Web Application Firewall (WAF) Features

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Sanaz Afshar says in an Imperva Incapsula review
System Administrator at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
* I like to see the security. On the site security, I can see which countries have incidents, whether it was a robot attack, a real human user, or non-human user. For this feature, I like it because I can see information quickly without going into long logs and details. It is very comprehensive regarding what is going on behind the scenes on the website traffic. * The option saying activity launch. On the activity log, I can see the exact details, the visit, and the threat. If I click on the details, it shows me exactly where it came from, who the user agent is, and what page they tried to enter. Then, it gives me the session. Also, I have the option to put them on the blacklist or the white list. Therefore, I like this option because it is more detailed. If someone causes more than one of the incidents, then they are maybe suspicious, and we want to learn more about it. Here we can get the data, and under the data, we can see the IP addresses, therefore tracking and copying that IP address and putting it under IP lookup. * The dashboard is good and user-friendly. You can easily understand it, even if you don't have any prior knowledge. Looking at it, you can easily see what is happening because it is a very user-friendly menu and user interface. I don't come from this exact background, but it seems I am supposed to manage and work with this stuff. Because of the user interface, I can understand even without having prior knowledge or education of it. * The real-time option is cool as well. On the real time, you can see live traffic, which is flowing into our website. View full review »
Rehan Ghayyur Khan says in a F5 BIG-IP review
Technical Product Manager at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
It has so many features. First of all, it has a full proxy architecture, it has multiple modules. The best feature is the WAF, the web application firewall module. It also has cashing type capabilities. It has all kinds of load-balancing algorithms based on your IT requirements. So the WAF and load balancing. Both are core features of BIG-IP. In every environment, you have a Web application firewall, you have internet firewalls. Then, traffic comes into your datacenter so that you have datacenter firewalls. F5 has everything. It provides first-tier firewalling, for you application. And it provides server load-balancing, it provides optimization, and it provides a proxy feature, where your users cannot directly access your server. It acts as a fully proxy architecture. It has client-side and server-side connections, both, and they're separate. It also has an AVR feature: application, visibility, and recording. It's good for customers looking for what is actually happening in their network and where the latency is. If I'm using iDirect, the bank branch is connecting to my core banking application, but if the clients are finding that the application is slow, it has TCP LAN and WAN optimization features. It has has caching. View full review »
XiaofengLiu says in a Cloudflare review
User at bitmart
The most valuable feature is the access limiter. It allows you to control the number of request per minute. View full review »
Girisha R says in a F5 BIG-IP review
Associate Manager - IT Operations at a tech vendor with 10,001+ employees
I found the most valuable feature to be the SSL VPN. View full review »
BrahmanggiAditya says in a Cloudflare review
Technical Engineer at a tech services company
The most valuable feature of Cloudflare is that it has a free version. They give us the free version with the anti-DDoS features and also the load balancing solution. View full review »
Network8776 says in a F5 BIG-IP review
Network Presales Manager at a comms service provider with 201-500 employees
F5 BIG-IP is used with good applications and functions as an application firewall with additional features. I've been building F5 BIG-IP. We will not use any feature or any service unless there is a business case and there is a need for business implementation. View full review »
Brian Holloway says in a Citrix NetScaler AppFirewall review
Technical Project Manager with 10,001+ employees
We incorporated all three because of the fact that we have one central proxy server and everything's on an SDN, so we can get any device anywhere anytime. View full review »
Carlo Lainer says in an AWS WAF review
Senior Information Security Specialist at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The most valuable feature is the way it blocks threats to external applications. View full review »
Founder4214 says in an AWS WAF review
Founder at a consultancy with 1-10 employees
Protection and WAF. View full review »
Engineera5be says in an AWS WAF review
Engineer at a tech vendor with 501-1,000 employees
* It's simple, easy to use. * Integration. View full review »
Develope2e0c says in an AWS WAF review
Developer at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
The customized billing is the most valuable feature. View full review »
Security82ff says in an Akamai Kona review
Security Architect at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
* It is scalable for DDoS. * Keeps our sites up through any size of attack. * It has a good breadth of controls. * From a general security platform perspective, it's quite nice. It allows you to have rotating blacklists. View full review »
NetworkAf67c says in an AWS WAF review
Network Analyst
The most valuable feature is the security, making sure that files are protected, preventing unauthorized users from accessing the system. These are the best. View full review »
Oliver Rodrigues says in a Fortinet FortiWeb review
Senior Network Security Planning at ooredoo
The most valuable features are the access policies and how Fortinet gets the compilation done is really good. View full review »
RafigFeizullayev says in a Fortinet FortiWeb review
Head of Security systems department at Zerde Business Solutions
All the features that FortiGate contains are very suitable for our business. We work with other products in Fortinet: FortiWeb, FortiSandbox, FortiMail, and FortiCache. We use all UTM features like self-encryption, encryption, all UTM features. View full review »
Desktop Engineer at eros international media ltd
Since we are using this tool for protection purposes we really appreciate the hybrid security abilities; we get powerful protection for our application needs. View full review »
ShivSingh says in a F5 BIG-IP review
Sr. Advisor at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
* Cloud templates * Declarative onboarding * API service gateway * Policy-based security management. View full review »
Assistant to the General Manager at a tech services company with self employed
The volumetric DDoS defense is very good because I had a problem with a lot of volumetric DDoS attacks on my servers. After using Barracuda, those attacks have stopped, all of the traffic is going smoothly to my servers and the system is working really well. View full review »
Amit Shukla says in a Sucuri review
Founder & CEO at NetLink India
We have Sucuri online to check whether there is any malware. We put our Sucuri plugin into our WordPress setup and it notifies us if it finds malware or something of that nature. View full review »
manager998880 says in a Comodo cWatch review
Manager at a manufacturing company with 1-10 employees
Website malware removal: I mean clean and perfect. They have a security plan, which comes with complete protection/a year subscription. View full review »
Ryan Pellette says in a Cloudflare review
Product Manager at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
The dashboard is very well thought out, giving useful information and providing easy access to useful functionality I wasn't aware of. View full review »
Luis Henriquez says in a F5 BIG-IP review
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Solution Architect at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
* Application security * Automation * Orchestration * It is a fast and available solution. View full review »
Technicab017 says in a F5 BIG-IP review
Technical Team Leader at a tech services company with 1-10 employees
* The web application firewall. * The configuration and integration into the AWS environment was pretty easy. View full review »
Develope0fe0 says in a F5 BIG-IP review
Developer at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees
* Load balancing * Being able to adjust headers. * Request response headers. * Patching issues in the load balancer that we don't want in the application layer. View full review »
Solutiond87c says in a F5 BIG-IP review
Solutions Architect at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
We had a problem where customers were doing transactions in our system, pulling health records, and the system had to be shut down for maintenance. Unfortunately, we wouldn't know that the system was being shut down, and we would lose that information. Then, the customer would get upset. Using the F5, we were able to build rules to detect that the shutdown was occurring, then begin to route people elsewhere, so we didn't have any outages or downtime. This made customers a lot happier, and it made us a lot happier. View full review »

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