with our Docker, microservices, etc. View full review »
Gary Frank
CIO FNB Business Lending at FNB Business Lending
It has created total transparency between technology and business on all aspects of systems and performance as well as being a proxy for network performance through user experience monitoring. This followed a major performance degradation of our primary frontline system, which highlighted inadequacy of infrastructure focus tools, e.g., Nagios and Zabbix. It helped detect and remediate several performance issues on systems on both vendor supplied packages as well as in-house developed systems. It also improved InfraOps and development teams understanding of system behaviour and performance characteristics. View full review »
Gregor Liddell
Dynatrace Technical Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Once you have it running, Dynatrace will show you a picture of your environment that nobody else would have, except perhaps for the architect. IT environments are inherently complex, and this will help figure out what you've got in the environment. View full review »
IT Specialist at a government with 10,001+ employees
The benefits we receive using this tool increase productivity, which increase revenue for the state. A huge benefit of having Dynatrace AppMon in our environment is the proactive monitoring it provides. This help us avoid unexpected outages and downtime. View full review »
Senior QA Analyst at Autodesk
The visibility into the application's performance helps the executives and managers by using easy dashboards. Our engineers are also super happy with the ability to drill down and fine-tune based on issues which we have seen. A bunch of issues with OpenID were easily investigated, then we were able to fix them quickly. It has been a very enabling tool for us, especially for my team. The visibility that it provides through the application's behavior allows us to find trends based on our customized metrics. View full review »
DevOps Consultant at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
In terms of tracing where the data is going, some clients don't want it to hit a particular instance, or even worse hit a database that is not part of what its designed for. Therefore, it makes sure everything is where the customer expects it to be. It is a great tool for that. View full review »
Technology Lead at a marketing services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
It's a different way of thinking. Before, we were with a big, monolithic app in the beginning before fully transitioning over to AWS Services, which has been breaking it down into a microservices architecture. It has allowed us to look at it and debug out from a different perspective. Previously, we were going in and looking at server logs, logging into SSH toolbox and debugging manually there. It puts everything in one place, so everyone has one center has one center tool to look at. For what we're using it for, and having seen the other side of things, where we were debugging and looking into logs manually, then trying to run an analysis on them, it was a painful process. Looking at it from that perspective, it makes things a lot more user-friendly if you are using a tool like this. That is just been my experience with it personally, which is nice. It is tool for the job. It does what it's meant for and does what it is supposed to, which is good. View full review »
Abhiram Gandhe
Principal Architect at a leisure / travel company with 10,001+ employees
Dynatrace has been catering to AWS, and we moved into AWS. This resulted in us being pleased with the product. Dynatrace has solved our problems. View full review »
Chin Yan Keat
Product Manager at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
Dynatrace has an auto-baseline and uses AI to monitor the performance of each API. The response time is related to the baseline. View full review »
This solution has improved our organization in several ways, including the speed of detecting problems, predictive maintenance, root cause analysis, and alert generation. We are also better able to understand trends with respect to user behavior like time zone connections, and the times when there is less usage of the system by users. Our organization is too IT oriented. I think with Dynatrace, it has helped to bring value to the business because now we can speak using the same language. View full review »
Technical Manager at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
We can dig into Dynatrace to analyze data, then know where the user is going based on user navigation. Performance-wise, we can see if there are any issues. Then, we can dig into them. View full review »
Rohit Ray
Software Test Engineer at Enova International
In general, it has helped me go through different logs more easily when something breaks. View full review »
Bill Masters
Principal Engineer at DISH Network Corporation
When something goes wrong, we have visibility into the system, can find the issue, and quickly get things back up. This was previously much harder to do. View full review »
Manager of DevOps at a hospitality company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It alerts us, or can detect, potential problems which are building up. Then, it let us quickly adapt our websites. View full review »
Alex Bielecki
Cloud Practice Specialist at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
It helps with monitoring KPIs. View full review »
The Dynatrace solution has an important role in optimizing application code and SQL queries for customer solutions. It is also used for identifying, alerting, and reporting on real-time problems. View full review »
User at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
This has very much improved our organization. We now have a great solution for doing Application Performance Monitoring and doing synthetic checks. View full review »
User at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
Since we moved to OneAgent, we are much quicker to address live incidents and problems that occur in our systems. This has given time back to our Ops teams to fix problems rather than spend time looking for the root cause. This had been problematic for us in the past. View full review »
Kalyan Janaki
Staff Software Engineer at DISH Network Corporation
Previously, some of our web publications were so hard to find that we would be constantly monitoring it using a graph and a type of installation tool. Now, it is very different. Dynatrace has reduced the time it takes to detect the service failing in production. View full review »
TitleICT management division director with 501-1,000 employees
Dynatrace solved various kinds of Ops / DevOps issues for our customers including bad code, bad configurations, operational issues, etc. View full review »
User at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Dynatrace helped us to get a better understanding of how our services are communicating with each other, as well as better problem detection before something really breaks. We have been able to consolidate different tools, like standard host monitoring and synthetic checks. View full review »
Dynatrace is not only used by the IT Operations department but also by sales and customer service. It provides an overview of the service that we offer to the customers. The main benefit is that it helps the development team deploy more quickly and with better quality. View full review »
User at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees
Besides being an Application Performance management platform, Dynatrace has many important features that are easy to use. This gives us more time to focus on business. From installation to page load analysis, passing by monitoring hosts. Everything works like a charm. View full review »
User with 501-1,000 employees
The ability to solve production issues quickly is the most valuable improvement for each of our customers. Also, rolling out and maintaining the solution is more than easy and requires very little effort from the customers. This is unique compared to other vendors. View full review »
We have a DevOps team distributed between several offices and we need to keep track of every microservice evolution. Dynatrace helps us to do that, keeping the same dashboards and same links for problems in our production environment, or profiling at staging. View full review »
User at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Partnership with Dynatrace has given access to training, their knowledge base, etc. This has given us awareness about the latest trends in technology and how we can utilize Dynatrace to align with it. We have gained customers’ trust that we can provide them the best value from the Dynatrace solution. View full review »
Leo Yu
Development Architect at SAP Canada
We use this product with the goal to improve our abilities. View full review »
This solution has helped us to reduce the time to detect the root cause incident and also to avoid missing incidents. View full review »
The ease of use and full stack, 100% visibility inside the monitored applications has really helped us improve, showcase, and implement Dynatrace throughout our clients' systems. Ease of problem detection, alerting, visual timeline, and user-sessions are some of the best features of Dynatrace. View full review »
We hope to improve our customer experience by making our webpage, native applications, and B2B interfaces function properly. In our environment, we have several databases and several types of code. The databases include Oracle, MSSQL, and MongoDB. It is critical to have the proper tool. View full review »
Ramesh KumarR
Analyst - IT Applications at Merck Group
Dynatrace helped us with root cause analysis of poor performing components of our applications. With the Agentless monitoring and ability to create custom plugins, we've been able to transform the tool not just into a great APM solution but a really good enterprise monitoring solution too. The product allows us to build preferred/customized business transactions to track complex transactions. UEM (User Experience Monitoring) agents track user experience on webRequests. The advantage is that Dynatrace correlates the measures on the devices with those on the backend servers, giving us an end-to-end view of transactions, from the user's phone deep into the backend servers. View full review »
User with 10,001+ employees
By using Dynatrace Managed, we have improved customer satisfaction and have also helped internal teams and subcontractors make the application more stable. Communication between different teams has also been made easier and more fluid. View full review »
Program Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
Our customers are now able to control their infrastructure with a single tool and can easily check the connections with all components. With the Smartscape and AI, they can see everything and have reduced the number of events. View full review »
User with 10,001+ employees
This solution has helped us to unearth quite a few issues that were present for a while. Also, it has helped us improve the performance of many of our applications. View full review »
Solutions Consultant at Fujitsu Finland
One use case: A customer blamed our data center, stating it caused broken sessions for their Citrix users. After looking at the network traffic data with NAM (ex. DCRUM), it was easy to identify issues within ISPs at Asia, and not in our data center here in Europe. View full review »
Sandeep Kanchalwar
Professional System Analyst at Computer Sciences Corporation
We are in implementation and adaptation phase. It would be very early to comment on this, but we are very hopeful. View full review »
Ken Knierim
Application Performance & Infrastructure Engineer at Medical Mutual of Ohio
Dynatrace AppMon has allowed a deep dive review of performance problems in near real-time for our primary external website and related web apps and web services. View full review »
System Integrator with 10,001+ employees
The functionality needs improvement. View full review »
This solution helps the bank to detect problems faster. View full review »
User at a hospitality company with 10,001+ employees
This solution has helped us with faster identification of the root cause, allowing faster resolution and increased uptime. View full review »
창호 이
Team Leader at N3N
Through the demo server, we were able to see the functionality of Dynatrace and plan to apply it to our internal systems. View full review »
Eugene Goncharenko
We are not blind anymore with our digital services performance; no more fire fighting. IT Ops is now proactive and collaborating with our development teams. View full review »
The major improvement was the ability to find errors immediately and predict future failures, or when resources reach the maximum capacity. View full review »
Manager at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
It helps our organization identify potential problems by doing thorough analysis of systems which integrate with one another. View full review »
Dynatrace gives excellent insight into the performance of our applications. This helps the IT department to respond quickly to problems because the root cause is reported by Dynatrace. View full review »
Since implementing this solution we have gained stability, with 100% uptime. View full review »
Master IT System Administrator at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
Dynatrace has improved our organization because we can see big problems in the most important systems before these issues will be seen by clients. View full review »
This is an easy to use solution and our customers like it. View full review »
Dynatrace helps us to improve overall performance and allows us to detect the root cause of an outbreak on our systems. View full review »
Senior Analyst programmer - APM Team Leader at a engineering company with 501-1,000 employees
There is now much more collaboration between Dev, Ops, and business, with a single point of contact between the application’s stakeholders. View full review »
Program Manager IT at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
This solution has helped us to improve application performance and reduce issue-impact with faster resolutions. View full review »
Fabio Cavaliere
Consultant at Reply
This has improved our organization because any kind of technology, even legacy equipment, is now monitored. View full review »
User with 5,001-10,000 employees
This solution has helped us with improving the monitoring and RCA. View full review »
Using this solution has increased log traceability. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Dynatrace. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2020.
419,360 professionals have used our research since 2012.