Network Diagnostics Features

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Consultant at Ness Technologies | נס טכנולוגיות
The ability to analyze traffic is one of the solution's most valuable features. View full review »
reviewer1068483 says in an ExtraHop Performance Platform review
There are many valuable features in this product, but probably the biggest is the customization capability it has. View full review »
Bintang Parlindungan Siagian says in an ExtraHop Performance Platform review
Operations Team Member at Putra Perdana International
The most valuable feature is the way it handles data, from Layer 2 up to Layer 7. We can see everything that happens in the network. It's a great feature. View full review »
Senior Managing Partner at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
* The features include an easy alert setup. * We push all our configurations to the servers with ease and the logs capture almost all the transactions needed for an internal audit. View full review »
Vice President - Operations & Client Support with 51-200 employees
It has a straightforward deployment and implementation model, even for extremely dynamic and complex network environments. There's unbelievable capability around wired data analysis; analyzing unstructured data at a sizzling rate, rationalizing it and delivering it as consumable, structured data. It's a big data solution in a plug-and-play implementation mode. It's a must-have solution for large IT Operations, providing the ability to analyze infrastructure and application-related performance and data from the wire perspective. Very strong use cases around L7 application level analysis; at least 15 different security related use cases (including SSL and CIFS usage); significant capability for network focused groups specifically around analysis of L2 - L7 metrics; powerful tool for enterprise server management groups as well (analyze database, application, ICA, storage related metrics to name a few). View full review »
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