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UiPath: Tutorial
Bejoy Edison Mark says in an UiPath review
RPA Team Lead at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
  • Unlike other leading RPA tools, UiPath provides a great user interface so that a person with minimum technical knowledge can understand the flow.
  • UiPath provides a large number of activities which we can reuse as per our need just by changing the properties and parameters.
  • UiPath provides the flexibility to create custom activities as per our need.
  • UiPath supports integration with various OCR, cognitive services, ML and IoT related services and tools.
  • UiPath provides the flexibility to use an unattended robot without the need for Orchestrator.
  • UiPath Orchestrator component is a very powerful tool which if utilized effectively, can make the robot management and monitoring very easy.
  • UiPath Orchestrator supports using APIs, in which we can get the details from the Orchestrator database.
  • UiPath’s recording feature is very helpful to begin the automation process and provides options to choose from recorders as per our need.
  • UiPath supports version controlling feature which is very useful when the project is done by sharing tasks with multiple persons in the team.
  • UiPath provides various workflow models such as sequence, flowchart, and state machine.
  • UiPath provides an inbuilt logging facility.
  • UiPath provides scraping of both structured and unstructured data.
  • UiPath provides specific tutorial and documentation for SAP automation.
  • UiPath supports .NET, Python, and JavaScript codes.
  • UiPath provides debugging options usage, in which we can go through each activity along with the process flow, highlighting each action on the screen along with the flow, and showing the values of variables at the run time during the point execution of an activity.
  • UiPath provides the facility to use numerous .NET namespaces by importing them easily to the project.
  • UiPath provides the flexibility to create a custom activity from our custom .NET DLL.
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Arun Antony says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer | Automation Engineer at Atkins
  • UiPath has a Community Edition for learning and trialing out, available free of cost. 
  • UiPath also has several dedicated online academies with video tutorials and various courses, which can make you a hero from zero in RPA, again free of cost. 
  • UiPath community forum has a lot of active members and helps developers to resolve any query/tips to handle challenges related to development, deployment, and production. 
  • The UiPath support desk replies and resolves all of our tickets/issues within a business day and even helped us by coming to our office, for tasks like license renewal, migration of bots, etc.  
  • UiPath also has a dedicated marketplace serving as an open platform for sharing different packages by developers around the globe. This helps the developer community with reusability and scalability of features by sharing their own individual packages.

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RajatSharma says in an UiPath review
RPA Business Consultant at a tech consulting company with 10,001+ employees
  • More training opportunities can be incorporated on UiPath Academy for users
  • Real life project examples along with Project videos/Tutorials can give a better glance on tool's capability/functionality
  • OCR interactions video tutorials in real time projects can be saver
  • Improved Customer support Platform on UI Path Academy . E.g. Ticket Raised Details, Ticket Status Updates, Email Updates etc.
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AbhishekRastogi says in an UiPath review
User at itcinfotech
  • Its ease of use
  • The user interface is friendly.
  • It has self-learning tutorials.
  • It provides RPA advance training which provides a smooth path and helps in clearing the certification. 
  • All Excel and manual work can be done very smoothly. 
  • It provides REFramework which takes care of all the exception handling, and Orchestrator to remotely run the bots as per your convenience. 
  • It provides us with UiPath Connect which is a one-stop platform for all your additional needs and for resolving issues.
  • Its recording feature is great and looking up to its upcoming new feature: computer vision. 
  • This tool is very easy and smooth to work with.
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Satish Jain says in an UiPath review
  • Linux environment is needed.
  • RHEL/Ubuntu support is needed
  • More academy and learning tutorials are needed on Udemy or edX.
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reviewer1214541 says in an UiPath review
Process Architect at a insurance company with 201-500 employees

My understanding is the solution is deployed on-premises.

We also run our deployments in a virtual environment and we have the potential to do hybrid things as we have more processes that are in the pipeline that we must review to see what our roadmap looks like going forward in the future. Our experience with automation within virtual environments so far has been fine.

In terms of the UiPath RPA Training Academy, I've taken a few courses. I've also done Academy live and watched tutorial videos. The UI path engineers and customer service managers, as well as some of the directors that are local to our area, have been very helpful in providing this information. I fully intend to continue to do that and as long as it's available. If I were to rate the training materials, I would say the training materials are probably a five out of five rating. There's a lot of information there.

I would suggest others give the solution a good hard look to see if it works for them. Hopefully, for others, it will be a successful product and a useful tool.

Overall, I'd rate the solution eight out of ten.

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Prathibha Nawabpet says in an UiPath review
RPA Developer at Lsc communication

We are using Studio and Orchestrator, and we purchased an unattended bot.

Our UiPath is integrated with Kibana, which is a free tool.

Our primary use of this solution is to automate manual processes. We have approximately eighty use cases to automate.

The RPA team includes two developers, a manger, and two BPOs.

We run automations in a virtual environment, but I am not familiar with the details.

With respect to how easy it is to automate our company's processes, on a scale of one to five, I would rate this solution a five. We just drag and drop. If you want to write something we use "Type Into". If you want to click, we use the corresponding click application. For me, it's very easy, and we also have tutorials available on the UiPath website. That is something that is very useful for everyone who wants to learn, and even a non-programmer can start learning to become a developer.

The Academy RPA training was very beneficial and I would rate it a five out of five. You cannot skip one step. There are ten sections and you cannot skip any of them. It means that until you pass a certain test, it will not allow you to go to the next lesson. This restricts people from jumping directly into another section. I really like the training and it is very easy. The tutorials are not very lengthy, they are simple, and the way they are explained is relatable. The practice tests that were conducted at the end were really helpful.

We partnered with IVy to create our first two pilot bots, and from the point that we purchased our UiPath license until we had our first robot was approximately six months. It was very easy because they helped us.

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WinAutomation by Softomotive: Tutorial
reviewer1245768 says in a WinAutomation by Softomotive review
RPA Developer at a tech consulting company with 11-50 employees

I think the advice I can give someone considering this solution has to do with making a smart choice. If someone wants to do some RPA project without already knowing a product, then he or she needs to take quite a long time to learn about RPA. You can look at the subject to learn about it and then learn a little bit about programming. There is not just one place to find this kind of tutorial and educational material. A single vendor will only provide what you need to use their product. Each vendor has different educational materials from different perspectives and different methods of teaching.  

If they want us to use Softomotive as a solution, they may have to do less work in learning about RPA because it is easy to use. But they should probably also visit the UiPath website or maybe AutomationAnywhere to compare the products and features. In many ways, the products are the same with the ultimate goal being that of creating a working RPA process.  

But I think there is a difference in the availability of information and user communities. UiPath has a little bit more structured education system and their community is larger. Because Softomotive is not as widely used it is more difficult to ask other users questions. You may have to direct your questions to the software team. But with UiPath, they can ask questions through a web portal like It is less stressful to ask a question and get an answer from other users.  

ProcessRobot users also have a smaller community but they cannot ask questions from support unless they have the license for the product. WinAutomation is different. It is kind of a semi-commercial product but it is not totally free like open-source. There is also a little restriction on which questions you can ask of support before you invest in the product. They are very responsive and also helpful and their company helps people directly. You go through a sort of process. Maybe Softmotive might not always find an answer or give you a particular solution. Then you can also be a little creative and look for how something is solved using other RPA tools like consulting UiPath Academy. This might give you some hints about what you are trying to accomplish.  

Sometimes I have found that I kind of I reached a dead end. I had no answer as to where to go. I was just confused and then I could not find any answer from the Softmotive website and there was nowhere to ask the question that I had. Other vendors also have wonderful features and then I tested those to see what they could do. It is kind of a long process to develop a stable process and you have to continue to learn.  

On a scale from one to ten where one is the worst and ten is the best, I would rate this product as a seven. Of course to rate this software higher, they would need to work on the stability issues, enhance the available resources for users, and fill in some of the features that are missing which other products already have. 

* Added on 2020-07-17 : Now that Softomotive is acquired and WinAutomation have become a part of PowerAutomate and the price has gone down almost to half of its original price, the future is quite promising for this product.

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Microsoft Power Automate: Tutorial
Alankar More says in a Microsoft Power Automate review
Sr. Software Engineer at Globant

I'm still new to Microsoft. I don't know if there are features or aspects of the solution which are lacking. I need more time to work with it to really decide if there's anything I'd like to have on the solution that's not already there.

All the services on the Microsoft platform are great. If we want to try something like with SharePoint or Azure or the 365 CRM, then we can't with the everyday community edition of the Microsoft Power Automate. It would be a good thing if there was some sort of trial period. Let's say you have 14 days. That way, can log into the loading screen with Power Automate, and get to utilize services like SharePoint, OneDrive, 365 CRM or etc. to see if they like them. It would be a good way for Microsoft to cross-sell or up-sell.

Otherwise, it's expensive, to buy all these extra applications, without knowing if or how you could use them or integrate them into your work.

One thing that I would really like to recommend is that they should get an actual learning environment or LMS where we can go and find all the different tools, how to utilize the different tools of Power Automate, and documentation or tutorials in video form on how we can create our own custom templates. 

Right now, what we have to do is we have to navigate to a different platform, for example, YouTube, and search on YouTube to see whether there are different kinds of techie guys that have updated their information about the Microsoft Power Automate. Microsoft Power Automate needs its own in-house LMS, where we can get the entire knowledge of the product from beginning to end. 

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