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What is Backup and Recovery Software?

Backup and recovery software performs a well understood role in IT. However, the requirements for backup and recovery tools, as well as their actual implementation and performance can vary widely. As architectures grow more complex, so too can the demands on backup and recovery packages. IT Central Station members comment on what selection factors are best to consider when looking at the purchase of backup/recovery solution.

Members cite performance as an important selection criterion for backup and recovery software tools. Reviewers explain that they want their backup and restore to be fast and easy to use. Instant recovery is prized. Users want a simple GUI, too. Many members put forth a powerful, simple idea, though, which is that backup success is all that counts – that no number of features can ever compensate for a failure to restore missing data.

Other members express a desire for reads that are nearly instantaneous. People want zero downtime backup. A good backup and restore solution should eliminate latency from long distance replication, making synchronous and asynchronous unimportant as descriptors. The backup system should also ideally ensure that all information is backed up continuously across multiple locations. The rationale for this requirement is the goal of providing fail over to get continuous high availability of operational systems.

The ability to perform backup recoverability tests in a virtual lab or on-demand sandbox is considered valuable, as are backup from storage snapshots, de-duplication and simple integration with all operating systems. Application specific selection criteria include item-level recovery for Active Directory, Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint. Members prefer software that can recover user-specific data such as a mailbox or a file server.

Backup and recovery has to map to specific architectural styles. For example, instant VM recovery is valued because it is known to help speed up recovery objectives (RTOs). Backup managers expect backup and recovery tools to offer useful and easy reporting.

Backup and recovery policies tend to overlap with data management and disaster recovery, which are separate work streams but often rely on the same tools. To this point, some IT Central Station members prefer software that provides long term archiving / retention options. For example, certain types of files can never be purged, by policy. Others want their backup tools used for replication for disaster recovery between data centers

Backup and Recovery Software Reviews

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Backup and Recovery Software QuestionsAsk the community a question

Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Mar 16 2017
Flavio pastano li?1414340189
Flavio PastanoI've installed a lot of different backup software across different customer,... more »
Rob arrell avatar 1431666752?1431666750
Rob ArrellThat in itself is a loaded question. Every company has different needs. First... more »
3683ea92 8a69 425d b2dc 100f85a3012a avatar?1440077337
MatthewThoughts- - When was the last time you completed a backup restore test -... more »
Dec 21 2016
Kevin mcdaniel li?1414331732
Kevin McDanielComparing the features of the four is not the right approach. You need to... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
Peter GibsonI can only vouch for Veeam which we use in a 100% virtualised environment.... more »
Gregory west li?1414335688
Gregory WestI second Kevin's remark. It is almost impossible to compare various backup... more »
Anonymous avatar x60
Kunal Doshi
Real User
User at a tech services company with 1,000-5,000 employees
Dec 09 2016
Morenwyn siobhan ellis li?1414334872
Morenwyn Siobhan EllisYour question doesn't provide enough information to give you a qualified... more »
Russell lynch li?1414340848
Russell LynchWe have gear in two data centers. We have EMC as our main SAN and we have... more »
D2b6a7dd f5e5 4634 80e8 52cb6900ec2d avatar
JailBreakHi, You are talking about very different products and prices... more »
Information Technology Bureau Deputy Director at a government with 1,000-5,000 employees
Director of Operations at a tech consulting company with 51-200 employees
Sami ventriglia li?1419956728
Sami VentrigliaHello, full disclosure, my background is on the consultant side... I've only... more »
831f4e17 21a4 481d 8afe 946e87fc8e65 avatar?1453311765
Kyaw ThanIt is difficult to provide detailed advice w/o knowing the environment for... more »
831f4e17 21a4 481d 8afe 946e87fc8e65 avatar?1453311765
Kyaw ThanIt is difficult to provide detailed advice w/o knowing the environment for... more »
Hadas Bergman
Community Mgr
BI Expert at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
D88af9b6 aedd 4f94 b043 5037a2b05d19 avatar
David TanI researched the differences between the products and here are my... more »
E0852811 67d2 4705 88b1 ab0efdbf7e3b avatar?1457957126
Satyawan JangraI am using HP Data Protector since last 3 years. It is easy to use, install,... more »
Anonymous avatar x30
reviewer106302I've been using HP Dataprotector for a long time. It´s an old version (5.0)... more »
Ddp 8148
Ariel Lindenfeld
Community Mgr
Sr. Director of Community
IT Central Station
Dan gillman li?1414332427
Dan GillmanWe support small to medium business's and offer a few solutions based more on... more »
George baldonado li?1426008175
George BaldonadoHey Russell, Sorry……. I don’t have an RFP sample for you and obviously you... more »
George baldonado li?1426008175
George BaldonadoHey Russell, Sorry……. I don’t have an RFP sample for you and obviously you... more »
07c9a1f2 5179 44cd a4df 16a9f62088c1 avatar?1449839101
Assistant Consultant
Technical Lead -Design architecture Backup solutions at HCL Technologies (Infrastructure Services Division)
D88af9b6 aedd 4f94 b043 5037a2b05d19 avatar

Product Manager
NetApp Platforms: - NetCache Systems Certified - NetApp Storage Systems certified for SAN/NAS (NCIE-SAN) Nutanix Platform Sales Engineer (NPSE) Certification Nutanix Platform Sales Rep (NPSR) Certification Nutanix Platform Professional on NOS 3 (NPP3) Certification Nimble Storage... more>>
Anonymous avatar x100

8e8fdbe1 7974 403d a462 4fbccc743bd6 avatar
TOP 10
IT professional, lived in Japan for 20+ years, focused on data backup and recovery market (cloud backup) in the Asia-Pacific region.
B3c001f8 f42c 4d27 b230 cf87e642396c avatar?1436453218
TOP 10
Specialist for System Integration
Fachinformatiker für Systemintegration (IHK)
78bfddd3 7bc8 46ca af76 176341ca403c avatar
TOP 20
Technical Consultant
E0852811 67d2 4705 88b1 ab0efdbf7e3b avatar?1457957126
Systems Consultant
About 9 years of Total IT experience Specialties: HP Unix/Linux/Windows Administration, VMware & HyperV Virtualization, Storage, Security and Mailing Solutions
88f096d8 5cd9 42e3 adbc 80c89b190203 avatar
TOP 20
IT Consultant and Engineer
VMWare vSphere and ESXi Veeam B&R and Cloud Connect Azure Pack Cloud Citrix - Open Stack Cloud Exchange / AD SQL SharePoint
Anonymous avatar x100
TOP 20
Systems Consultant
Reviewed HPE Data Protector: It's OS agnostic and the GUI is intuitive.
Patrik li?1414329414

Courses: 1999 Compaq Proliant Servers 1999 Ms Windows NT 4.0 Fundamentals 2002 Ms Windows XP Fundamentals 2002 HP Unix Fundamentals 2006 Linux System Administration 2007 HP Linux course for advanced unix administrators 2009 HP Linux Troubleshooting 2012 Prince 2 Foundation 2012... more>>
C6f751a5 5681 4e29 b215 147a29a1ef35 avatar
Mohamed bencheikh li?1416437601
Sr Systems and Storage Consultant
- IBM Power Systems / AIX. - Power HA Cluster High Availability / HACMP. - IBM PowerVM Virtualiziation. - Unix / Linux Administration. - Shell Scripting. - Backup and Recovery Solution IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. - SAN / NAS Storage Systems and Networks. - Backup Sites Strategies and... more>>
Anonymous avatar x100
Reviewed IBM Spectrum Protect: Provides system backup and restore.
F1d92e92 51fa 4f94 8705 5d4af908efe9 avatar
Add robertdick

Specialties:Microsoft Infrastructure, SmallBusinessServer, Citrix, VMware, VEEAM, Sonicwall
Reviewed Microsoft Hyper-V: Virtual Networking: VMware vs. Hyper-V

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