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Quadient Inspire: features
Consultant at Tomaž Juvančič s.p.

This most valuable features of this solution are that it is truly multi-channel and completely modular.

Without programming skills you can start creating your data transforming operations, layout design and page operations such as splitting, merging, and combining the output in any desired way. Plus, its easy-to-learn scripting possibilities give unlimited possibilities for any task. There is one workflow for all corporate outputs - print, mail, SMS, HTML.

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Programming Specialist at Quad/Graphics

The most valuable aspect of Inspire is that it is constantly being upgraded to keep up with current market trends. This market is constantly changing, so we need to continually roll with those changes and Inspire allows us to do that.

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User at a marketing services firm with 51-200 employees

The feature we use on every job is the NS Splitter, which enables us to impose jobs two up on SRA3 paper seamlessly, allowing us to maximize print layout and costs savings.

Data Transformer modules are also useful for data manipulation. They enable us to swap in different data sets to automate the data processing as opposed to redoing everything in Excel.

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Digital Print Programmer at A1 Security Print

We are a Security Print business producing the world’s most important documentation for a wide variety of different clients who require input and output in numerous formats and volumes. This often involves spreadsheets and text file sources or captures from documents such as PDFs. From there we use Quadient to manipulate these records in any number of ways to fulfill the clients' requirements to produce numerous types of documents that contain all sorts of programmed security features. The capabilities of Quadient allow for us to create inline packing manifests and labels for despatch not only mainly in the UK but also around the world.

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GMC Inspire Programmer at PCI Group

All of the built-in features are valuable because they are such a time saver.

Proofing without having to export a PDF to proof is a huge benefit.

You are able to view the data right next to the proof and cycle through the records, record by record, or you can cycle through page by page if you want. However, the record by record is great if you are viewing letters that have blank backers.

The built-in output options are a huge benefit, as you have what you need right in inspire if you need PDFs, AFPs, TNOs, etc.

The FCV feature is also a huge benefit.

The training modules are very helpful in learning features you haven't used before, or in learning how to use Inspire in a way or for something you haven't done before.

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