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Jeff Berndsen uses Sophos UTM
Network Engineer II at a legal firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
* Firewall * NAT * Intrusion prevention * Site-to-Site VPN * Web filter * Anti-virus View full review »
CMEDRANO uses pfSense
student at a university with 51-200 employees
* The part of the firewall and aliases * The content filter in non-transparent mode and transparent mode with Squid and SquidGuard * The possibility of adding packages to perform network analysis * Creation of certificates * The facility to administer services View full review »
reviewer32902 uses Fortinet FortiGate
Owner at a tech services company
* The prompt and knowledgeable support behind them. * Their reliability and their policy of pre-shipping replacements when a unit has failed. * The simplicity and clarity of their user interface and documentation. * Their 'cookbooks' that walk you through the most common installation scenarios. View full review »
Neil McFadyen uses Cisco ASA
Supervisor of Computer Operations at a university
* Most of same old ASA 5520 config could be used for the new 5516-X model. The ASDM interface is improved and can also be configured to the Firepower settings. * I am used to the ASA syntax, therefore it is quite easy to make up new rules. I have found that DNS doctoring rules are useful, and I am not sure how other firewalls handle the issue of internal versus external DNS, so this was a reason to keep the same type of firewall. * Customizing logging event of syslog to feed into Splunk is very useful for management and monitoring just for the importance events instead of a huge stream of thousands of unneeded events. * I found it quite easy to block computers from the internet, e.g, in a computer lab with students doing an exam using software for the course when needed. * I use access to a list to block IPs which have attacked our web servers on the outside interface, since I do not have IPS. * I found that setting up rules for HTTPS and SSH access to the management interface are straightforward, including setting the cypher type. * It is very useful to use the command line interface for modifying or adding to the config because sometimes the ASDM interface is hard to find when the setting is more complicated. * The text config file is great to have, to know what is in the config, instead of having to check every setting in the GUI. * While the CLI is used the most, sometimes the ASDM is faster and easier to use to set some settings. View full review »
Cesar Nieves uses Fortinet FortiGate
Technical Services Manager with 501-1,000 employees
It's a complete solution. You can purchase switches and you don't need to do anything with them. You just put in the firewall and the switches get all the policies and rules that you already have in the firewall. That's a very nice feature because with, for example, Cisco, you need to set the switch, you need to set the firewall, and you need to test it. With Fortinet, you just connect the FortiSwitch to the Fortinet and that's it. It's very easy. In the last version of the FortiOS - the operating system of the firewall - they put a lot of new features to support communications in a firewall. Whatever the communication that you have, you can put that in the firewall, and that's great. View full review »
Hesham Sakr uses Sophos XG
Head Coach with 501-1,000 employees
The most valuable feature, according to the setup we have at our work place here, is the flexibility of the system or the firmware that's running the appliance. It's so flexible, performing multiple rules with different configurations. According to the set up here, we need to implement several firewalls with different access levels, because we have a variety of users. For this requirement, it's very flexible and very easy to use. View full review »
Adrian Larsen uses Zscaler Web Security
Chief Executive Officer at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
Zscaler provides a lot of features in terms of control (URL filtering, cloud app control, etc.), which can be found in other solutions as well, but in terms of security, it is quite unique. SSL inspection, Advanced Threat Security, and Cloud Sandbox are probably the most valuable. * SSL inspection is easy to implement and the performance is great (it is the responsibility of Zscaler to provide it). * Advanced Threat Security protects you from most threats that can bypass the classic anti-malware solution. * Cloud Sandbox completes the stack of security requirements stopping zero-day malware. View full review »
reviewer831174 uses pfSense
Stateful packet inspection. It works quite well for an open source product. View full review »
Mervin Sosa uses pfSense
Centralized administration with multiple services, which allows for execution in several important functionalities of information security. View full review »
MarcosMedina uses pfSense
Analista Senior at a tech services company
Security and stability. The pfSense server acts as "IPSec VPN Server" for a small financial institution, but regardless of the company size, interruptions would cause significant financial impact. View full review »
Ryan Pealer uses Sophos UTM
Network Administrator at a government with 11-50 employees
To me it is the Web Server Protection, it is not an easy task to protect your web servers from the big bad internet. This solution does it elegantly and, if configured correctly, even hides the server's base system from prying eyes. View full review »
Jijish Gopi uses Cisco ASA
Security Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
If you compare it with other products, other firewall products in the market, at this moment, it doesn't have that many features, no impressive feature in it, in fact. The one thing I like about the product is the logging features, the way it logs, the way it forwards the logs in Syslog. It generates the particular Syslog. Compared to other products, that is the only feature, I feel, that is good. I have worked with other firewall products, so I know it very well. The logs are pretty good. Then it forwards. When it forwards the logs to a third-party syslog server, it then writes the Syslog very well. That is the only feature I like about it. View full review »
Steven SL. uses SonicWall NSA
Senior IT Consultant at a tech consulting company with 51-200 employees
Application control: It allows us to block applications, i.e., websites by application type category. It is far more capable than content filtering alone. View full review »
Chingiz Abdukarimov uses Fortinet FortiGate
Senior Network & Security Engineer at a cloud provider with 51-200 employees
Good VPN, both IPSEC and SSL. Can work as explicit web-proxy and supports web-caching. Straightforward HA with different redundancy schemas. View full review »
Iz uses Fortinet FortiGate
Assistant Manager (Infrastructure) with 1-10 employees
All the features are very good, straightforward licensing, Fortinet product integration, standardized FortiOS and automatic uninterruptable firmware upgrade. Easy to use support and licensing portal as well as activation process. View full review »
Vikas-Gupta uses Sophos XG
Mr with 51-200 employees
* Internet security, where we have one single point of console; where I can manage my endpoint and my gateway. * Any messages coming in, I am getting the intermission immediately. * If my endpoint is getting infected, I get to know. * If my file is getting infected, I get to know from a single pane point of view. View full review »
MaheshPatel uses Fortinet FortiGate
Sr. Corporate Marketing Executive at a tech services company
FortiGate is really strong in the following: * UTM * IPS-like * Antivirus * App control * AntiBotnet * Anti-Spam web content filtering * L3 routing View full review »
Ales Ciber uses Juniper SRX
ICT System Security Specialist at a comms service provider with 1,001-5,000 employees
The routing feature is most valuable, because SRX is the best enterprise router. SRX has complete MPLS service features with L3VPN, VPLS, EVPN. You can also combine Router and FW in one box, with selective packet filter to bypass flow engine and set traffic to packet mode. View full review »
Theo Van Elswijk uses Sophos UTM
Quality Officer at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
The IPS and endpoint protection function. A standard Firewall of an access router, monitoring up to OSI level 4, is unacceptable anymore these days. The endpoint protection solution is integrated, thus running along with the notification function. View full review »
Ayodele Mumuni uses Sophos UTM
Snr Dev Ops Engineer at a tech services company
* The combination of server protection * Seamless incorporation with AWS * Its VPN feature View full review »
EtienneLiebetrau uses Sophos UTM
IT Infrastructure Architect at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
The UTM/SG platform starts off with the basic functionality of being a good Firewall, adding the additional modules opens up the products set and allows for full web filtering and application control, reverse proxy, APT detection, IPS, VPNs, User portal etc. The licensing model works very nicely to allow you to get the right protection at the right price point for the right deployment size. In the increasingly cloud focused word the Sophos UTM’s ability to deliver Safe web access, Web Filter and Cloud Application control has gone from being a nice to have to being a must have for any size company or organization. The rich access logs it records allows you to get real insight into what your users and devices are accessing on the cloud. Native reporting is basic, but can easily be improved by adding Fastvue Sophos Reporter. View full review »
Davide Molteni uses Fortinet FortiGate
Senior Security Consultant with 501-1,000 employees
* Complete and cost-effective next-generation firewall features with app identification, and IPS and URL filtering with SSL inspection. View full review »
Simon Chaba uses Fortinet FortiGate
ICT Solutions Engineer at a aerospace/defense firm
You can create multiple Virtual Domains (VDOMs), which are treated as separate firewall instances. The reporting you receive out of this appliance is excellent. You will not need an external management system. View full review »
Alberto E. Luna Rodriguez uses Cisco ASAv
Senior Communications Analyst at a energy/utilities company with 501-1,000 employees
Outstanding NGFW capabilities, Site to site VPNs and High Availability. Also the integration of FirePOWER services are a huge step forwards for an already great platform. View full review »
Somono Chek uses WatchGuard XTM
Deputy Head of IT Department at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
The proxy based policy in Policy Manager is the best feature. It helps me: * Create many different firewall policies for different networks and services * In tracking problems in the policy rule in the traffic monitor of Firebox System Manager View full review »

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