Automic Workload Automation Room for Improvement

Vinit Choudahry
Technical Consultant at Wipro Technologies
We are currently at version 6.7.41. One improvement area that I can see would be a centralized licensing part. I've heard that has been already taken care of in the latest version. I'm not sure how true that is, but that's one thing that should be there: centralized licensing. Another issue is that at times there are certain jobs that are triggered one after another. It would be helpful to have a more user-friendly way of seeing how those jobs are connecting from one server to another. Suppose there is a workflow that is running between ten and 15 servers. It's always challenging to figure out which job is connected to which job on which server, for a newbie, if you haven't designed it. That has to be more user-friendly where you can see the complete workflow of a process or a job. View full review »
Sr Production Control Analyst at a logistics company with 10,001+ employees
How they handle cross datacenter failover, because they have a really good High Availability solution that works well within a single sysplex, but in our environment, since we have two main datacenter locations, we have two separate sysplex. And, while when everything is working ASP can control jobs both here and in the other location, the current product does not support High Availability across datacenters. That is something we would like to see the product have. Currently, what we have is we have a homegrown solution, because we're required to have that kind of resiliency, because it's our enterprise job scheduler. When everything's working, we're invisible. When it's not working: "Why aren't you working?" View full review »
Ruairi Brennan
IT Manager at ESB
* While the cost is competitive, there is always room for improvement. * It has a very complicated interface, which could be made to be more user-friendly. View full review »
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Christine Bauder
Assistant Director of Production Services
There are some scripting elements that could be added like being able to reset a task in a schedule through Automic scripting. Also, some of the things we don't use are mainly because we don't know how to use them. Hands-on training can be expensive, so we find other ways to work around things to forgo the hands-on training. It is also an issue because we are a Linux shop and most trainers are Windows-based. View full review »
Marcel Specht
IT Automation Specialist at Dm- Drogerie Markt
It does not have the same functions as the old version, which makes our developers angry because because they must work with this tool. We going forward it may not be possible. CA has missed the product's focus. We have a lot of developers in our company, and we are experiencing the same problem. However, the CA company has not seen that developers and clients are having a problem, which is not good for the product that we do. CA took over the Automic company last year, and we do not think this was a good direction for the product. I would like to see the rich client with the product for the developers. It is more important for us to have a longer, stabler releases. We do not need so many features. This is a problem of bigger companies where the management wants new features, but the product has no stability after that. It would be good to have a mobile app, where you can monitor your process, just to see if it is running or if it is blocked. The user interface on the web is not good for the developers. Features are missing, and for the client, it is too complex. At the moment, we build our own UI. We have programmers in Java API, and we have a Client which works on the mobile phone. It can start jobs, make the schedules stop and start, and see the statistics on a smartphone. View full review »
IT Specialist Automation Service Coordinator at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
I do not think it is as valued as it should be because it is not user-friendly. There could be a better user interface for end users. They should make it more intuitive, not based on Java. They should also fix all the bugs. View full review »
Mohamed Elazzouzi
Production Systems Engineer at Sofrecom
There were many bugs in the last version. For example, we could only use capital letters for searching for agent names. Also, we had a problem with ONE Automation where we couldn't use the PGA and SGA in Oracle Databases for resolving RAM because the last version didn't have this capability. View full review »
Jared Kessans
Lead Systems Administrator at Great American Insurance
In terms of additional features, it's probably stuff they already have available that we haven't started utilizing yet. I really like the idea of the Zero Downtime Upgrade, but really excited to be able to use the centralized agent upgrade. That's probably one of our biggest pain points right now. When we go to a new version, the agents have to all be upgraded. We have several thousand agents and that's a painful process because it's slow and time-consuming to upgrade. Now they have the ability to automate it, we're working on getting to that point. The analytics that are available show great potential. View full review »
Axel Lambrecht
Systems Engineer at Merck KGaA
* We would like to have some features with the AWI with the founding technique, which cannot currently be delivered. * We would like some advantages, which we had with the Java UI, with the automation engine. * One topic, which we would like, is to be able to have more differentiate in the reorganization of SAP to more precisely view which types of objects and clients would be reorganized and archived. The archive file is not helpful for us. If we write the archive file, we do not use them because in the past the tools were not that satisfying. * Improvements also would be good in the area of performance measurement.The system overview and performance are not being measured because we can't derive any concrete information. View full review »
Systems Engineer at a tech services company
I am heading up the AWI. I desperately miss the possibility to show my read-only users on the Explorer side only their folders, not all the folders. This is something I would like to have on the dashboards (for example), where I can show them from an assembly side just their folders, not all the folders. They should have only rights to their folders, so why are they able to see all the other folders? It is confusing for them and not very comfortable. I told this to the developers already. View full review »
VInce Sola
Manager, Application Administration at a leisure / travel company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The direction in which the UI is going is concerning to me. It does not offer the security context we would need to implement future versions. While I see benefit in the Web UI, the security it would lack in separating a user's experience from an administrator's experience is an issue for us. MFA functionality is required since we're dealing with connectivity to the POS and for PCI/SOX compliance. Another area for improvement would be SQL performance. While tracing SQL traffic, we noticed a lot of commands that cause contention/locks as well as forced waits. The efficiency of the SQL could be greatly improved (in some cases by simply replacing nested Selects and using NOLOCK hints). Finally, re-evaluating the security model that the ECC uses would be very beneficial. While granularity is very powerful, some intelligence around it is the only way it is manageable. I should be able to grant a user access to execute a job without having to directly list every include, prompt set, output scan, script, login, etc. An inherited read for execution purposes would accomplish the same results without making the admin list every single object every time, as well as deny the user the ability to edit. View full review »
Hubert Rossle
System Specialist at a tech services company
* The search is sometimes a little bit slow. * The calculation of the calendars needs improvement, as I have problems from time to time. * I am excited about the new web GUI from the B12. However, I am not sure about it, except for the main client that we had before needs improvement. View full review »
Automic Job Developer at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
Some of the usual features are now not there, for example: For calendar details, in versions before, you could see it because it was a different color or different letter. Now, it is all similar icons, and some features are marking more objects than just one, which is making it not possible to see anymore. There are some features which were basic and are now gone. I heard that they are coming back. So, I hope it will get better. I would like the transport case to be in a new feature. This way, you can stage objects to be more flexible and with easy automation. Right now, it is not that easy to transport some things automatically. Thus, it would be nice if these were some of the features which will be offered as part of the critical path which is coming. It would be nice to set our own critical paths, so these workflows can be critical because there are some important workflows running. This is critical for us, but it would also be nice. View full review »
Aicke Sandrock
Engineering Job Scheduling at IT S Care
There are some problems when using the new interface, which is normal, as it is a new technology. In the future, it will be much better. Hopefully, Automic is working hard on the issue. We would like to see critical path analyzers. I am not sure if it is coming. If it does, out-of-the-box would be nice. We would also like improved SLR monitoring. There are SLR objects, but I can't define an SLR object plus one, or end days. I can only do it for one day. As we are time shifting to another day, it is not possible. This should be improved. View full review »
Architect & Technical Director at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
There are always ways that technical support can be improved. I would like to see more types of Calendars in the next release of this solution. View full review »
Automic Administrator at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
After the merger, it is getting more American. Now, they do not have support in French and have limited German documentation. This is a critical problem for companies who have older generations who did not have English in school. The big pain points are the AWI and the web interface. There needs to be a change with these features. View full review »
I need better stability. View full review »
Ali Imran
Head of Branchless Banking at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees
CA needs to add a few more products in this suite, because right now they have automation, DR switching, and the third one is relief management. They could add change and release management. View full review »
UC4 Administrator at a financial services firm
I hope in the next release that they will solve all the bugs which they have found in development. I hope going forward they will make some changes to the documentation. I hope they will write into the documentation what has changed and what the new names are. For example, some features have a new name. I hope they will make a translation the names in the old version to the names in the newer version. This would be a very important thing. View full review »
Martin Mertens
Manager of Global Process Automation at Adidas Group
We would like to see more dashboarding into the product, maybe an embedded Java API which we would be able to load on our own objects into the system. We were writing them on our own, but we would like this standardized. View full review »
Mladen Stankovic
Systems engineer at a comms service provider with 5,001-10,000 employees
My biggest complaint is that there is no list price. We work with Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, etc., and all of them have list pricing. Automic, right up until today, has never had list pricing. This makes things difficult, because we need to plan budgets for the next year and can't. The lack of list pricing is my number one complaint because it is very difficult to plan anything. View full review »
Alain Feyereisen
Application Operating Service Manager at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
There is one missing part in the product concerning recurring tasks. You can schedule a recurring task by a context action, and run it as recurrent, but it creates a time container which can be quit and disappears. So, it doesn't remain in the system. I would like there to be some time container objects which exist and remain in objects which you can also handle and add. For example, inside the schedule to be able to schedule recurring tasks. View full review »
Adrian Northage
Automic Admin at IT Service Solutions Service Delivery
The new user interface AWI could improve. It is quite easy to use and work around, but it has lost some of the functionality that we used to have in our Vim client user interface. View full review »
Automation Admin
We not use all features nor all the add-ons. View full review »
Systems Analyst at a tech services company
The forecast and long-term planning could be made a little better when you work with it in the future. View full review »
Automation Engine Admin at Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions
We have a lot of file transfers with Quest. Hopefully, their product management can add this feature since we do the file transfers now with SharePoint. We want to establish a service where we can be a file transfer expert for everything. We want an automation engine that we can use within our company. We would like to use this particular software to provide file transfer service. View full review »
Rolf-Peter Langer
Admin Developer And SAP Admin at a wholesaler/distributor
There are too many functions and features in the system. The basic must run first. Refine the basics instead of adding more features. View full review »
Matthias Wanke
Automation Engineer at Ing-Diba Ag
The stability needs improvement. View full review »
Enzo Fusco
Systems Engineer at Consoft Systemi
I would like more training on workload automation, because I do not have a complete insight of the product yet. The user interface could be a little more user-friendly, as it is not the best out there. View full review »
Senior Programmer at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The one big issue that we have is around passwords and not being able to update passwords through a different tool. This is not available yet. It is packed in there with 12.2 and the login objects, but not with the connection object, which is a big thing for us to allow us same password updates without having to manually update them. View full review »
Michael K.
Systems Administrator at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
The problem is when you have a major update, afterwards you have small problems. This is with every software where you have to find some solutions for your problems after updates. However, after the problems are fixed, the stability is really good. We have some problems with updates where some functions are changed, so you have to check your whole system to see if everything is still running. The update process for us is around two months of testing and one day of updates. View full review »
Tomas Ferenc
ICT Consultant at T-Systems
From Workload Automation, which is missing for me personally, is a workload portion. I can see dependencies of the job directly in the graphical view, therefore I would not have to use the search button to search for every object every time that I needed to see if it was a predecessor. For the user interface of version 12.1, I cannot find a lot of utilities and objects from previous versions, making me change my habits. This is not good. View full review »
Bartlomiej Stawecki
Consultant at Project Management.Pl
The versioning and support for the lifecycle of Automic's developed solution is what we were missing. However, this is coming in version 12.2, so I am looking forward to seeing how it works. View full review »
Associate Director at Pbb Deutsche
The new user interface needs improvement. The previous version was good and stable. Now, we have to check the new one before using a web browser. It is not stable. We have been waiting 11 years for release management, which will be in the next release. View full review »
Software Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
I am hoping version 12.2 has everything that we need. We have had some problems with the SQL handling that should be fixed. The calendar also has some problems in it. There are some other little problems, but they should be fixed in 12.2. I would like to see more stability in the product and have the transition between versions be more seamless. Every time we have the same mistakes from one version to the next version. It is terrible. You have to test it every time for the same mistakes when a new version comes out. View full review »
Senior Systems Engineer at a non-tech company with 11-50 employees
Today, we use a rich client for this product. In the future, or for the next release, they will be using a web interface. This web interface is not as scalable as the rich client for us. The web client is not 100 percent programmed as we need it. View full review »
Hartwig Esch
Administrator at VW Financial Services
The only thing that we would like improved is the FTP agent. It only supports SOCKS proxy, and we would like it to also support an HTTP proxy. We would like the feature to implement the privileged access management. However, we have heard that it is already supported. View full review »
Department Manager at Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions
I would like to see the following in future releases: * Workload Automation in a cloud * Solutions for the smaller applications. View full review »
Yalin Yuksel
System Specialist at Türkiye İş Bankası
The SSH agent is missing in version 12.1. Maybe it would be a good addition to see on the web client of the next version of Atomic. View full review »
The web interface needs improvement. View full review »
Hesham ElSheikha
Workload Automation Expert at a financial services firm with 5,001-10,000 employees
Depending on the properties of the jobs and pre- and post-conditions, there needs to be more flexible and richer conditions that I can check for. This would be a great addition. View full review »
Wolfgang Tappert
Consultant at a tech vendor with 201-500 employees
For power users, it does not work well for them at the moment. The event monitoring is very good. It has become a great part of the product suite. However, most customers rarely use it. View full review »
Christoph Meyer
Team Lead at a financial services firm
I would like a good AWI in the next release. The AWI is not fully functional at this time. View full review »
Achim Henkman
Service Management at Siemens Industry
The user interface has room for improvement. I would like to see the event engine in the next release. View full review »
Carsten Berger
Senior System Engineer at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Content of file transfers cannot be searched by the system, but has to be done by the user interface. This is not good, as it has been erased often. View full review »
Systems Administrator at Athene Deutschland Service Gmbh
Token-based authentication: Where we do not have to use a password, and can use tokens for authentication in other systems. View full review »
Norbert Bollinger
Production Services at a government with 1,001-5,000 employees
It is very difficult to migrate. We want to buy one package. The release automation should be in one package. View full review »
Supporter at a insurance company with 10,001+ employees
The workflows should be clearer and more expressive. I need this going forward. View full review »
Roman Rauchwarter
Systems Analyst at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
Documentation is not great. It was previously much better. I would like to see features from "Prompt" sets in read Masks. View full review »
Joe Murray
IT Support at a government with 201-500 employees
* New web interface is not fit for purpose * Users should continue to have access to the Java GUI * Support can be a bit slow responding to non-critical issues View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Broadcom, BMC, IBM and others in Workload Automation. Updated: February 2020.
399,230 professionals have used our research since 2012.