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I think that the most valuable feature is the integer program. It is powerful. I haven’t used CPLEX for many years and I just recently used it again. I needed to familiarize myself with it again, refresh my knowledge of the interface and the new system. I like the new system better. It is more convenient and has a good interface. I like that it is fast, though this depends on different problems. To my knowledge, it is valuable for the integer and mixed-integer linear. Not for nonlinear, though. For nonlinear I would recommend other tools. View full review »
Graduate Research Assistant at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees
It is good at solving models and it offers a lot of different solution methodologies that are already built-in, so it is pretty fast. The overall benefit is that it makes it easy to validate models. View full review »
Graduate Research Assistant at University Of Tennessee Space Institute
I think that it is user-friendly, compared to other methods. I also like the optimization studio in Windows. It is really awesome for someone who wants to just start using CPLEX, especially the OPL for writing the model. The language is really, really simple and intuitive and it is very easy to read and write. it's also easy to write control flows in CPLEX. View full review »
Scientist at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Definitely the speed of the response time. But, I get to also play a lot of variables, also configuration parameters, which CPLEX uses. I think these two features are important. A third feature that I find to be very valuable is the Concert library. I am used to using CPLEX with the old fashioned C++ library, where I have very easily integrated with the C++ framework. I can now also use this Concert library in the same way that I can use the CP, Constant Propagation, as well as CPLEX, which is the optimization. So, having both of the technologies in the same library is a very important feature to me, maybe the most important feature. View full review »
Associate Professor at Loyola University Chicago
The way you can interface with it from a programming perspective, the implementation, is very useful. And, just generally, its performance. View full review »
Assistant Professor
I would say its extensibility, and the ability to do both high-level modeling and also go all the way to the engine extensions. View full review »
Graduate Research Assistant
I think we can code quickly. I used C++ before, it would take me a long time to code in the platform. But I can really code in CPLEX easily, and I can solve problems quickly. It's easy to read, it's easy to code. View full review »
Graduate Teaching Assistant
The best thing is that it offers, compared to other programs that I've used - LINDO and LINGO - it gives you much control on the parameters and the sets, so you can do a lot more with CPLEX. View full review »
Phd Student at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees
Usually it solves problems really fast, so that's what's most important to me. View full review »
Phd Student at University Of Florida
I have experience in Xpress and Gurobi, also. It is easy to write a code in CPLEX. That's a valuable thing. View full review »
Assistant Professor at University Of Florida
The Speed. When you do large problems, that's when you see that it's fast. With other tools, solving large problems can take way longer. It is better to have the resource faster. There are also many APIs to connect to it. View full review »
Phd Student at Bogazici University
It is easy to use and has very large application areas for optimization problems for networks in teacher optimizations. There is also a lot of documentation available online, which is very helpful when I'm searching for information on how to do something in CPLEX. There is a very large community of people that use CPLEX. View full review »
Phd Candidate
The ability to actually incorporate some stuff that you have developed within CPLEX's big general framework. It is a very good tool. It's very user-friendly with its language, OPL. It can be used by someone who has no idea how to code, while also being very useful for someone who is very advanced in programming and has a lot of knowledge of the matter, of the material. So, I think it is very versatile for a very wide audience. View full review »
Phd Student
It is easy to use compared to other software, like Lingo. View full review »
Research Assistant
I really like that I can see the results properly. I can click on the results and then look at them to tell how the results are coming out. View full review »
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