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Charles Mandeville
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My company is looking to replace the client ASG Mobius Document Direct with a similar product which has the same features. Which of the ECM products compares the best to ASG Mobius Document direct? What do you recommend? 
Mauri CIO ValenciaI will recommend DocuWare ECM due to their technical expertise on Cloud, on-premise and Hybrid ECM platforms, user friendly and with a full set of modules that provide any workflow automation and mobile capabilities
Rene RoblesThere are several options that will provide similar features to that of DocumentDirect. We can start with OpenText Everywhere, OpenText Documentum, Alfresco (Open Source option) and your typical SharePoint if you are a Windows shop. Depending on the needs, budget and time frame of client some of the above products will have better fit. For example, low budget, basic functionally and low learning curve I would recommend Alfresco. Robust functionality that go beyond DocumentDirect OpenText would be a good choice.
Frank Jaspers FayerWell, I guess I’m not aware of anyone using Mobius Document Direct without an underlying Mobius ViewDirect repository to point to, either mainframe (MVS) or Networks (we have Document Direct it pointing to both, in several implementations). We, too, are looking to replace our Mobius products – on the midrange side of things, we’re leaning to a product called Alfresco. On the mainframe side, currently leaning towards CA View/Deliver, with their webviewer also running on the mainframe.

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