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ReShaper: features
Software Engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees

The refactoring feature has been really helpful. If we are implementing a new service or adding new files, it helps us refactor the code properly and add the required files and link them to the project. As developers, the code assistance capabilities are great. Once you get used to working with the ReShaper, you can't get enough of it. 

There is also some prebuilt code structure that allows us to define and implement anything — this is really useful.

It's user-friendly — it's totally integrated. As it's fully integrated within Visual Studio ID, you can easily find all the features that you're looking for. 

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Fortify Static Code Analyzer: features
Director of Security at Merito

Its flexibility is most valuable. It is such a flexible tool. It can be implemented in a number of ways. It can do anything you want it to do. It can be fully automated within a DevOps pipeline. It can also be used in an ad hoc, special test case scenario and anywhere in between.

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Conformity Controller at STET

The solution has been quite stable over the years.

We've found the documentation to be very good.

When there are issues, there is a lot of explanation about what they are and how to solve problems. Communication is very clear. 

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Sr DevOps Engineer at incatech

We write software, and therefore, the most valuable aspect for us is basically the code analysis part. It's mostly used for the software that we actually write and we use it to identify whatever it is that we're looking for, whether it's the bugs or the technical data and so forth.

The setup is pretty easy.

The solution is pretty stable.

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Veracode Static Analysis: features
Lead Security Architect at SITA

It is a cloud-based platform, so every organization or every security team in the organization is concerned about uploading their code because ultimately the code is intellectual property. The most useful thing about Veracode is that if you want to upload the code, they accept only byte code. They do not accept the plain source code as an input. The code is converted into binary code, and it is uploaded to Veracode. So, it is quite secure. It also has the automation feature where you can integrate security during the initial stages of your software development life cycle.

Veracode provides integration with multiple tools and platforms, such as Visual Studio, Java, and Eclipse. Developers can integrate with those tools by using Jenkins. The security consultation or the support that they provide is also really good.

Its user management is also good. You can restrict the users for a particular application so that only certain developers will be able to see the code that has been scanned. 

Their reporting model is really good. For each customer, they provide a program manager. Every quarter, they have their reviews about how much it has scanned. They also ensure that the tool has been used efficiently. 

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Kiuwan Insights: features
Director Nacional de Infraestructura Tecnológica y Operaciones at SEPS

I have found the interface to be perfect.

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