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FlexPod: Guide
Alex Tsui says in a FlexPod review
Senior Solution Engineer at a comms service provider with 501-1,000 employees

For the initial setup, you have to follow the guide, step-by-step and version-specific for the installation. If you follow the guide step-by-step it is fairly simple, not that complex. 

We deploy for customers firsthand, usually within one week. Our last deployment of FlexPod took one to two months. It depends on the requirements.

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Francis Shin says in a FlexPod review
Solutions Architect at SHI International Corp.

There are, basically, validated guidelines on how to deploy all of the FlexPods, so they have all been pretty straightforward.

This solution does reduce deployment time, although I don’t know the exact percentage in terms of time savings. I can say that as far as “go to market”, it’s generally faster

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reviewer1223427 says in a FlexPod review
Cloud Service Engineer at a tech services company with 51-200 employees

The guides that we use to install FlexPods are always up-to-date. This is really helpful, especially if there is a new product with NetApp moving so far forward and Cisco as well. For them to join together and update a centralized document for the install process, it is really good. It helps us understand if there are features from the first version that we installed while upgrading that we need to implement. Those are in the document. So, we find that document useful and helpful when moving forward.

The solution’s validated designs for major enterprise apps in our organization is very important. It helps us to understand what we need to do and deliver, doing it at a supported level for our customers.

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Dell PowerEdge VRTX: Guide
Richard Artes says in a Dell PowerEdge VRTX review
Senior Network Admin at a educational organization with 501-1,000 employees

Management of storage and networking is web-based, slow, and difficult. I would like a Windows application to manage this instead of using the web interface.

My Dell account manager promised to help me with setting it up, but after buying it, he was nowhere to be seen. Didn’t call me back, didn’t take my e-mails. So you are pretty much on your own with setup. Luckily there a lot of people who have already done the same setup, so I was able to follow their guides.

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Dell EMC Vscale Architecture: Guide
Solution Architect at a comms service provider with 10,001+ employees

The initial set up is very much straightforward. In terms of networking, if somebody wants to do an underlay or an overlay setup, then it gets complex. But the initial setup, if you have to do any low-level setup on a greenfield deployment, it's very intuitive and very good. You can say it is a seamless setup.

As for how long setup takes - it depends. We've deployed some setups in one day but in that case, we already had the design and our planning ready. Then when it came, we plugged it in with the IP details and we configured it from the console within a day. The first time it's a small setup. For the big setup, we need more technical things. Let's say it's a telco customer or a banking customer, they have to adhere to PCI standards and guidelines and be tier 9,000 compliant. In that case, it took us two or three days.

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