Dynatrace Room for Improvement

Barry Pieper
Manager, Performance Engineering at Medica Health Plans
Around the way licensing works, I would like to put it everywhere in infrastructure-only mode and I want it to be reasonable to do that. From a technological standpoint, there is the OneAgent versus plugins they have. They called them security gateways when they first came out. They're the way that the OneAgents talk to local active gates, which communicate out to the Dynatrace cloud to store all the performance data. Instead of every agent going out to the cloud, there's just one spot and security likes that. But they've leveraged those security gateways and renamed them ActiveGates, and now there are different web plugins we can run on it. Sometimes the plugins are designed for things where you put in an agent, Like an Oracle instance of Exadata, or an Oracle appliance. We can't put a OneAgent on that. It's not a standard Linux or Windows OS, so the ActiveGate solution is better there. Sometimes the development of those seems to be running very fast and it's not complete. They don't yet function quite as easily as the OneAgents do. But I have hopes that that's going to get better. We have tried the MQ, the Citrix, and the Oracle ActiveGate plugins. They could be sharper. It's the right direction to go. It just seems like it could be smoother. View full review »
User at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
While it gives you a good view of all the services that are instrumented by Dynatrace — which is good, of course, and that's what it can do — in our case, our infrastructure is a lot bigger than the part that is instrumented by Dynatrace only. So we only see a small part of the infrastructure. There are a number of components which are not instrumentable, like the F5 firewalls, switches, etc. So it gives a good overview of your server infrastructure. That's great, we need that. But it's lacking a bit of network segmentation and switches. So it's not a representation of your entire infrastructure. Not every component is there. The solution's ability to assess the severity of anomalies based on the actual impact to users and business KPIs is great. In my opinion, it could be extended even more. I would like it to be more configurable for the end-user. It would be nice to have more business rules applicable to the severity. It's already very good as it is now. It is based on the impact on your front-end users. But it would be nice if we could configure it a bit more. Another area for improvement is that I would like the alerting to be set up a little bit more easily. Currently, it takes a lot of work to add alerting, especially if you have a large environment, and I consider our environment to be quite large. The alerting takes a lot of administration. It could be a lot easier. It would not be that complicated to build in, but it would take some time. I would also like the visual representation of the graphs to be improved. We have control of the actual measures which are in the graphs, but we are not able to control how the axes are represented or the thresholds are represented. I do know that they are working on that. View full review »
Mark Kaplan
Senior Director IT at BARBRI Inc.
I would love to see Dynatrace get more involved in the security realm. I get badgered by so many endpoint protection companies. It seems like a natural fit to me, that Dynatrace should be playing in that space. I'd also like to see some deeper metrics in network troubleshooting. That's another area that it's not really into. View full review »
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IT Technical Architect at a insurance company with 5,001-10,000 employees
I find the value from the out-of-the-box features to be extremely valuable. However, there will be gaps and challenges as you go into a much broader set of infrastructure technologies to consume that necessary information. This will be a challenge for the company. The things that they need to focus on is the ease of integrating external data sources, which can then also contribute to the AI. There is a ton of value gotten out-of-the-box, but moving to the next steps will be an interesting journey. I know this is something they are focused on now. When bringing in other telemetry, whether it be network devices, databases, or other third-party products that all integrate into a larger ecosystem, there will also be a lot of successes, but there will also be some challenges on this journey. There is some complexity in the alarm processing logic within the product between the alert policies and problem notifications. Expand the user session query data to be inclusive and enable that for the application or other telemetry within the system. Currently, in order to analyze the data outside of dashboards, it requires exporting to other reporting systems. If you want to do higher level reporting, then this may make sense. However, there is a desire to be able to do some of that analysis within the product. There continues to be some opportunity to expose the infrastructure from a broader reporting standpoint. Overall, the opportunity is in the reporting capability and the ability to more flexibly expose or pivot the data for deeper analysis. Oftentimes, the solution is good at looking narrowly at information, but when you want to broaden that perspective, that's where the challenges come in. At this point, it requires the export of data to external systems to do this. Adoption lagged primarily due to: * The prioritization of monitoring as a functionality when teams do their work, as our teams are more focused on business functionality than nonfunctional requirements. * Getting familiar with the navigation of the product. With our implementation, we have a single node where people get access to all the data within the enterprise. They're able to see everything. It takes time working through the process and getting the correct set of tags and everything else in place to allow them to filter and limit data to what they need to see and can consume. It takes some time for them to understand the data, what's there, and how to consume it as we learn how to limit the data sets to what they really want to see. View full review »
Kevin McNall
Director, Digital Projects and Practices at Rack Room Shoes
Dynatrace continues to innovate, and that's especially true in the last couple of years. We have continued to provide our feedback, but the one area that we get value out of now, where we would love to see additional features, is the Session Replay. The ability to see how one individual uses a particular feature is great. But what we'd really like to be able to see is how a large group of people uses a particular feature. I believe Dynatrace has some things on its roadmap to add to Session Replay that would allow us those kinds of insights as well. View full review »
Donald Hall
Manager, Ecommerce Support at a retailer with 1,001-5,000 employees
Some of the analytics that you get in, e.g., a waterfall analysis of a web page could be clearer. A lot of that is not directly attributable to Dynatrace. Sometimes a vendor will implement a tag or JavaScript plugin that's named something entirely different than what it does. This makes it difficult to track that from the waterfall list, figure out where exactly that component is, and dig more into what it's doing. Dynatrace could probably improve a bit on that waterfall layout to make it clearer as to what exactly is there. It does a wonderful job of telling you what loads and when, but it could be improved in terms of telling me what exactly it is loading. View full review »
Senior Product Manager at SAP CX
While the integrations are great, sometimes our customers are not as far as long in Dynatrace concepts from a technical perspective as they need to be, whether it's a cultural thing and educational thing. Thus, some of our customers are not as advanced as Dynatrace would like them to be. From a technical perspective, all the capabilities are there but the concepts are not yet spread out within the ecosystem to their fullest extent. Therefore, Dynatrace is ahead of its time. Documentation could be improved. E.g., you don't know how to properly use Dynatrace because documentation is almost lacking behind the features being deployed. On very large deployment scenarios, the APIs for configuration and configuration management came in slowly. This is something that is good already but could be better. In the product, I am missing some configuration automation APIs. View full review »
Justin Lowery
Front-end Architect at Rack Room Shoes
The solution’s ability to assess the severity of anomalies based on the actual impact to users and business KPIs is a bit off. I have found that even though Dynatrace detects a problem and gives you a count and estimate of impacted users, this number is usually much higher than is actually the case and not fully accurate. E.g., I recently noticed an error. Every time someone would experience this error, Dynatrace would create a new problem and it would say, "Several hundred people were impacted." However, using Dynatrace's own tools (user Session Replay), then going back and actually tracing through these requests, we found much fewer people were actually impacted. In some sessions that Dynatrace said were impacted, when you view the Session Replay videos, you could see that the customer was not impacted in any meaningful way. The solution’s ability to visualize, understand our infrastructure, and to do triage is helpful. I wish that you could do user session queries with those host level metrics and be able to create custom graphs the same way you could with user session data. They're both part of Dynatrace, but they don't feel like they're integrated together well. E.g., we're having an issue that has to do with just HTTP codes and we would like to marry that up with a user session query turning that into a dashboard. We can't currently do that because the User Sessions Query Language does not have access to the HTTP errors or HTTP status code data that is part of the hosts and infrastructure package. Otherwise, if you're just focusing on the infrastructure part it, I think it does a good job. View full review »
IT Specialist at a government with 10,001+ employees
With Dynatrace in our environment, the managed server required root access to run. As a government agency with tight security, this has been an audit concern for us. A major area of improvement for Dynatrace would be to make it so the program does not need root access to perform. AppDynamics does not require root access to the servers. Once they are set up and configured, they can set their end run without root access. The number one area of improvement for AppDynamics is to simplify their agent install. Instead of having four or five different agents to get all the different things that you need with different pieces of information, they need to figure out how to put theirs into a single agent, like Dynatrace has done. We have not found AppDynamics in our environment useful at all. We are struggling to try and make it work. AppDynamics is for applications that are static. In our government agency, we are too dynamic. Everything is changing constantly, and AppDynamics does not work in this type of environment. View full review »
Senior Product Manager at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Dashboarding and having different templates available for more business reporting, or even other metrics, would be useful. With Dynatrace, we use one tool where we would have used many, but we still have had gaps. View full review »
CTO at Marketware
In the new Dynatrace solution, support for legacy applications is still not there. Given there is excellent support of legacy applications and protocols in the Appmon & DC RUM offers, they have the knowledge to put it there. Knowledge that their competition simply doesn't have. View full review »
Gary Frank
CIO FNB Business Lending at FNB Business Lending
I would like more flexible data export functions and APIs. The end user experience data is very useful to the solutions team to determine actual system usage and misuse. Flexible, easier data APIs would allow us to export the data more easily to other analytics platforms to enable this analysis as well as enable storage of this data for longer term analysis since DynaTrace only holds user data for 35 days. When we use the Dynatrace API to extract the data it only allows for 5000 records or less, and the data is not sufficiently granular for our needs. Dynatrace can be configured to continually send user session data to a HTTP Webhook endpoint. Our user session export sends JSON data for all monitored user sessions to the configured HTTP endpoint(postgresql db). The data is sent in bulk to improve performance, with a flush every few seconds to keep the data rate near real-time. The data format is one JSON document per line, so we must split the data by line to get valid JSON documents. We are raising an RFE with DynaTrace to have this data more easily accessible via API View full review »
Sales Engineer at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I think they're working on even more integration from external third-party input, but that is ongoing. So the faster it's there the better. Clock monitoring is one of these areas where improvements can be made. Another thing is that, although the cost for Dynatrace has great return on investment, it could be cheaper. View full review »
Gregor Liddell
Dynatrace Technical Consultant at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
It would be nice if there were a way that it could be made simpler, given the complexity of the things that we're monitoring. It can get a bit overwhelming. The AI has helped in this regard. View full review »
Stefano Ghelfi
Senior Analyst Programmer at a computer software company with 10,001+ employees
I think that they have to make improvements to the product, particularly with regard to the infrastructure monitoring which is not yet complete. Although it's very powerful for application and end user monitoring, the infrastructure needs to be significantly stronger. Configuration is also not so simple and that could be improved. This is an expensive solution which makes it difficult to sell to customers. Even though the features are good, the price is too high. At the moment, we are able to sell the product, but only to really big companies. It's quite difficult to sell to a mid-size company. View full review »
Sr. Technical Consultant at a computer software company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I don't believe the solution is missing any features per se. The pricing of the solution should be improved. It's on the high-end of cost if you compare it to other options. It's not really user friendly. You need to go through a certain type of training. The solution needs to offer KPIs so that we can read data and develop customized reports. View full review »
Chin Yan Keat
Product Manager at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
I would like to see the same features as in the New Relic Insights in the dashboard. That is the only thing I want to see improved in Dynatrace. View full review »
I have reported a bug where a CI was not reflected in the dashboard, yet it was detected in the problem management. On the side of the end user experience, I would suggest adding a new service for analyzing the backtrace of users. Also, I would like to see an option to export the dashboard to create better reports and avoid copy/paste. View full review »
Jubba TheHut
Application Performance Analyst at K2 - Labs Development
It could be more affordable and therefore, more widely used by including more features like DEM as part of licensing cost rather than an additional expense. The DEM is one fantastic tool to monitor traffic hot spots across the globe which enables one to identify user experience trends from all parts of the globe. This is very handy indeed however it comes as an additional feature with additional licensing costs. Would be really welcome if that is included out of the box. View full review »
Bacha Khoperia
Senior System Administrator at Public Service Development Agency
Its pricing could be better. Dynatrace has an option to monitor the end users to see what they are doing, but it required a separate license and had an additional cost. It was coming out to be expensive, because of which we didn't use the feature. View full review »
Samir Aciardi
Cloud Engineer at Clearsale
Dashboards and monitoring capabilities can be improved for monitoring applications in Azure. In Azure, it would be cool to be able to monitor network consumption as well as flow communication. View full review »
Krishnan Swaminathan
Chief Delivery & Wellness Officer at Bahwan CyberTek
It needs to be more user-friendly. They could have a better user interface, better automation, better support for cloud-based, and SaaS applications. Nowadays, everybody is going to SaaS or the Cloud. Historically these products started on-premises, but now obviously they start with a data center. Dynatrace is evolving but it has a bit of catching up to do. View full review »
For an easy view of global and entity-specific configurations, a separate tile or pane aggregating these configurations should be implemented. This would make managing global or entity-specific configurations easier, as it would show previous configurations made to the environment by another DT user. View full review »
User at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The user interface needs improvement. Sometimes it is not really clear how you can get to the right place, where you can find all of the information you need. It is sometimes really difficult to understand. If the user interface were made more intuitive then it would really benefit the product. View full review »
User at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees
So far, OneAgent has been very useful for us. However, there is room for improvement. More integrations could prove very beneficial to us. One example is more AWS Redis integration, which would help us monitor our digital estate more efficiently than we do today. Licensing and user management could also be improved. View full review »
TitleICT management division director with 501-1,000 employees
I would like to see an App store for plugins and extensions. This would provide a single point for all Dynatrace users to download and install product extensions from. View full review »
User at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The configuration options should be better accessible. Sometimes it is hard to find the right setting for what you want to change. In K8s deployments, the configuration of the Active Gateway sometimes changes, and when it's automatically updated the monitoring breaks and you don't know why. View full review »
We would like the AI to produce more scientific data with less configuration. That will help us, as the customers will focus on integrating all of the IT, without hassle. We need more options for sharing and exporting reports to other systems and platforms. View full review »
User at a consultancy with 1,001-5,000 employees
The service should be improved such that it is more useful to its clients. For instance, detect repeated performance-issue-related root causes, optional log streaming for hosts, processes, or a group of processes. It needs a dashboard for cluster events in general, and for Kubernetes specifically. View full review »
User with 501-1,000 employees
As the product is evolving quickly and product features are added on a monthly basis, a more transparent roadmap would be more than welcome. Also, some parts of the business operations, such as pricing, should be improved since the terms are changing and it is not easy to do estimates. View full review »
I think Dynatrace needs improvements with respect to reporting; not just performance, but the business-level reports. The navigation can be improved because when you press the back key, sometimes you lose the time frame. Also, when you are in a problem description and want to leave, it is hard to do. View full review »
User at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
The chat support definitely needs to be uplifted. Most of the time, chat support is not good enough for answering queries. Local support should also be increased. There also needs to be more frequent training for partners, so teams can be enabled on product features and enhancements. View full review »
Improvements are needed in the navigation and time-frame selection when browsing problems, sometimes, the time-frame set change and I need to re-set it again, plus I find the navigation bar on the top left quite cumbersome, when i'm analyzing problem and I want to go back to the previous view, for me the nav bar should be the solution but often, when selecting the last element in the bar, I do not go back to my previous page but to the "main element page" (Aka, When doing deep analysis the analysis components are not shown on the nav bar and the only way is to press the browser "go back" button). View full review »
The web interface, in some cases, is a little ambiguous to use. From passing through different screens to go and drill down, to not propagating the filter timeframes from different screens. Apart from that, all of Dynatrace’s features are a real plus to have implemented. View full review »
We would like to see more third-party tools for training. View full review »
Ramesh KumarR
Analyst - IT Applications at Merck Group
RFAs submitted via the forum need to be answered or resolved quickly. This truly helps improve the product to the greatest degree. View full review »
User with 10,001+ employees
If we can gain more insight into older applications, using not-so-recent technologies, then it would be a plus. Also, having more flexibility to have different user profiles could be beneficial. No real frustration though. View full review »
Program Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
In the next release, I would like to see some new reports and more tiles on the dashboard. I would also like to see the Synthetic Mobile application improved. View full review »
It would be an improvement to know where we lost our conversion funnel. It’s very important to share the same information with other departments of the company and converse using the same dashboards. We would like to see an AI tool that detects issues with our site in real time. View full review »
User with 10,001+ employees
This solution could be improved with better compatibility with legacy applications. In our case, we were not able to deeply monitor proprietary solutions such as Windows CE or some BI/ERP applications, which either got crashed or slowed down noticeably. These kind of issues are bound to happen considering the intrusive nature of the instrumentation process (which is necessary to get good performance insights). However, some of these technologies would often warrant quite an extensive amount of work to be made compatible, if even feasible. View full review »
The AI is not that intelligent and there are different places where it could be even more automated. For example, when you are looking at the code tree and you must manually click to expand the tree until you find the process. View full review »
User at a hospitality company with 10,001+ employees
I would like to have the ability to share live data with selected third parties so that they can see how their product is performing for our company. View full review »
This solution needs better support for security and monolithic batch processes. View full review »
The extending of Dynatrace with plugins can be better. View full review »
This solution would be improved with the addition of annotations for automated custom metrics creation. View full review »
Master IT System Administrator at a financial services firm with 10,001+ employees
The user interface needs to be improved. View full review »
I would like to see more default dashboards included, and maybe more possibilities in terms of customization. View full review »
The configuration of this solution is quite complex. View full review »
Program Manager IT at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Two things that can be improved are the licensing and the Business dashboard. View full review »
Fabio Cavaliere
Consultant at Reply
It would be nice to have a simplified monitoring feature for non-Java applications. View full review »
User with 5,001-10,000 employees
This solution needs improvement in terms of automation. View full review »
The thread traceability is something that needs improvement. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Dynatrace. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: January 2021.
455,164 professionals have used our research since 2012.