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We use it for change management in our AWS infrastructure. The dashboard is useful to identify high to medium risk vulnerabilities.

Improvements to My Organization

They’re constantly upgrading the product. We use it for any type of change management that we do in our AWS infrastructure. Whenever we do change management, we actually take a look at the .io dashboard, usually about an hour after the change management, to see if it’s identified any high to medium risk vulnerabilities, and then we remediate those and we iterate off of that.

In addition, we use it as a compliance tool. It has a pretty nice reports interface that we can use to show our customers that these vulnerabilities are not present in our AWS environments.

Valuable Features

A couple of valuable features stick out for me. One, it’s completely native AWS from the ground up so it is AWS-aware, which is unusual for a lot of security products. A lot of security products were basically developed for on-premise implementation and moved to AWS.

Second, it’s an agent list/client list-based security system. All we need to do is give it an API key to scan our AWS configurations.

Third, it’s very lightweight. Although not in real time, it’s near real-time in terms of finding and identifying vulnerabilities in our AWS infrastructure.

Room for Improvement

For example, we integrate in Evident.io our build-and-deploy process in our CI environments. We’d love to see something where we can get our build-and-deploy times down. Generally, right now it takes about an hour from beginning to end. We’d like something in real-time or in as near real-time as possible for the product.

Also, what we’d also love is the ability for Evident.io to scan the cloud-trail logs from our mountain of data and to then identify possible security vulnerabilities. AWS offers a lot of logging, but the problem now is everybody is awash in data. Any type of security vendor that can help us mine those log files would be great. It would be of great assistance to us.

Use of Solution

Three to five years.

Stability Issues

It is stable. We’ve never noticed an outage of the Evident.io product. One of the great things about its architecture is that even when it goes down, it doesn’t actually. If it were to go down, it wouldn’t cause our application to go down or it wouldn’t cause a lower security stance or protection of our environment because it’s doing background-process scanning. All that would happen is that there would be missing vulnerability data that it would have collected for the amount of time that it was down.

Scalability Issues

We can scale across multiple AWS accounts, which we’ve done. We haven’t really seen any issues with scaling across multiple accounts or across hundreds, if not thousands, of EC2 instances, IM policies, etc.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support is very knowledgeable. We generally have access to people pretty high up and they’re a small company at this point. The support has been excellent.

Initial Setup

That’s one of the simplest parts of Evident.io. Setup is basically just creating an AWS IAM key and then making sure it has the proper roles attached, then installing and configuring it in Evident.io, and then just waiting. You wait about 30 to 45 minutes and boom, it starts populating. It's one of the simplest deployments possible.

One of the things that we struggle with is that there are so many products out there and everybody is trying to give us a free trial, but if we were to just do these free trials, it would suck up all our resources. The great thing about Evident.io setup is that it was as close to plug-and-play as you can get.

Other Advice

I would definitely advise doing a free trial if they still offer it. It’s very, very easy to set up. After the dashboard starts getting populated, I think most people will see the value proposition almost immediately. It’s not one of those products where it takes a long time or a long control time to decide there’s a value add or a value proposition. This is pretty evident. It’s pretty self-evident. Once you do that, start with your dashboard, start looking at the high-risk security vulnerabilities that had been identified, it takes it from there really. It’s completely integrated, doing any type of change management in AWS, and you look at the dashboard afterwards.

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