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User at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Dear Team, I would like a cost comparison for CRM SAP, Salesforce and Pega. Hopefully someone can provide me the details. Thank you
Principle consultant at Active Data Consulting Services Pty Ltd
We are about to begin a project that entails customer service functions and back end processing functions in the finance sector. At the same time I am wanting our team to focus on the 'core' component of what we need to build and integrate proven solutions for other aspects of the system architecture. For customer service and relationship management, rather than build these out ourselves, we're investigating the use of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, but we would need to be able to have Dynamics integrate to the our back end. For example, We would like to have Dynamics call an API of our back end to get customer balances, fund details and so forth. Has anyone done something similar?  How customisable did you find the Dynamics user interface? How did you go about integrating Dynamics into your application framework? What did you learn? Am very keen on finding out because Dynamics looks very attractive to us as it seems to tick a lot of boxes. Thankyou for taking time to read my question.
Trevor LobelMy CRM expertise is with Salesforce only. I have not worked with Microsoft Dynamics .May I suggest checking out Odesk or Guru for experts in that field.
Edwin Quarles Van UffordTo real time integrate try: * Dell Boomi works great is the preferred option for me. * Orbis TaskCenter is another product I have often used and also get the job done very easily. * I have used Scribe, but this product is a rip-off and not the best out there and irritating sales people If you a looking at a batch scheduled import of data into CRM than tere are also other option available that are cheaper. Also often used when the customer is happy to run a batch that imports all required data into CRM every night.
it_user205713Suggest you use Scribe as your integration tool, easy to setup, low cost and has a good support team if you run into any problems.

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